Humanity essay in english

humanity essay in english

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The rich or poor, literate or educated, Indian or a foreigner, gandhiji did the service to all and his principles stand even today as a bond connecting people belonging to various communities, nations and races. He remains dispelled every where around the world as the tallest symbol of humanity. Todays world, when we look at it in a social point of view, is full of greed, commotion, distress and distrust. Besides becoming more civilized and learning about the intricacies of human race and development, we humans are mired by the new wave of modernization and outcomes of transformation due to technology innovations and cultural incursions. As a result, we are preoccupied with our television, mobile phones, computers, etc., spending less time with the fellow humans. Our direct interactions with our children, neighbours, and friends are taken away by this massive modern hi-tech living style. We do realise many times a day the importance of humanity, love and kindness to other living beings but could not divulge them directly upon any one. We keep humanity in high regard in principle but have no time to give it a meaning in our own life.

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It spreads across the roads we travel, places we dwell, and people we meet. Humanity, not as many criticise, is scarce today. It is very much available in plenty. In fact, it has grown and evolved much better than centuries ago. From the individualistic aspect to a social, or even in a much larger perspective, humanity has thrived well in embracing and supporting the human race in many different forms. Nevertheless, more and more people are still out there who are not that fortunate to live the humanity in its central point of its existence; they are out there to seek the rays of hope and love and brace the traces of passion and kindness. In young India (1924) Gandhiji wrote, and i want to identify myself with everything that lives. He had an incredible experience with the people, their lives not only. India but across south Africa and England as well. He believed that the salvation of his life is through serving the nation and people whom he loved beyond anything else in the world. His communication and connection with the people was so splendid that the whole world could visualize in him the love and care revealed by jesus Christ and Buddha.

By balamurali balaji, humanity is not about maintaining a gracious relationship between one another in the society but it is about building a bond amongst the society with the help of a sustainable values. Humanity is not about showing passion and empathy to each other at times of need but about regarding love in high esteem and kindness in all pdf walks of life. Humanity is not just a word for symbolizing the human compassion and civilization but it goes beyond the horizons of human nature and his creations. It is all about using hearts along with the minds in all the endeavours of human kind. Human kind has come a long way in learning the ways of building relations and creating civilizations in order to inhabit this world with livelihood full of love and harmony. Every human has a part in doing this great task of taking ahead the human race to a dignified and noble place on this planet. And this is where we all have to be proud of ourselves and pass this message on to the future generations. Humanity, in general, is perceived as a charity. As the old saying goes, it begins at home.

humanity essay in english

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References edit peterson, Christopher; Seligman, martin. Character Strengths and Virtues: a handbook and Classification. Washington, dc: Oxford University Press. Chan, wing-Tsit (January 1955 "The evolution of the confucian Concept Jên Philosophy east and West, 4 (4 294319, doi :.2307/13967741 coit, wing-Tsit (July 1906 "Humanity and God International journal of Ethics, 16 (4 424429, doi :.1086/206237 Smyke, anna.; Dumitrescu, alina; zeanah, Charles. (August 2002 "Attachment Disturbances in young Children. I: The continuum of Caretaking Casualty journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 41 (8 972982, doi :.1097/ dovido, john.; Allen, david.; Schroeder, judith. (August 1990 "Specificity of Empathy-Induced Helping: evidence for Altruistic Motivation journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 59 (2 249260, doi :.1037/0022-35 zeece, pauline davey "Using Current Literature selections to nurture the development of Kindness in young Children early Childhood remote Education journal, 36 (5 447452. (Winter 1991 "Leadership and Social Intelligence: Linking Social Perspectiveness and Behavioral Flexibility to leader Effectiveness leadership quarterly, 2 (4 317342, doi :.1016/1048-9843(91)90018-w george, jennifer. (2000 "Emotions and leadership: The role of Emotional Intelligence human Relations, 53 (4 10271055, doi :.1177/).

toner,., haslam,., robinson,., williams,. Character strengths and wellbeing in adolescence: Structure and correlates of the values in Action Inventory of Strengths for Children. Personality and Individual Differences, 52(5 637-642. On happiness and human potentials: A review of research on hedonic and eudaimonic well-being. Annual review of psychology, 52(1 141-166. "Is it God or just the data that moves in mysterious ways? How well-being research might be mistaking faith for virtue?". As a shepherd divideth his Sheep from the goats: does the daily Spiritual Experiences Scale Encapsulate separable Theistic and civility components? Social indicators research, 110(1 131-146.

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humanity essay in english

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33 peterson seligman 2004,. peterson seligman 2004,. a death b Peterson seligman 2004,. Smkye 2002 peterson seligman 2004,. This guy is Providing (Almost) Free airplane ride to the poor". Strengths and satisfaction across the adult lifespan.

International journal of Aging and Human development, 57(2 181-201. park,., peterson,. Strengths of character and well-being. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 23, 603-619. Virtue and psychology: Pursuing excellence in ordinary practices.

22 Intelligence has many psychological definitions from Weschlers intelligence to the various theories of multiple intelligence. The csv divides intelligence into hot and cold, hot intelligence being those intelligences related to active emotional processes. (338) Individuals with high social intelligence are very self-aware, and effective organizers and leaders. 23 Additionally, it combines elements of the other two hot intelligences, personal and emotional intelligence. Personal intelligence being the internal counterpart to social intelligence and emotional intelligence being the capacity to understand emotions. The csv highlights three social intelligence measurement scales: Factor Based Social Intelligence tasks, Psychological Mindedness Assessment Procedure, and mayer-Salovey-caruso Emotional intelligence test.

24 Social Intelligence research is limited, however, there is much literature on the characteristics associated with social intelligence. Found social intelligence and perceptiveness to be integral to effective leadership; that is, good leaders are social experts. 25 Emotional intelligence, too, plays a role in leadership. Another study found that emotional intelligence enables leaders to better understand their followers, thereby enhancing their ability to influence them. 26 Psychological research on humanity(virtue) edit virtue and wellbeing edit Although only a relatively new field of inquiry for psychological researchers, character strengths 27 28 and virtues have been consistently measured in psychometric surveys and have been shown to be positively associated with psychological and. 32 What is more, even among those who endorse a spiritual/theistic worldview, these salutary associations appear to be better explained by humanity/civility rather than endorsing a faith in a supernatural being.

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17 The former, however, only asks about 20 specific altruistic acts, leaving out a wide range of altruistic behaviors. There are numerous benefits from kindness and altruism on both sides of the action. For some, the motivation to be kind comes from a place of egoistic motivation, and thus the benefit to them is the positive affect state they receive from the action. 18 Another study found that the process of being kind develops pro-social skills in children, which positively effects their attachments and relationships. 19 Additionally, volunteerism in the elderly has shown to lead to decreased risk of early death, and mental health benefits. 20 One thing to note is the difference between altruism as a trait and as an act. 20 A good example of kindness is a program founded by bahadur Chand Gupta, which provides free airplane ride experience to the underprivileged and poor Indians for just 1 usd. 21 Social Intelligence edit social intelligence is the most modern of the three strengths pdf associated with humanity. The Character Strengths and Virtues (CSV) psychological assessment defines social intelligence as the ability to understand relationships with other people, including the social relationships involved in intimacy and trust, persuasion, group membership, and political power.

humanity essay in english

Found that children raised in an environment that didnt allow children to become attached to their preferred caregivers experienced attachment disorders. 13 Additionally, individuals who develop securely attached have a lower likelihood of depression, high-self esteem, and less likelihood of divorce. 14 Kindness edit The strength max kindness encompasses most related terms that evoke feelings of altruism, generosity, helpfulness and a general desire to help people. That is, a disposition for helping humanity. The following statements are from the values in Action (VIA) psychological assessment, aimed at determining people's strengths in kindness: others are just as important to me, giving is more important than receiving, i care for the ungrateful as well as the grateful. 15 Kindness, as a part of humanity, is deeply rooted in philosophical and religious traditions, each having words for the altruistic love aspect of kindness, such as agape in Greek, chesed in Hebrew, and the latin word philantropia, the root of the word "philanthropy.". Additionally, while gender differences in kindness are statistically significant, they are minimal, and the methods of testing used may not always have construct validity. 16 Kindness is most often measured on a case by case measure and not usually as a trait. The self-Report Altruism Scale and the Altruism Facet Scale for Agreeableness measure of the revised neo personality Inventory (neo-pi-r) psychological assessment are often used to ask people how often they engage in altruistic behaviors and gauge their concern for others.

degree of controversy surrounds defining and researching love in this way, as it takes away the mystery of love. 10 Because love is mysterious, to an extent, it is most often studied in terms of attachment theory, because it can be studied in the way across ages. In infants, attachment is studied through the Strange situation Test. Attachment to an individual, usually the mother, is determined by how distressed the infant becomes when the mother is taken out of the experimental setting. 11 There are several models of adult attachment including the Adult Attachment Interviews (Kaplan main Adult Attachment Prototypes (hazan shaver) and more. Generally adult attachment models focus on the mental representation of the visible signs of attachment seen in infants. 12 evidence in support of the benefits of love are seen in the negative affect states that result from lacking love. Orphaned children have been targeted in studies about negative attributes resulting from lack of attachment.

5 The confucian concept of Ren encompasses both love and altruism. 6 Greek philosophy edit Plato and Aristotle both wrote extensively on the subject of virtues, though neither ever wrote on humanity as a list virtue, despite highly valuing love and kindness, two of the strengths of humanity. Plato and Aristotle considered "courage, justice, temperance" and "generosity, wit, friendliness, truthfulness, magnificence, and greatness of soul" to be the sole virtues, respectively. 3 Abrahamic religion edit humanity is one of Thomas Aquinas ' "seven heavenly virtues." 7 beyond that, humanity was so important in some positivist Christian cultures that it was to be capitalized like god. 8 Kindness, altruism and love are all mentioned in the bible. Proverbs 19:22 "states the desire of a man is his kindness." On the topic of altruism, emphasis is placed on helping strangers (Hebrews 13:1) and the biblical adage "it is better to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). Strengths of humanity edit love edit love has many different definitions ranging from a set of purely biological and chemical processes to a religious concept. As a character strength, love is a mutual feeling between two people characterized by attachment, comfort, and generally positive feelings. It can be broken down into 3 categories: love between a child and their parents, love for your friends, and romantic love.

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Humanity is a virtue associated with basic ethics of altruism derived from the human condition. Humanity differs from mere justice in that there is a level of altruism towards individuals included in humanity more so than the fairness found in justice. 1, that is, humanity, and the acts of love, altruism, and social intelligence are typically individual strengths while fairness is generally expanded to yardage all. Character Strengths and Virtues: a handbook and Classification (2004) class humanity as one of six virtues that are consistent across all cultures. 2, the concept goes back to the development of "humane" or " humanist " philosophy during the, renaissance (with predecessors in 13th-century scholasticism stressing a concept of basic human dignity inspired by, aristotelianism ) and the concept of humanitarianism in the early modern period, and. Historical perspectives edit, confucian philosophy edit, confucius said that humanity, or, ren is a love of people stating if you want to make a stand, help others make a stand. That is, the confucian theory of humanity exemplifies the golden rule. It is so central to confucian thought that it appears 58 times in the. 4 Similar to the Christian process of seeking God, confucius teaches seeking Ren to a point of seemingly divine mastery until you are equal to, or better than, your teacher.

Humanity essay in english
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  4. Contextual translation of humanity essay in tamil into English. Human translations with examples: thaimai, aids essay, in essay in tamil, in essay in english. Science - a menace to humanity: Essay topics-New Speech Essay. P ersuasive short Essay writing Topic ielts english Proverbs. Free essay: Imagine a world without cell phones, personal computers, mp3 players, cars, and television.

  5. We live in a world that, although it has. Humanity is not about maintaining a gracious relationship between one another in t he society but it is about building a bond amongst the society with the help. Free humanity papers, essays, and research papers. And feuding countries; Midd le English works consist of glorified knights, the chivalric code, and a greedy. Humanity is a virtue associated with basic ethics of altruism derived from the hum an condition. Humanity differs from mere justice in that there is a level.

  6. Humanity is an important part of life which tells that to help oth ers, try to understand other and realize the people problems with our own eyes. Humanity Essay in English. Empathy and Humanity: leaving Home. Humanity empa thy 17 September 2013 leaving Home for a child their father is the most. Humanity today is regressing. Whatever steps we take forward, they take us back as human beings.

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