Essay about pongal festival

essay about pongal festival

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Pongal Festival, pongal in India, festival of, pongal, pongal

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essay about pongal festival

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On Surya pongal, the second day people worship the sun God. Pongal dish is cooked on this day for which new rice along with milk and jaggery is boiled and made to fall to make a offering essay to sun God. Maattu pongal is the third day of Pongal celebrations and people worship farm animals like cattle on this day. The animals are decorated and offered with Pongal dish on this day. Kaanum Pongal is the final day of Pongal celebrations and people visit their near and dear ones on this day. Send, pongal cards writing to your friends and relatives and wish them on this auspicious occasion.

Special prayers are performed on Bhogi, the first day of Pongal just before the cutting the paddy crop. Farmers worship Sun and earth as they help them to produce high yields of crop. Ploughs and sickles are smeared with the paste of sandal wood as these tools help them to cut newly harvested rice. According to a myth, once lord Shiva requested his bull, basava, to visit earth and request people to eat once a month, have an oil massage and bath every day. Accidentally, basava declared that people should have an oil bath once a month and they should eat daily. This mistake of Basava made Shiva angry and he cursed Basava, expelling him to live on the earth. He would plough fields on earth and help people to create more food. Pongal is celebrated for four days and Bhogi is the first day and is devoted as a day for the family.

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essay about pongal festival

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It is a festival of thanksgiving to the sun and farm animals for the high yield of crops. This festival of Pongal is celebrated for four days in Tamil Nadu. The first day is Bhogi that is celebrated by removing all the old garments and materials by setting them on fire as it marks the ending of the previous and beginning of the new. According to hindu myths this is a festival of harvest celebrated mostly in south India and is celebrated for three days. A large number of traditions and customs are associated with this festival of Pongal.

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Women put on their traditional clothes with fresh garlands on the reviews head. Other aspects of the grand celebrations across the state include greeting each other, distributing sweets, and visiting relatives. Spreading love is an important feature of this south Indian festival. Warning : mysql_pconnect Access denied for user 'malliv2 (using password: yes) in on line 13, cannot connect to mysql server! From Gucci to coach, from New York's Chinatown to walmart, we have all frequented the stores to get our handbags; the one for special occasions, the one for daily use, the one to sport the designer label or the one matching that special dress. Although considered a mere accessory, we who use a purse know how important it is to get the right one. With the market crowded with purses and handbags, it often becomes difficult to pick up the right one. We like the silver handbag in "devil wears Prada" or we get. If you work outside of the home then you are no doubt concerned with workplace fashion and the latest trends so that you can look your best at work.

essay about pongal festival

During the approaching festival, homes are cleaned polished with dung. Farmers get new clothes for their families. There are pongal songs and dances performed during those four days. This year too, there would be many folk troupes performing Pongal celebrations. Just like "Rangoli" in North India, pongal kolams is done at the entrance on the festival morning. In the kitchen staples area, too kolam is seen where the special dishes are prepared as a sign of purity. It is a great time to visit the state of Tamil Nadu to have a look at the pongal kolams, home decors, and prayers in the temples.

that it brings. Pongal celebrations, though the celebration lasts four days in the year, people start planning much before. On Bhogi festival, they thank lord Indra. The special Pongal dish is the specialty of the second day celebrations. On Mattu pongal the farmers worship the animals mainly cattles who plough the land to increase fertility. The high-yield crops are a result of good plough on the land. Reunions and visiting relatives is a custom for the last day of Pongal in India. It is to pay respect to elders for the inheritance of land.

India is a land of festival and harvest is the reason why pongal is widely celebrated in Tamil Nadu. The celebration of prosperity of harvest and crops in the villages across southern part of India lasts for four days. The festival days is marked with variety of food, wishes, and prayers for a good harvest the upcoming year. Pongal in 2016 will be celebrated beginning this January. About Pongal, the pongal days in Tamil Nadu puts the harvesting season to an end. Bogi festival, surya pongal, mattu pongal, and kaanum father's Pongal are the four days of the agricultural festival in south India. First three days, there are traditional dishes prepared at home and family reunions. The last of Pongal is thanksgiving to elders and God. The farmers and their families seek blessings from the sun God and mother Earth.

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Essay about pongal festival
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Pongal is celebrated on the first day of the tamil month of Thai. The first festival in the calendar year Pongal is often dubbed as the Indian thanksgiving for the global audience.

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  1. Pongal follows the winter solstice. The, pongal days in Tamil Nadu puts the harvesting season to an end. Home » Travel guide » fair and. Festival » Tamil Nadu pongal. Essay writing essay outline for the odyssey federalist essay by alexander hamilton essay paper with thesis essay writing compare and contrast examples essays on genealogy of morals essay pongal festival. Pongal is an important four-days-long traditional harvest festival of the southern part of India.

  2. Pongal is no different. Significance of, pongal, pongal is the sole hindu festival that follows a solar calendar. Pongal is celebrated in the southern part of India but mainly by people of Tamil Nadu. A large number of traditions and customs are associated with this festival. Pongal is a thanksgiving or harvest festival celebrated across India and Nepal in a myriad of cultural forms. (Photo credit: manjunath kiran/AFP/Getty Images).

  3. See, pongal pictures in this photo gallery. 12 evocative pictures of the. Pongal, festival in Tamil Nadu. Puri rath Yatra Photo. Legends Associated With, pongal, traditional festivals mostly carry with them some legendary stories and.

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