Hairspray movie review

hairspray movie review

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Identity: -  Female, profession/status: -  student, age: -  a teen, ethnicity/Nationality -  White American. Setting, united States -  Yes, the us: -  Southwest, city?  Yes, city: -  dirty, grimy (like new York). Writing Style, accounts of torture and death?  generic/vague references to death/punishment, any profanity?  Some foul language.

Hairspray (2007 movie, review

Actors: divine, ricki lake, sonny bono, ruth Brown, deborah Harry, jerry Stiller, mink Stole. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of thesis hairspray. Hairspray is the story of Tracy turnblad, a chubby baltimore teenager in gamot the early '60s whose only dream is to be on a local television dance party program, The corny collins Show. She gets her wish, only to discover the show's race barrier and become the bitter enemy of pro-segregation princess Amber Von Tussle. After many loopy adventures, including a few days in juvenile hall, Tracy and Amber compete in a hilarious dance-off and the corny collins Show ends its policy of segregation. Click here to see the rest of this review. The review of this movie prepared by judy berman. Script Analysis of hairspray, click on a plot link to find similar books! Plot themes, time/era of movie: - 1960's-1970's. Polit/Social/Race/Gender activism, yes, plotlet: - racism! Ethnic/Regional/Gender story?, yes, ethnic/region/relig, american Black, main Character.

Also, the final act, while entertaining, was drawn out ten minutes too long. Basically, im saying a 110 minute movie shouldnt have hit the 90 minute mark. Im also instructing all the guys revelation being asked to see. Hairspray to suck. Yeah, you wont win any cool points with your drinking buddies if they find out youve gone to see it, but what youll win from your significant other you cant put a value. Trust me, shell (or hell) love you long time for the sacrifice. Besides, i actually believe youll come out of the theaters a happier person.

hairspray movie review

Hairspray 2007 Film, review

Hes perfect for the part and he is clearly having the time of his life doing. Placing a complete unknown in the lead part was another interesting decision that works flawlessly. Nikki blonsky carries herself like a seasoned professional. It was also great to see christopher Walken (. Wedding Crashers ) — 90 of what he touches is gold. The only detracting point of the movie listing is there are a few scenes that seemed out of place and slowed the flow of the movie to a molasses flow. Most notably, the lovey-dovey number between Tracys parents was a tad grating.

Hairspray can appear to just be a whimsical teenage musical, but underneath I can assure you, it is actually a much deeper feature. Its really about triumph over adversity. Its about destroying ill-founded mores. Tracy, breaks down the stigma that fat folks cant be beautiful (arent we all sexy things beneath the skin?). She also manages to bust through the walls her mother has erected — essentially freeing her from her weight induced prison. Later in the movie, she stands along side motormouth maybelle (queen Latifah, last Holiday) to call for racial equality and seamless integration on the dance show. Aside from some very entertaining song and dance routines the best part of the movie is the casting. John Travolta in drag was the most intriguing. Im not entirely sure what made the director, Adam Shankman, decide on Travolta, but the decision was brilliant.

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hairspray movie review

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The movie takes place in a segregated Baltimore in the 1960s. It gets things moving with an upbeat song and dance number performed by our, oh so chunky heroine, tracy turnblad (nikki blonsky). Shes a perky teenager with dreams of dancing on The corny collins Dance Show, hosted by none other than Corny collins (James Marsden, x-men 3 The last Stand ). Shes got a few things going against her though — shes fat; her mother Edna (John Travolta, wild Hogs ) has a major hang-up about her own weight and doesnt want her daughter ridiculed; and theres a ruthless and conniving producer Velma von Tussle (Michelle. Obstacles be damned though. Tracy futilely tries out for the show anyway.

Aside from being made fun of by the current crop of dancers, of which Amber Von Tussle (Brittany Snow, the pacifier ) leads, she gets herself detention for skipping class. Who knew detention could be so worthwhile, as while she is there, she copies the dance styles of seaweed. Stubbs (Elijah Kelley) and other black classmates. Armed with new found confidence and a helping hand from Link larkin (Zac Efron, high School Musical she manages to get noticed typewriter and added to the dancer roster. From her new vantage point she looks to enact change. Ill agree that on the surface.

She was a character that never gave up and encouraged people to do what they dreamt of no matter how hard it was to get there. Overall, i think it is recommended from me at least that you watch hairspray. It is one that youll never forget and with critics pushing the classics; Grease, mamma mia and Chicago out of the spotlight it surely is a satisfying musical to watch and sink into with whatever audience. So i say go for it with two thumbs up, with sprinkles and a cherry added on top. Read next: The charge of the light Brigade poem and film comparison.

Dances with Wolves, terminator meets the matrix. Pleasantly plump teenager, Tracy turnblad and her best friend, penny pingleton audition to be on The corny collins Show and Tracy wins. But when scheming Amber Von Tussle and her mother plot to destroy tracy, it turns to chaos. Hairspray is an updated compilation of the john Waters classically campy film and the award winning Broadway musical (both of the same name). And while i very much liked the original (at least what I can recall of it i had my reservations about the remake. Thats because remakes usually suck. Thankfully, from the moment the movie opened those fears were laid to rest.

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He was the perfect guy to fall for. There are numerous reasons why starting from; he had the perfect smile, perfect hair well basically perfect everything from head real to toe. I think zac Efron was suited for the character he played because in every movie role he played he was known as the heartthrob so this was no different. One of my favourite characters was Penny pingleton. This was because she was a sweet, soft character that everyone would wish she was their friend. She was fun to hang around with and made no bad remarks to any sort of people. In the film she has a relationship with seaweed, who is black, and her mother finds out but however much her mother hates it she sticks to him and stands up for herself gaining confidence. Another one of my favourite characters were motormouth maybelle because she was a strong black woman that stood up for what was right and also a very sweet, positive one that welcomed anyone.

hairspray movie review

Moving on to the tempur characters played by actors you wouldnt expect. The characters were, in my view,. Because they werent too over the top although they were all cheesy. Tracy turnblad was a character that was music and dance mad. I quite liked her and nikki blonsky did a good job by showing us how vibrant and hilarious Tracy was. I like that she always had a positive vibe around her and made people around her feel themselves without trying to be someone youre not. Link larkin was a character that wasnt going to be pushed around by his girlfriend.

the music and dance moves mostly because the lyrics were catchy and the dance moves were cheesy enough to laugh at but imitate at the same time. I also liked the fact that they were obsessed with their hair and had funky hairstyles partly because they were outrageous and very different to hairstyles fashioned now obviously because it was set in the 60s. However they were actually a very few negative things that catched my eye. These things were everyone was just too cheesy. I didnt like these things because it didnt make it as realistic as it shouldve been. Another negative thing was everyone had no imperfections, they all had a bright, big and white smile, and this made it look fake and unreal. The songs carried on forever and made you think it was never going to end. This was put on the negative side because youd get bored and annoyed and wish it was all over and got the point.

With Edna turnblad John Travolta, tracys mom in the biography background ironing away the girls twist and turn to the incredible dance moves whilst singing along. At the high school dance Tracy wows the audience particularly corny collins James Marsden and sets fire to the heart of Link larkin with the hip dance moves she got from seaweed Elijah Kelley a fellow black friend who then goes out with Penny. Soon Tracy recognises the inequality when black and white kids were put into separate classes and the disapproving atmosphere surrounding the relationship between Penny and seaweed. This division motivates Tracy to march through Baltimore alongside the shows co-host Motormouth maybelle queen Latifah and other African-American residents to fight for integration after the show cancels Negro day. However Tracy becomes the headline on every news channel as she hits a police officer with a signpost, does this ruin the chance of her winning Miss teenage hairspray? With Velma von Tussle michelle Pfeiffer and daughter Amber Brittany Snow trying to do everything possible to stop Tracy from winning the crown and auditioning for the show by insulting her about her weight it doesnt stop her from carrying on to follow her dream. But will Miss Tracy turnblad be crowned Miss teenage hairspray?

Hairspray (Williamsport High School) Musical

Hairspray has taken the spotlight pushing the all time classics Grease, chicago and Mamma mia out of the way. With a mixture of stupendous actors playing unexpected roles hairspray wows an audience of all ages. With spectacular dance sequences, addictive tunes, big hair and bright, funky costumes it surely is the musical to watch. This remake of the 1988 comical version, which was produced by john Walters who before wrote and directed other comedy movies which include pink Flamingos and Polyester, is the best yet. Director Adam Shankman, who also directed well known movies such as The wedding Planner and Cheaper by the dozen 2, created a hilarious atmosphere as well as making serious issues heard through music and dance. Tracy turnblad (nikki blonsky) is mad about dance, knows all the latest moves and is obsessed with The corny collins Show. Running after school with best friend Penny pingleton Amanda bynes, to watch The corny collins Show they drool over Link larkin played diary by zac Efron the obvious heartthrob.

Hairspray movie review
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  3. Story highlights "Hairspray " movie musical based on John Waters film. Watch hairspray movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, movie review and more. Movie musical reviews - 3: hairspray. Elric-san Well, i decided it would probably be best to talk about a musical i actually grew up with. With a minority of people commenting on hairspray in a negative way i personally think its a movie thats been a successful hit and one.

  4. The official Facebook page for hairspray it was a time of tradition, a time of values, and. Put on your dancing shoes with hairspray because its Michelle Pfeiffers birthday! Hairspray : 'hairspray' is originally based on the 1988 John Waters comedy about star-struck teenagers on a local Baltimore dance show. "All three incarnations of hairspray have the same dna, the same bloodline, says neil Meron. This film utilizes the building blocks of the original movie and combines it with the energy and fun of the. Review : 'hairspray' rises high.

  5. Reviewed by klme 10 /. I just saw hairspray the movie at the 5th avenue theater in seattle-the same theater where hairspray the musical premiered five years ago. Hairspray movie review Summary. Actors: divine, ricki lake, sonny bono, ruth Brown, deborah Harry, jerry Stiller, mink Stole. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of hairspray.

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