Simple essay on rainy day

simple essay on rainy day

Essay on, rainy, day in English for Children and Students

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Essay on, rainy, day - 10 Lines and 100 to 200 words

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Furthermore, if you have a little baby, are sure to get into a lot of trouble. It takes a long writings time to have the diapers dried-not really dry but still a little damp. Do you want to buy a dryer? Sorry, its not available at the shops. The only way around this problem is perhaps to buy many "Pampers." Despite peoples complaining, praying and hoping against hope, the rain has gone on almost without any letup. Everywhere you could hear people say, it starts to rain again or Oh, such lousy weather or something like that. Although most people feel bad after such a long period of rain, there are some who are actually happy about this freaky weather.

simple essay on rainy day

Short and simple essay on, a, rainy, day

This winter I spent most of my time staying in my small attic, enjoying reading my favorite books and sometimes, if I got tired of reading, watching the beautiful scenery outside the window overlooking a small river close by my house. On those rare occasions when the skies cleared up I would direct my gaze to those 4 This winter is the rainiest winter I have ever experienced. Since last December the rain has been falling almost unceasingly. The cloudy and weeping sky was a depressing sight to me most of the mornings; still, i had to put on my raincoat and start my motorcycle so biography that I could report to work on time. The weather bureau said it had registered a record rainfall in eighty years. This is the first time my grandma has seen such a long spell of rain! The farmers are sad, worrying about the stunted rice plants in the rain. The housewives frown at the soaring price of vegetables.

Because this is my last term as a student i am mad about learning everything, fearing as if I had no more chance to learn. In spite of the rain I had to leave my dormitory to attend classes on the campus. So you can imagine how I cursed the seemingly rain. Right now my greatest hope is only that the rains will soon be over. 3 This is the rainiest winter I have ever passed. During this long period I heard all kinds of complaints whenever I went out, coming mostly from merchants, farmers and, especially, students. The weather, however, didnt bother me much, for what interests me most is reading indoors.

Essay on, a, rainy, day, complete, essay for Class 10, Class 12 and

simple essay on rainy day

Essay on a, rainy, day in Summer

Still, the rainy weather is welcomed by the people for its many advantages. 1 Most people love sunny, instead of sea rainy, days largely because sunshine can often make us feel cheerful and a gloomy sky usually depresses. As a matter of fact, all forms of life need both sun and rain, but any excess of the two can bring trouble or even disasters to the world. Thus if there is anyone who complains of the excessive rainfall in this winter, his complaint is understandable. Anyway, how many people can bear to see the world darkened and dampened because of the rain almost every day? The continual rain is really boring, but I find that in addition to sunshine there are lots of things which can make me cheerful too. So, if the goddess of rain doesn't feel like stopping crying, the best thing we can do is let an invisible sun shine in our hearts.

Furthermore, many signs show that this rainiest winter will soon be gone and spring will shortly be in sight. 2 It is very inconvenient for me to go out on a rainy bay. Especially if it is a rainy day in winter. If I find my clothes or shoes or both wetted in the rain. I am usually in a bad mood and make a mess of everything. Getting clothes and shoes wetted on a rainy wintry day can also make me catch cold. This winter is said to be rainier than the past winters so you can figure our what a hard time i have so far had.

They are happy in the hope of having good crops. The climate becomes cool. The rainwater washes away the streets of villages and cities and makes them clean. The rain also fills the tanks, wells and rivers with water. If there are no rains in a year, it causes great suffering to the e wells, tanks and rivers dry e fields also become dry, and there are no food is causes famine throughout the land.

Thus rains are welcome to all. Sometimes, when there is too much rain, there are floods. Water enters the villages and cities from the flooded rivers. It causes much loss to property as well as life. Many men and cattle are drowned. People starve, and diseases break out. The government has to help the people by giving relief to them.

285 Words, rainy, day, essay for Class

The rainy weather is one of six seasons of India. After the hot days of summer, the rains are welcome to all people. In these days the sky is full assignment of clouds. The sun is hidden behind them. Everywhere there are loud sounds of lightning and the pattering of raindrops. The entire land is full of rainwater. The rains are a great blessing to the farmers. They can sow and cultivate reviews their fields.

simple essay on rainy day

It comes after the summer. The rain cools the air, and business we feel much better. Everywhere the earth is covered with green grass. During this season the sky is always cloudy. Sometimes it rains for days together. Rivers and tanks are full of water. If the rainfall is heavy, there is a flood in the rivers. Houses, crops, animals and even human beings are washed away by the is time is the busy time for the farmer.

in those days. So it becomes difficult to go from place to place. In this season the farmers work hard in their fields. Trees and creepers grow well and bear new leaves and is season is a great friend of the farmers and aquatic this time the lotus and lilies blossom in the e marine animals play about happily in the rivers and lakes. In our country, the rainy season begins in June and ends in August.

Rivers and ponds writings are filled with water. Floods, at times, cause a lot, of is weather is helpful to e countryside looks green in this period. Essay2 90 words the rainy season comes after summer. It starts from the middle of June and ends in this period the sky looks e farmers are very busy during this ey work hard and grow food for the nation. Sometimes it rains for days this time rivers, ponds, wells, etc. Are full of this season rivers overflow their banks and cause the this period poor people suffer much. The rainy weather is conducive. So we should welcome the rain season. Essay3 100 words rainy season comes after the summertime.

Rainy, day, essay, example for Free

Download, clip Arts Related to : Essay a school Holiday on a rainy day short School Stories (view all Essay cliparts short Link, preview write / html. Forum / bbcode, other Popular Clip Arts, images Crosses. Pictures Of Can food, cash Register Picture, tuesday holiday cliparts. Ballerina girl Cliparts, halloween Candy Clipart, dolphin Line Art). Rainy season comes after the summer this period the sky is full of e rivers flood and create great e trees look green, shining, e farmers begin nesh Puja, raksha bandhan, rathayatra fall in this time. Many types of fruits and vegetables are readily available. Rain gives crop which gives life. Essay1 75 words rainy season comes at the ending of the begins in June and goes on till brings relief to men, animals, birds, plants, and ter the hot time, everybody welcomes e sky looks cloudy. At times, it rains heavily for days together.

Simple essay on rainy day
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  5. Simply beautiful beauty can be in the simplest things. Rainy, weather, essay, english Composition Writing on rainy weather. Getting clothes and shoes wetted on a rainy wintry day can also make me catch cold. Right here in this article we will discuss in detail about the importance of Essay on rainy season. If we define this term in simple words then.

  6. Rainy day simple essay. Clip Arts Related to : Essay, a school Holiday on a, rainy. Day, short School Stories. Other Popular Clip Arts. Our Family doctor points to be covered in the essay : The name of your family-doctor - how old is he?

  7. Essay on jute in bangladesh they speak simple essay on kite rainy day essay generalization or specialization essay about myself global warming effects. Essay, writing on a walk to school. English_Master February 10, 2015 no comments. Essay on, rainy, season in English for Class 1 to Class. Quick and achievements you will guide college testing with our essay on an examination of memory.

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