Essay on food for all with green revolution

essay on food for all with green revolution

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Sea grasses- Producer. Many species of seaweed-Producer. Green sea turtle-consumer * (pbs evolution, 2003) * * Discusses the benefit of such biodiversity. Biodiversity is the array of life forms that can be discovered * * to fulfil the important niches in an ecosystem. This is why the Great Barrier reef is well recognized for its * * huge biodiversity. If the ecosystem has various diversity then circumstances of life forms could load the * * voided niche left by the deteriorating population. All the thousands of life forms are in a subtle stability * * with one and other, in that population change of one could tremendously affect the numbers of others. Essay about food Chain.

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These are called autotrophs or primary producers. Next come organisms that eat the autotrophs; these organisms are called herbivores or primary consumers - an example is a rabbit that eats grass. The annotated next link in the chain is animals that eat herbivore - these are called secondary consumers - an example is a snake that eats rabbits. In turn, these animals are eaten by larger predators - an example is an owl that eats snakes. The tertiary consumers are eaten by quaternary consumers - an example is a hawk that eats owls. Each food chain ends with. Food Web builder Billy Ashabranner sci/230 may 28, 2013 Kirsten Robinson food Web builder my ecosystem of choice will be The Great Barrier reef. Write a summary of your food chain that: Lists the organisms that can be found in your chosen ecosystem. There are many organisms that can be found in the Great Barrier reef and here are just a few. Hard coral-Consumer .

Animals that eat other animals * Carnivores that eat herbivores are called secondary consumers. Carnivores that eat other carnivores are called tertiary consumers. Predators - kill for. Essay on food chains. Food Chains and Webs - "What's for dinner?" every organism needs to obtain energy in order to live. For example, plants get energy from the sun, some animals eat plants, and some animals eat other animals. A food chain is the sequence of who eats whom in a biological community (an ecosystem) to obtain nutrition. A food chain starts with the primary energy source, usually the sun or boiling-hot deep sea vents. The next link in the chain is an organism that makes its own food from the primary energy source - an example is photosynthetic plants that make their own food from sunlight (using a process called photosynthesis) and chemosynthetic bacteria that make their food energy.

essay on food for all with green revolution

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These are also known as autotrophs, since they make their own food. . Producers are able to harness the energy of the sun to make food. The process is called photosynthesis. Consumers Consume means eat Animals are consumer because they eat (consume) food plan provided by plants and other animals. They also called Heterotrophs because animals cannot make their own food so they must eat plants and/or other animals. In short, consumers are every organism that eats something else. Types of Consumer:. Animals that eat only plants they are called Primary consumers.

The current technology uses email systems, data processing and laptop audio/videos webinars. Youtube is a great example for homegrown ingenuity as it has many different venues such as entertainment, learning and even commercialization. Food Chain Essay.* A food chain shows how each living thing gets food, and how nutrients and energy are passed from creature to creature. Food chains begin with a plant-life, and ends with an animal-life parts of the food Chain * Producers These include all green plants. Plants are called producers. This is because they produce their own food! . They do this by using light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil to produce food - in the form of glucose/sugar.

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essay on food for all with green revolution

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Plants english provide food for all organisms, either directly or in directly (directly - animals eat plants or indirectly - animals eat other organisms which ate plants). The position an organism occupies in a food chain is called a trophic level. Producer, primary or secondary consumer. Food, chain plant animal eats plant animal eats animal (producer) (primary consumer) (secondary consumer). Food Chain, food Web and Ecological Pyramid Essay. Learning on a concept that wasnt even addressed in their textbook, and allow other people to view it and learn from. E-books is an electronic device which consists of a lot of information more than a textbook.

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Continue reading, please join StudyMode to read the full document. You may also find These documents Helpful. Food chains and food webs Essay. Food, chains and, food, webs, there are two types of feeding relationships: autotrophic and heterotrophic. Autotrophic organisms make their own food by the process of photosynthesis.

Heterotrophic organisms cannot make their own food (i.e. Cannot carry out photosynthesis therefore must eat other organisms to get their nutrients. A food chain is the feeding relationship among organisms or the series of living organisms that eat each other. A food chain shows the transfer of energy from one organism to another. In drawing a food chain, we use arrows (means 'eaten by to show the direction in which food (energy) passes from one organism to another. All food chains start with a plant.

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We described in the previous sections how energy and organic compounds are passed from one trophic level to the next. What was not mentioned is the efficiency of the transfer. In a highly efficient transfer almost all of the energy would be transferred - 80 or more. In a low father's efficiency transfer very little energy would be transferred - less than. In a typical food chain, not all animals or plants are eaten by the next trophic level. In addition, there are portions or materials (such as beaks, shells, bones, etc.) that are also not eaten. That is why the transfer of matter and energy from one.

essay on food for all with green revolution

In the figure above the snake acts as a secondary consumer and the hawk as a tertiary consumer. Some organisms, like the squirrel grad are at different levels. When the squirrel eats acorns or fruits (which are plant product it is a primary consumer; however, when it eats insects or nestling birds, it is a tertiary consumer. Consumers are also classified depending on what they eat; they can be herbivores, carnivores, omnivores or scavengers. In looking at the previous picture, the concept of food chain looks very simple, but in reality it is more complex. How many different animals eat grass? And from the facts about Red-tailed Hawks page, how many different foods does the hawk eat? One doesn't find simple independent food chains in an ecosystem, but many interdependent and complex food chains that look more like a web and are therefore called food webs.

they depend on others. They obtain food by eating other organisms. There are different levels of consumers. Those that feed directly from producers,. Organisms that eat plant or plant products are called primary consumers. In the figure above the grasshopper is a primary consumer. Organisms that feed on primary consumers are called secondary consumers. Those who feed on secondary consumers are tertiary consumers.

This chain of energy transferring from one species to another can continue several more times, but it eventually ends. It ends with the dead animals that are broken down and used as food or nutrition by bacteria and fungi. As these organisms, referred to as decomposers, feed from the dead animals, they break down the complex organic compounds into simple nutrients. Decomposers play a very important role in this world because they take care of breaking down (cleaning) many dead material. There are more than 100,000 different types of decomposer organisms! These simpler nutrients are returned to the soil gps and can be used again by plants. The energy transformation chain starts all over again. Producers: Organisms, such as plants, that produce their own food are called autotrophs. The autotrophs, as mentioned before, convert inorganic compounds into organic compounds.

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Food chains, food webs and ecological pyramids. In an ecosystem, plants capture the sun's energy and use it to convert inorganic compounds into energy-rich organic compounds. This process of using the sun's energy to convert minerals (such as magnesium or nitrogen) in the soil into green leaves, or carrots, or strawberries, is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is only the beginning of a chain of energy conversions. There are many writing types of animals that will eat the products of the photosynthesis process. Examples are deer eating shrub leaves, rabbits eating carrots, or worms eating grass. When these animals eat these plant products, food energy and organic compounds are transferred from the plants to the animals. These animals are in turn eaten by other animals, again transferring energy and organic compounds from one animal to another. Examples would be lions eating zebras, foxes eating rabbits, or birds eating worms.

Essay on food for all with green revolution
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  2. Any person has got to cook 4 to 5 salmon servings, 4 average carrots, 3 carrier green beans, sodium and. Students may be assigned by their teachers to write some paragraphs or complete essay. Spring is the season of joy and happiness for all the living. An essay what is true of a body paragraph/url. On food for all with green revolution/url. Plants provide food for all organisms, either directly or in directly (directly - animals eat plants or indirectly - animals eat other.

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