Siemens annual report

siemens annual report

Siemens, annual, report 2013

Siemens stands for: Proximity how Bangalores new airport is driving progress across an entire region Global presence page 8 Ideas How our biograph mMR scanner is enhancing patient care Proximity technology and innovation page 20 With activities in some 190 countries, were close to our. The construction of Bengaluru International Airport is a prime example. Siemens employees are on site, providing the air- ports operators with products and solutions from a single source. Our global presence coupled with development, procurement and Strength production activities at customer locations all over the world makes How efficient technologies are us a strong local partner and is strengthening our position on tomor- shaping the future of energy rows growth markets. Portfolio management page 34 page 8 Networking How intelligent it solutions are creating unimagined value cross-business activities page 54 diversity how our employees wealth of experience is inspiring us The integrated technology company Employees and management culture page 66 Ideas How our strategy is pointing. To create the the way to the and innovations of tomorrow, the experts at technologies future One siemens pagetechnology company cooperate across organ- our integrated 78 izational as well as regional boundaries, working closely with customers, universities, research facilities and industry partners worldwide.

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1938 siemens scientists formulate the barrier layer theory, the springboard 2008 siemens introduces its for modern semiconductor physics. 1932 siemens-reiniger-Werke is established to bring all of siemens businesses in the area of medical engineering under one roof. 1966 In response to new technological developments and structural changes on the world market, siemens combines its competencies and activities benefits in a new organization: siemens.1879 The worlds first electric railway with an external power source is showcased in Berlin. 1951 Construction is begun on a 300-mega- watt steam power plant in San Nicolás, Argentina marking siemens return to 2001 The siemens share is the world markets following World War. Listed on the new York Stock Exchange. 1903 siemens-Schuckertwerke is founded to conduct siemens electrical engineering business. 1959 siemens launches the simatic control system, enabling it to capture a leading position 1897 to broaden its financial base, in automation technology. Siemens halske is reorganized 2011 In Irsching, germany, as a publicly listed company. Siemens gas turbine sets a new world record for power plant efficiency. 1983 In Germany, siemens installs a 3 magnetom scanner, the worlds first magnetic resonance imaging system. What sets us apart Company report 2012 What we stand for peopleWhat over the world place their trust in siemens because, all sets our integrated as an integrated technology company, were poised to seize technology company apart competitive advantages even in a challenging business environ.

To build a telegraph line from Berlin Employees and management culture page 66 to Frankfurt am main the longest communications link on the european continent. 1847 Werner von siemens and 1850 siemens first sales office johann georg Halske establish outside germany is opened Telegraphen-bauanstalt von in London. Siemens halske in Berlin. How our strategy is pointing the way to the future 1855 siemens first subsidiary outside One siemens page 78 Germany is established. Petersburg by carl von ver photo james. Palasek and Amber Sherman, 2two of the 370,000 siemens employees working togetherin our global network of trust. To learn guaranteed more, please see: special report: diversit y, pages 66-75. 1972 siemens supplies important electrotechnical equipment for the Olympic Games in Munich. 1925 The Irish Free state commissions siemens to electrify the entire country.

siemens annual report

Annual, report - building

Company report 2012 What sets our integrated technology company apart Introduction page 1 Proximity how Bangalores new airport is driving progress across an entire region Global presence page 8 Ideas How our biograph mMR scanner is  nhancing patient care e technology and innovation page. Palasek and Amber Sherman, two of the 370,000 siemens employees working togetherin our global network of trust. To learn more, please see:    special report: diversit y, pages 66-75. When a new international airport is being planned,when a doctor recommends a treatment to apatient, when political leaders and society want toensure reliable energy supplies for the future, when a company wants to offer tailor-made servicesolutions, when the development of innovativeproducts demands the creativity, experience. Trust unites us building strongCompany report 2012 partnerships for 165 years ever sincesets our Company was founded, weve stood for What our integrated technotechnology company apart quality, reliability and international logical excellence, focus. Coupling innovative concepts and visionary ideas Introduction page 1 with a willingness to take calculable entrepreneurial risks in order to attain long-term success, our founder, werner von Proximity siemens, put us on track for achievement as the following driving How Bangalores new airport is progress. Global presence page 8 m/history ideas How our biograph mMR scanner is enhancing patient care technology and innovation page 20 Strength 1872 siemens establishes a how efficient technologies are pension fund for employees shaping the future of energy their families. And Portfolio management page 34 Networking How intelligent it solutions are creating unimagined value 1870 After only two years of construction, siemens begins operation of Cross-business activities page 54 the Indo-european telegraph line. Diversity 1866 Werner von wealth How our employees siemens discovers 1848 siemens halske wins the contractof experience isdynamo-electric us the inspiring principle.

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siemens annual report

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Profit-sharing culture / Stock-based compensation programs. Siemens has set itself the goal of more intensively fostering a profit-sharing culture at the company and encouraging employees to become shareholders. Thats why we offer various share-based payment programs to our workforce. In fiscal 2013, 3,878,899 siemens shares were issued to service these programs, namely, the Stock Awards program, the Share matching Program (including the base Share Program, the Share matching Plan and the monthly Investment Plan) and the jubilee program. Non-vested and outstanding grants under the various plans will result in additional share issuances to employees in the future.

Our Company-wide Share Ownership guidelines specify that the members of the managing board and roughly 550 other senior executives must hold an interest in siemens equal in value to between 50 and 300 of their base compensation for the period in which they hold office. Successfully reported this slideshow. Siemens Annual Report 2012, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Be the first to like this. No downloads, no notes shortlisted for slide. Trust unites usAnnual Report 2012 m/answers.

Some 59 of siemens shares outstanding are currently held by institutional investors, about 18 by private shareholders and around 6 by members of the siemens family. Siemens ag has good, investment-grade credit ratings. Aa3/P-1/outlook negative from moody s Investors Service and A/A-1/outlook stable from Standard poors are very positive ratings  particularly when compared to those of our competitors in the industry segment. Our solid financial position gives us unrestricted access to the international financial and capital markets. At the end of fiscal 2013, the net debt of siemens ag was 10,663 million, with cash and cash equivalents of 9,190 million.

Siemens on the capital market, we take our responsibility to maintain an intensive dialogue with the capital market very seriously. Cultivating close contacts with our shareholders, we keep them informed of all major developments throughout siemens. As part of our investor relations work, we provide information on our Company s development in quarterly, semiannual and annual reports. Our ceo and cfo also maintain close contact with investors through roadshows and conferences. In addition, siemens holds Sector Capital Market days, at which the management of our Sectors informs investors and analysts about the sectors business strategies and market environments. We also provide extensive information online. Quarterly, semiannual and annual reports, analyst presentations and press releases as well as our financial calendar for the current year, which includes all major publication dates as well as the date of the Annual Shareholders' meeting, are available at m/investors. In fiscal 2013, we launched the siemens Shareholder Letter, a quarterly publication which is addressed primarily to our private investors and provides a brief summary of key developments during the quarter under review.

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After an initial listing of 24 per share on July 8, 2013, osram stock rose.70 per share by september 30, 2013. Shareholder structure, with some 690,000 shareholders, siemens ag is one of the worlds largest publicly owned companies. Siemens has a long stable shareholder structure that has changed only slightly over time. In August 2013, we mandated an external institute to conduct an analysis of our shareholder structure. Based on an evaluation of publications from institutional investors and on statistical estimates, its analysis showed that shareholders in Germany hold the largest percentage of our shares outstanding, about 29 of all shares outstanding. Shareholders in the. Hold roughly 16 and shareholders in the. Around 8, while investors in France hold 6 and in Switzerland.

siemens annual report

In August 2012, against the backdrop of favorable capital reviews market conditions, siemens began to improve its capital structure and repurchase treasury shares with a total value corresponding to up to 3 billion. This program was concluded in november 2012 with a repurchase volume of about.9 billion. Siemens subsequently repurchased further shares in order to keep the number of siemens shares outstanding constant until the spinoff of osram licht. The company acquired a total of about.4 million shares at an average price.21, for a total value corresponding to roughly.1 billion. Of this amount, some.3 billion was attributable to fiscal 2013. Spinoff of osram licht ag, with the aim of focusing even more strongly on its core business, siemens spun off.5 of the shares of osram licht ag to siemens shareholders in July 2013. For every ten siemens shares held, one share of osram licht ag was allocated free of charge. In addition, following this transaction, the siemens share price rose substantially.

2013. They subsequently declined again until the beginning of July 2013, when a strong upturn began, resulting in new highs for the year at the end of fiscal 2013. Over the entire fiscal year, siemens stock performed relatively well in the market environment, closing.06 per share on September 30, 2013. For shareholders who reinvested their dividends and their proceeds from the osram spinoff, this amounted to a gain.8 (fiscal 2012: a gain.6) compared to the price on September 28, 2012. The siemens share outperformed the leading index of the german stock market, the dax (which rose.1 and the leading international index, msci world (which advanced.2). A long-term comparison also illustrates the strength of the siemens share: the assets of an investor who acquired siemens stock worth 1,000 at the beginning of fiscal 2004 and reinvested the dividends and the corresponding value of the osram spinoff in additional siemens shares would. This annual return.7 is above the results for msci world (7.6) but below those for the dax 30 (10.2). Dividend proposal, at the Annual Shareholders meeting, the managing board and the supervisory board will propose an unchanged dividend payment.00, which represents a payout ratio. This proposal continues without change our tradition of paying attractive dividends to our investors.

In August and September 2013, the company s share price gained substantially, reaching a new high for the year. The managing board and Supervisory board will propose a dividend payment.00 per share for fiscal 2013. Representing a planned payout ratio of 57, this proposal is in accordance with our daddy One siemens dividend policy, with which we ensure that our shareholders participate appropriately in the company s profit development. The share buyback program launched in August 2012 was concluded in november 2012. Subsequently, siemens repurchased further shares in order to keep the number of siemens shares outstanding constant until the spinoff of osram licht. We acquired treasury shares with a total value corresponding to about.1 billion, of which roughly.3 billion was attributable to fiscal 2013. Siemens ag continues to have a very sound financial basis. In an environment in which the ratings of many countries have come under pressure, the company continues to enjoy good investment-grade credit ratings. Development of the siemens share, over the first two months of fiscal 2013, the markets were volatile.

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The siemens share price developed positively over the course of fiscal 2013, but did not perform as well as the share prices of major benchmark companies. Due to uncertainties regarding economic growth in Europe and the emerging countries, the stock markets were highly volatile in the reporting period. During the first half of fiscal 2013, siemens share price development was largely in line with the overall market trend. In July, several events led to a positive father's development of the siemens share. At the beginning of the month, we sold our stake in the nokia siemens Networks (NSN) joint venture to nokia. A few days later, osram licht ag was spun off from siemens. As a result of these events, shareholders profited both from an increase in the siemens share price and from a grant of osram shares free of charge. At the end of July 2013, our Supervisory board unanimously appointed the long-time cfo joe kaeser as President and ceo of siemens.

Siemens annual report
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  4. The challenge in designing siemen 's 2014 Annual Report was blending the industrial aestheic with the brand's ethos and approachability.

  5. Siemens Annual Report read more about siemens, financial, fiscal, million, consolidated and statements. Creating sustainable cities Annual Report 2011. Siemens Annual Report 2012. Trust unites usAnnual Report 2012 m/answers. 4 Introduction The siemens Annual Report 2014 combines for the second time our previously separate Annual and Sustainability reports. Siemens Limited Fiftysecond Annual Report for the year ended 30 September Annual Report 2009.

  6. Quarterly, semiannual and annual reports, analyst presentations and press releases as well as our financial calendar for the current year, which. Skip over Language selection. Download or view our latest Annual Report 2017. Siemens pakistan Annual Reports. Member of the corporate Executive committee of siemens ag since august 2007.

  7. Annual Report Fiscal 2014 skip. Letter to our Shareholders joe kaeser, President and Chief Executive officer of siemens ag, reports on fiscal 2014 and the outlook for 2015. Siemens at a glance. Thinking for the long term Providing answers Annual Report 2013. Here you will find a complete pdf file of our Annual Report for fiscal 2013 as well as individual pdfs of key chapters under the headings Company report, financial Report and siemens at a glance.

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