Flying wish papers

flying wish papers

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Both pilots were slightly blinded by the glare. It was the strongest blue-white light ive ever seen, said Adams. Something just as bright, but quite different in construction, was seen by eastern Airline pilots, Chiles and Whitted, early in July 1948 on a flight near Montgomery, alabama. A large aerial submarine three times the size of.29 came alongside and circled their aircraft. It was torpedo-shaped and glowed all over with a weird dark-blue light. There was a double row of ports or vents along the side from which came an unearthly white light. After inspecting them for some moments, the thing suddenly let out a sheet of flame, fifty feet long, turned up its nose at an abrupt angle, and shot off at about 700-1,000. P.h., rocking the sedate.

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Neither the major, nor Dahl, seemed to have noticed that slag, cinders, blue ice, jelly-like stuff and clinker have been report recorded as arriving in large quantities on this planet, in utterly unexplained circumstances, for the last three hundred years. Then came a variation. Experienced airmen began to see them. Two airline pilots, Adams and Anderson, were flying their. C.3 the 130 miles from Memphis to little rock on the night of when a huge glowing flying saucer zoomed down at terrific speed to investigate them. On the central cupola there was a bright blue-white flashing light—either a signal or part of the propelling mechanism. And on the lower side, the airline pilots observed a row of eight or ten brilliantly lighted portholes. They thought they were portholes, but admitted that they could have been vents through which some kind of powerful energy was flowing. Ive been a sceptic all my life, said Adams in his report, but what can you do when you see something like that? . we were both flabbergasted.

He looked up and saw six large disks about 2,000 feet above him. Five of them were slowly circling one that seemed to be in difficulties. Slowly they sank to within 500 feet of the sea, without a sound or whisper. Then suddenly there was a loud boom from the central disk and out fell a light, and a dark, metal object. Fragments landed in the water near the island, revelation causing a loud hissing noise, whereupon the whole flight rose and shot off to sea. Three days later maury Island was visited and layers of slaglike substance were found there. Reports circulated that dark and light coloured metal disks were among the droppings. Air Intelligence was brought in and pronounced ex cathedra, through the vocal organs of a major Sanders, that the metal was just slag.

flying wish papers

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For the past eighteen months barely a single day has gone by without flying saucers being reported somewhere in the world. But i am being modest. On some days there have been as many as ten different sightings in different places. And if a thing is seen daily, week after week, month after month, by ordinary people in free countries, then it follows that the thing in question must surely exist. do you remember the first amazing story? It came on, three days before Arnolds experience over mount rainier. A man named Dahl was out in the tacoma harbour Patrol boat near maury Island.

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flying wish papers

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Too many glib pontifications have awesome been issued to the faithful by those who should know better. Scores of neatly parcelled explanations have been doled out which barely cover a few of the facts. But to say, as their perpetrators say, that they cover all the cases on record is a flagrant untruth for which a higher Justice may, or may not forgive them. Let me say at the outset that I have devoted the last two and a half years solely to the investigation of this phenomenon: that I have studied thousands of cases and read reports both ancient and modern; that I have studied with an unbiased. m m Let me say also that if I write resume of the flying saucer mystery in a light or easy style it is not because i do not seriously mean what I say. On the contrary, i take flying saucers extremely seriously; but I deplore pedantry and, like the ancient Toltecs, i find the serious things of life a cause for joy and pleasure rather than for pompous gloom.

And lastly, though I would prefer to use the ancient names for the sky disks such as cars celestial, vimanas, and fiery chariots, i shall use the modern abomination flying saucers throughout this volume, merely. I would like to devote little time to proving or disproving the reality of these wonderful flying objects. In fact, i would like to get right down to essentials without further ado, but for those who have heard of saucers only by hearsay or read of them in the popular Sunday papers that would prove a little unsatisfactory, so i shall dedicate the. Let me say once again, that although I" less than two hundred incidents, these have been selected from nearly two thousand cuttings, reports, articles, manuscripts and ancient documents supplied to me by kind helpers from many countries this side of the Iron Curtain. To" them all would require a volume the size of a city telephone directory.

A proponent of the latter once took considerable pains explaining. . Chesterton that the diamond was exactly the same as a lump of coal. At the end of it all Chesterton replied: Any fool can see it isnt! It is to this sort of fool; to the lonely heretic who likes to walk alone down strange untrodden paths; to him who believes that all things are possible, particularly those things held by other men to be impossible; to him who leaves no stone. To these i offer some very curious stones for the turning; taking no responsibility whatsoever for anything they may find beneath.

Book one (1) What saucers Are not ever since the cliché Flying saucer was coined, the greatest and most exciting mystery of our age has been automatically reduced to the level of a music hall joke. The comics of vaudeville and the comedians of State and Science banded together, most successfully, to encourage humanity in its oldest and easiest method of escape—to laugh at what it does not understand. From then on, anyone who said I have seen a flying saucer or, worse, i believe in flying saucers was considered a bit of a leg-puller, or some kind of a crank. Despite evidence to the contrary (and there is enough of it to fill many volumes there is still a widespread notion, hazy and ill-defined as are all popular notions, that flying saucers are some kind of American joke, a newspaper stunt, or the result. On top of this comes an even hazier reassurance that the mystery has already been cleared up; that the skies have been purged of these ungodly objects and that there is nothing more to worry about. For this latter notion we can thank those semi-scientists and self-appointed experts who have simply failed to study the facts.

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The American government, however, on 25 write September 1952 dropped the alarming hint that it accepts these phenomena but hints that it is not in the public interest for it to publish all it knows. Now such a remark is disquieting, not only to those old ladies who nightly peer beneath their beds for burglars, but also to the general public, down whose communal spine a slightly chilling sensation is apt to pass. Thus it is the purpose of this book to find out just what that something could be the authorities do not wish us to know. And the result of this Pandora-like curiosity is to land ourselves with a splash in Stygian waters, well out of our depth, and out of the depth, too, we think, of the authorities, governmental and scientific, who would be loath to consider such possibilities. Nor is it really their business to do so, for when governments start plumbing the river Styx, the results are not always beneficial to the governed. However, having wet ourselves in its alluring waters we have, undaunted, dropped our little plumbline, and in the course of our survey made some quite unexpected soundings, usually in places where the few existing charts say: no bottom; and at others, where the depth. The following chapters will present the findings as they came. A word in passing, and a warning. This book is neither intended for, nor humbly dedicated to, the statistician, nor anyone else who mistakes figures for facts, nor does it aim to please the followers of what is called Popular Science.

flying wish papers

They understood and wielded states of matter whose existence modern science barely suspects, and constructed forms outside the trabajo crippling limitations of tangible matter. From then until the present day, earthly constructions, and constructions from a myriad of other worlds, have been seen and recorded in our sky. When press and radio came, enabling man to fill the whole world with his chatter, hitherto restricted by the effective range of his lungs, a luminous body seen over London or an aerial phenomenon seen in Western America would cause speculation in Australia and wonder. That is why, on, when Kenneth Arnold saw a fleet of ten shining circular disks whizzing along at a thousand miles per hour, darting in and out of the peaks around mount rainier, State of Washington, the news flashed round the world with the speed. Arnold certainly started something (revived would be more accurate and from then on a steady stream of reports came in, mainly from trustworthy, observant citizens who had noticed that an early form of locomotion was once more active in the air. In spite of constant denials and quite unbelievable explanations, the governments of the world have gradually been forced to give their attention to the matter and to create secret departments for investigation. Today, the American government has dropped its original attitude of disbelief and admitted that it has over eighteen hundred authentic cases on its files. The British Air Ministry is more cautious, but grudgingly admits that it also has a secret department to deal with or to discourage questions.

time when Mars, venus and Earth were in close conjunction, along a magnetic path so formed came a huge, shining, radiant vessel of dazzling power and. 1 1 / see: The tibetan and. . Bailey, a treatise on Cosmic Fire; Annie besant, The pedigree of Man;. Blavatsky, the secret Doctrine, vols. I and iii;. . Powell, The solar System;. Leadbeater and Annie besant, man, Where, whence and Whither. The arts by which these elder members of the solar Family propelled their vessels, raised great weights, and ordered their dominion over natural elements (say the legends) were imparted to our early forefathers who, later, built shining vessels of their own, and with colossal intuition.

Book two of this work is dedicated to people, everywhere and in every world. i wish to thank michael Juste, robert Roberts,., harold Chibbett, Oswald Frewen and Herbert Jones, who in various ways have provided me with invaluable assistance in the preparation of book one. I also wish to thank the Editors of Time and Life for their kind permission to reprint the seven incidents from Life mentioned in Chapter 2; Elliott Rockmore for kindly supplying the Flying saucer review, referred to in Chapter 4; Theosophical Publishing house for allowing. Also to hutchinson. (Publishers) Ltd, for permission to" from The Flying saucers Are real, by donald keyhoe. No acknowledgment would be complete without a most grateful thought cast in the direction of the shade of the late Charles Fort, whose researches have literally saved dates me years of labour. Desmond leslie, with grateful thanks i acknowledge the sincere co-operation and untiring efforts of those who have helped me make this book possible.

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Flying saucers, have landed, desmond leslie and, george adamski gels-heaven. Org m, printing history. First Published . Werner laurie in 1953, second Impression September 1953, third Impression October 1953, fourth Impression October 1953, fifth Impression november 1953, sixth Impression December 1953, seventh Impression March 1954. Eighth Impression november 1954, this Panther edition was word just published in 1957. if Adamski and the six companions who swore an affidavit to his Space man encounter are not trying to pull off a gigantic hoax, then this is quite possibly the greatest story ever.". That was what the daily sketch wrote about flying saucers have landed." For, in the second part of this book, adamski swears that he saw a space ship land in the desert in California and that he made contact with one of its occupants. More, he provides considerable testimony to support his claims. Desmond Leslie, who contributes the first part of the book, goes even further, asserting that flying saucers have been landing on earth for thousands of years, and gives records of their arrivals i would like to dedicate book one to Shaun and to Christopher-Mark who.

Flying wish papers
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