My preferred resume

my preferred resume

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List all important and relevant work experience. Use the description field to explain the details of what you did in the role. Make sure the details about your recent jobs are accurate and competently describe your responsibilities. Include your achievements in the roles and the result of the achievements (e.g. Increased productivity or sales). Make sure that you list your most recent qualifications and courses first. Don't forget to include courses that will show your depth of experience and that they have helped you progress in your career. You can use this section to include relevant outside interests or activities which demonstrate attributes about yourself that will benefit a potential employer or support your job hunting.

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If you have not been as successful as you hoped, consider including more skills or re-wording your descriptions of previous work. If you decide to include a photograph on your profile, make sure that it is professional and avoid using avatars or amusing images. This is a summary of all the information in your profile and is where you will capture the attention of a recruiter. It is important pollution to make sure your preferred locations are included and your availability is specified. This section also includes an introduction about you which is an opportunity to represent yourself. Keep it brief, relevant and impressive. Make sure that your top skills are accurate with dates and include comments about your experience. Adding rare skills will help you stand out from the crowd. We recommend listing between 10 and 20 skills. More than this may make it difficult for a recruiter to focus on your key skills. The skills you provide are listed alphabetically so they are quick and easy to find and your current skills are displayed in bold so they are more noticeable.

Checking and validating your profile ensures recruiters see the information you want them. Resume extraction is done by a computer process which does not reviews always display the information as you intended. Recruiters/Employers require candidate details in a structured format so they can efficiently search the data before downloading Resumes that meet their requirements. All Job boards provide the data in this format by extracting the information from Resumes. The import is done by a comupter process which means it is not perfect. Your details can display out of order or even be missing. The only way to make sure it is accurate is to show it to you and get you to validate the details. To make your profile work for you, ensure that you return often and update it with new experience and skills.

my preferred resume

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If you have a searchable profile in our Candidate database and writing are actively applying for jobs, we will recommend you to employers/recruiters who are advertising for jobs that closely match your profile. When recruiters search for people with your skills and experience they use keywords and search terms to find you, such as skills and job titles. To ensure that you are returned in their results, make sure that you think carefully about the words you use in your profile. Be specific about your key skills and experience and think about the words that appear in job descriptions of roles that you are interested. Although it is important to include lots of good quality information about you, it is also important that the key information stands out and that the amount of detail is just right. Make sure that the most important information about you is mentioned first. Recruiters will look at your profile and make a decision about you within just a few seconds, so make sure your current skills and work experience stand out and are not buried within a 3,000 word essay. It is important that you check that your information is accurate database and complete in every section of your profile.

Actively seeking: you are actively searching and applying for jobs. Open to Offers: you wish to be contacted about suitable roles. Not looking: you are not actively looking for a new job. Yes, you can still store your Resumes and use them to apply for jobs as you always have. You can now also use your profile to apply for jobs. You can manage your Resumes from the. Resumes area of the job seeker homepage.

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my preferred resume

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When a recruiter is searching for candidates validated profiles are highlighted for 1 month after validation. This means that by validating your profile you will stand out from those that have not validated, in addition to the recruiter knowing they can fully trust the information you have provided in your profile. Periodically reviewing your profile will increase your chances of being found for a job that best matches your skills. To validate you will need to provide at least: your name, home or preferred location, latest job or preferred role(s). Candidate profile (a brief summary about yourself). Your Resume was extracted by a computer process which unfortunately does not always display the information as you expected.

Recruiters/Employers require job seeker details in a structured format so they can efficiently search the data before downloading Resumes that meet their requirements (e.g. All job boards provide the data in this format by automatically extracting the information from Resume documents. The import is performed by an automated computer process which means it is not always 100 accurate - your details may display out of order or even be missing in places. My profile provides you with hamlet the best opportunity to make sure the extracted information our Recruiters/Employers see will be 100 accurate by allowing you to review and correct all of the extracted information. No other job board does this. Your Job seeker Status lets recruiters know how actively you are looking for a job. Make sure that you choose a relevant Job seeker Status if you have requested your details to be 'searchable'.

I was headhunted into this position by a former colleague, as I wasn't looking for a new job at that time. June 20  Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, lincoln ma lead developer Created, modified and maintained Cold Fusion Applications using Cold Fusion.0 and sql server 2000. Designed and coded new Bug Tracking application to track all bugs and enhancements. Sep 2000 - october 2001  Brandstamp, cambridge Innovations, cambridge ma developer Created Oracle 8i pl/sql based Cold Fusion Applications to merge data and create email campaign applications. Education 2017 Studied Object Oriented javascript and javascript Testing 2016 qa, qe and all things test related in Agile environments 2015 read Agile testing by lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory 2014 Agile development workshoips with Steve vance 2013 Passed Linux Certification at level I 2013.

(Hons) Business Information Technology Studies, manchester University, uk development i am continually reading new books and learning new techniques and languages and I go to several local meetups each month. I maintain a bookmarks library (a rails app of course!) of scripts, examples, code organizations Interests Antique car restoration (1956 buick extreme skiing, bonsai cultivation, world travel, ruby). This page provides some useful faqs, hints and tips to get you started with my profile. My profile is your dynamic online resume with JobShark. If you choose to make yourself searchable (so you can be found by potential recruiters and employers your profile is what potential employers will search and view before downloading your associated Resume. My profile can be automatically populated when you upload a new Resume, or you may wish to start from fresh and enter the information manually yourself whilst taking advantage of our easy, drag and drop based user interface. Validating your profile shows recruiters that you have reviewed all of the information listed in my profile and verified that it is accurate and up-to-date.

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Jan 20 Boston Agile partners, cambridge. Rails developer, worked on a variety of client (Rails) applications, from a hospital Survey tool to a salesforce assistant to a real golf Estate application. Worked to develop new functionality and convert poorly engineered applications to more standard restful simple code. Using mostly jQuery and rails versions.3.8,.3.11,.0.3,.1 and.2 and tools such as git for dvcs and pivotal Tracker for project tracking. May 20 Children's Hospital, boston. Senior Business Intelligence developer, developed data extracts and reports for a large number of users and departments using Business Objects, Crystal Reports with Oracle and sql server databases. Used Cold Fusion to voluntarily write a 'wikipedia' like "CDD" (Common Data dictionary) internal application for the group with an Oracle backend. Created a number of applications and reporting solutions in a number of different projects with a diverse cross-section of users and opinions, often working behind the scenes to resolve key issues. Ran a data quality Group with a variety of Hospital users at various management levels to identify and resolve complex Data quality Issues.

my preferred resume

Hiring and training junior engineers and interns (who tend to return). Nov 20 Zipcar, boston. Senior quality Engineer, worked on a variety of rails applications that are used for Car Sharing. Created Unit, Integrated, performance and load regression tests and performed Manual and Exploratory testing using Ruby, rspec, capybara, selenium and Site Prism. Used Jira and Trello for issue tracking, fisheye for code review and Jenkins for the thesis ci environment. Jul 20 The district Management council, boston. Rails developer qa specialist, worked on a variety of rails applications that help school districts manage their resources and schedule their staff for both General and Special Education. Worked to develop new functionality and also to qa all development effort as the single qa engineer at the company. Used jQuery, rails versions.2.11 and tools such as git for the dvcs, selenium and Rspec for testing and pivotal Tracker for project tracking.

system team of a safe implementation, helping to shift testing left Writing automated ui tests with Ruby, rspec, capybara and Selenium. Interviewed and hired 60 engineers, currently leading them to good practices Constantly exploring better xp programming and collaboration methods, fan of code reviews Using a new toolset for me - vsts, visual Studio and C along with my open source favorites. June 20   eve", cambridge. Leader of quality and Senior quality Engineer. Working as the first quality Engineer and introducing best practices to eve". Writing automated tests at Unit and Functional ui levels using Ruby, rspec, capybara and Selenium. Performing Manual and Exploratory testing.

I have a passion for new technology and using it to provide users with practical solutions first to their needs. I'm also a, stack overflow fan as i enjoy learning and sharing knowlede, plus i also spend quality time. Software quality Asurance and Testing. Though I consider myself a proud geek, my friends, colleagues and co-workers tell me that my greatest asset is my attitude and proven experience by working well with both technical and business users and understanding the needs of each. Objectives, to provide users with useful and innovative solutions. To learn from others while sharing my own extensive knowledge, skills and experience. To do the above in a fun, relaxed, environment, focused on the work with no big egos. Identity, github: m/durrantm, blog: m, linkedIn: m/in/durrantm, resume: ml, stack overflow: Experience, june 2017 - current Sallie mae, newton ma / Indianapolis.

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See also: Technical Resume, summary, recruiter? While i value recruiters i am not interested whatever the position(2017). I will update this if/ when i am looking. If you email or call me you have not read this. I am quality architect at Sallie mae, helping lead a safe agile transformation and i am a leader in the quality community. I lead junior engineers, our local quality meetup and I present at national conferences. In the last year my skill set has shifted. As a passionate paper developer i've reached a point where my greatest reward is often teaching and inspiring those around me as well as working with other senior engineers to solve fun challenging problems i am a constant learner and in 2017 the focus has been. My preferred technologies for Automation are ruby, rspec and Selenium through Capybara.

My preferred resume
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  4. See also: Technical, resume. My preferred technologies for Automation are ruby, rspec and Selenium through Capybara.of distributions across a variety of hardware that I have tried, but since linux Mint is my preferred distribution, this it the one i am focusing. Thank you m for getting me placed at one of the best hospital in my preferred location. How do i update my contact information in my alumni profile, including my preferred e-mail address and mailing address? Uploaded resume, photo, e-mail. The traditional place to put the name is at the top center, but many now prefer to right justify it so when their resume lands in a folder, their name).

  5. When i imported my, resume, why did all the information not display correctly? It is important to make sure your preferred locations are included and. Ive also included my preferred contact information on the, resume contact Info page, but feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. Kindly give an old codger a little reinforcement on why we don't use the possessive pronoun in this case - i prefer. The five deadliest, resume.

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