Short essay on mobile phone

short essay on mobile phone

Short, essay on, mobile, phone

And yet weve still retained its incredibly small size. In discussing the kindle with david Pogue, jobs even knocks the idea of specialized devices: Im sure there will always be dedicated devices, and they may have a few advantages in doing just one thing, he said. But I think the general-purpose devices will win the day. Because i think people just probably arent willing to pay for a dedicated device. In terms of this competition, the iphone at this point in its lifetime 2 is analogous to the internet in the late 1990s. The internet was pretty obviously in competition with a few obvious industries at that point — like meatspace book stores — but caught (and is still catching) others off guard: cable tv, movie companies, music companies, fedEx/usps/ups, movie theaters, desktop software makers, book publishers, magazine. Sically any organization offering entertainment or information. The internet is still the ultimate theres an app for that engine; it duplicated some of the capabilities of and drew attention away from so many products and services that these businesses offered.

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No multi-touch interface on failure other devices, games are expensive, theres no app store, and theres no ipod built. Plus its easier to buy stuff because of the App Store on the device. Chart of game and entertainment titles available on psp, nintendo ds, and iPhone. The multi same applies to the iphone. At the same event, Steve jobs commented that with the new ipod nano, you essentially get a 149 Flip video camera thrown in for free: Were going to start off with an 8gb unit, and were going to lower the price from 149 to free. This is the new Apple, isnt it? (laughter) How are we going to do that. Were going to build a video camera into the new ipod nano. On the back of each unit is a video camera and a microphone, and theres a speaker inside as well. Built into every ipod nano is now an awesome video camera.

Once someone has an iPhone, it is going to be tough to persuade them that they also need to spend money on and carry around a dedicated gps device, point-and-shoot camera, or tape recorder unless they have an unusual need. But the real problem for other device manufacturers is that all of these iphone features — particularly the always-on internet connectivity; the email, http, and sms capabilities; and the gps/location features — can work in concert with each other to actually make better versions. Like a gps that automatically takes photos of where you are and posts them to a flickr gallery or a video camera thatll email videos to your mom or a portable gaming machine with access to thousands of free games over your mobiles phone network. We tend to forget that the iphone is still from the future in a way write that most of the other devices on the list above arent. It will take time for device makers to make up that difference. If these manufacturers dont know they are in competition with the iphone, apple sure does. At their Rock roll event last week, macWorld"s Phil Schiller as saying: ipod touch is also a great game machine.

short essay on mobile phone

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Portable dvd player - widescreen video looks great on the real iphone, you can d/l videos and tv shows from the itunes Store, and with apps like. Handbrake, its easy to rip dvds for viewing on the iphone. Kindle - amazons Kindle app for the iphone is surprisingly usable. And unlike amazons hardware, the iphone can run many ebook readers that handle several different formats. With all the apps available at the App Store, the list goes on: pedometer, tape recorder, heart monitor, calculator, remote control, usb key, and on and. Electronic devices arent even the whole story. I used to carry a folding map of Manhattan (and the subway) with me wherever I went but not anymore. With Safari, instapaper, and Amazons Kindle app, books and magazines arent necessary to provide essay on-the-go reading material.

Personal computer - with the increased speed of the iphone 3gs, the 3G and wifi networking, a real web browser, and the wide array of available apps at the App Store, many people find themselves leaving the laptops at home and using the iphone. Nintendo ds or psp - there are thousands of games available at the App Store and if the folks in my office and on the nyc subway are any indication, people are using their iPhones as serious on-the-go gaming machines. Gps - with geolocation by gps, wifi, or cell tower, the google maps app, and the built-in compass, the iphone is a powerful wayfinding device. Apps can provide turn by turn directions, current traffic conditions, satellite and photographic street views, transit information, and you can search for addresses and businesses. Flip video camera - the iphone 3GS doesnt shoot in hd (yet but the video capabilities on the phone are quite good, especially the on-phone editing and easy sharing. Compass - serious hikers and campers wouldnt want to rely on a battery-powered device as their only compass, but the built-in compass on the iphone 3gs is perfect for casual wayfinding. Watch - i use the clock on my iphone more often than any other function.

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short essay on mobile phone

Short, essay, on, mobile

But life is unfair). Few technology and device-making companies probably realize it, but they are in direct competition with Apple (or soon will be). How did this happen? Well, promotion the iphone 1 does a lot of useful things pretty well, well enough that it is replacing several specialized devices that do one or two things really well. Space in backpacks, pockets, and purses is a finite resource, as is money (obviously).

As a result, many are opting to carry only the iphone with them when they might have toted several devices around. Here is a short list of devices with capabilities duplicated to some degree by the iphone: Mobile phone - all the stuff any mobile phone does: phone calls, texting, voicemail. Pda - the iphone meets all of the basic pda needs: address book, calendar, to-dos, notes, and easy data syncing. Ipod - the iphone is a full-featured music-playing device. And with 32 gb of storage, the 3GS can handle a huge chunk of even the largest music collection. Point and shoot camera - while not as full-featured as something like a powerShot, the camera on the iphone 3GS has a 3-megapxiel lens with both auto and manual focus, shoots in low-light, does macro, and can shoot video. Plus, its easy to instantly publish your photos online using the iphones networking capabilities and automatically tag your photos with your location.

This option is all anyone could come up with? People have been murdered due to the fact some felons were let out on the ankle brace when they should have been locked up where they couldn? T do any harm to anyone but themselves. Until someone comes up with a perfect solution for imperfectionism? The prison system is the best place for those who break the law. There are some things that should be changed about it though.

For instance, some prisoners get cable tv and other such privaliges. There are people that don? T even have a tv, especailly cable. Prisoners get to make phone calls or see visitors and loved ones. Some people that arent in prison don? T have phone service or a phone and they cant talk to their loved ones because they were murderd by someone in prison. Yet, that murderer can still talk to thiers.

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S rights; they deserve to have their rights taken away. To have your freedom taken away may be worse than death. At least in death you are free. If there were a better option, someone would have thought of it by now. An idea that was followed through was the electric ankle brace, in which people writing who commit misdometers(eg. Cable theft or are on parole are on house arrest. They cannot leave at certain times and if they do, the ankle brace sends an alerts the police.

short essay on mobile phone

They are not above the law? This is true, no one is above the law, but the law was made by other humans just like you and me and humans make mistakes? The prison sys tem is something that you would have had to experienced to know enough about to judge whether it is the best option for society. My outsider and nieve view is that there is no perfect way to deal with people that hurt other people. God says to forgive thy enemy and love him as your brother. That is practically unrealistic in our world for anyone. Hanging outlaws is no longer an easy solution to crime. No one should be caged mission like an animal, animals shouldn? T either for that matter, but when someone violates/abuses another person?

matter. T believe that while we are here on earth we have a limited number of times we can fall down. No one, not even the law has the right to say that you can? T get up and try again. Besides, if you can? T get up, all you can do is wallow in the dirt. People often say about celebrities or political figures?

T make it drink. Everyone knows that you can? T help someone unless they want to help themselves. When the prison system was first established, the possibilities in rehabilitation were nothing like they are today. They could make prisoners go to daily consueling, have small groups, write in journals, plant flowers? Maybe even go to yoga classes or have meditation time so that they could become one with their inner spirits and realize the error of their ways. Sunday golf school classes could be offered along with daily preachings, they could beat them with the bible.

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Prison System Essay, research Paper. There are many people who are critical of the us? S prison sysetm; the idea of locking up those who commit crimes against a society simply to keep them from doing harm. Many say that more rehabilatation is necessary to improve these individuals and, therefore, society as a whole. What are some ways of doing this? Do you agree/disagree with this view and why? Is the prison system currently in place the best option for society? 2 pages, double spaced, 12pt. You can lead a horse to water, but you can?

Short essay on mobile phone
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  3. Prisoners get to make phone calls or see visitors and loved ones. Essay, on, the, short, story. Scholarship essays usually deal with applicants personal experience, thus while preparing your scholarship essay you might browse some tips on writing a personal essay. But at the same time this short essay. 1 In this essay, i m using the iphone as a convenient shorthand for any of a number of devices and smartphones that offer similar functionality to the iphone, including.

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