Books to improve your writing

books to improve your writing

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Instead of Top 10 good Names for a bad guy, for example, try top 10 Unexpected Names for a bad guy, or Top 10 Nicknames a bad guy might have had in Middle School. The point is this: no matter what youre writing, you should never settle for the first thing that comes to mind. Only good can come when you push yourself further. 2 remember: nothing is off-limits. Comedy writers and comedians tend to push buttons and boundaries. Think of mae west, george carlin, The Smothers Brothers, larry gelbart, richard Pryor, sarah Silverman and Chris Rock, to name a few.

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Gephart, who has written for a humorous greeting card company, agrees: I think my practice writing short, funny lines helped tremendously in my ability to come up with catchy titles for my novels. A great exercise for honing this talent is to set a clock for 10 presentation minutes and try to write as many bumper stickers as you can on a topic youre currently exploring in your writing. When youre done, choose a favorite. How might you put it to good use? 3 use the power. One of the truisms in comedy writing is that it takes essay most writers approximately 10 attempts at a joke to create the funniest punch line. This is a great rule to remember as youre rewriting your feature article for the seventh time. If things are going well, youre way ahead of the game. The rule of 10 also works in brainstorming, which is why i teach my writing students to use top 10 lists to come up with titles, plot points or character names. The most important part of this exercise is writing a headline that stimulates creativity.

Stalled in your efforts to write the Great American novel? Take a break and write sticky notes, greeting cards, one-liners and T-shirts instead. Behold, some of my recent writing work: On an apron: my other apron burned in the fire. On a sticky note: youre not the boss. Oh, wait, you are. On a button: Im now available in 3-D. The beauty about learning to write short and snappy is that it can help anyone create attention-grabbing titles, subtitles and sidebars.

books to improve your writing

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The best way to introduce more childlike fun to your writing is to follow Shakespeares advice: The plays the thing. Of course, he meant this in another context—but this article is about taking things out of context, so go for plan it! Play with your children or your pets. Take an improv class. Dance badly to your favorite music. Take recess instead of a coffee break. Just make sure your inner 5-year-old has a chance to play at least once a day, and even more often when youre facing a writing deadline. 4 stretch yourself short. Of all genres, humor is one that lends itself best to short-form writing, which is why its a great field for writers with commitment issues.

(Once youve finished reading this article, youll see ive used it as well). The great news is, a callback doesnt have to be funny to work. Try it and see. 5 employ the power of play. Its very hard to write funny or innovative stuff if youre in a serious mood, so i always strive to be as childlike as possible when approaching my craft. As children we were motivated by fun and didnt have an inner critic whispering in our ear, Is this project leading to something worthwhile and productive? Most researchers and parents agree that young children (from 3-7) laugh much more often than most adults. Clearly we knew something decades ago that would come in handy now. No matter your genre, lack of playfulness can drain the creativity out of your writing faster than a leaky bathtub drains chocolate milk and Lucky charms.

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books to improve your writing

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A running gag is an amusing character, situation or catchphrase that reappears throughout a work. Its easiest to illustrate this concept using examples from tv comedies: On Cheers, everyone yells Norm! Every time that character comes into the bar; on Home Improvement, wilsons face is always obscured by something; and whenever Rose (Betty White) starts to tell the other women on The golden Girls. Olaf story, the laughs begin before she even reaches the punch line. You can draw on the effective idea of a running gag without it actually being a gag.

Simply introduce an endearing character quirk into your next short story, or end an essay or article with a recognizable tagline, and youre there. 6 satisfy readers witallback. A callback refers to using a memorable line from the beginning of a piece later in another context. This is an excellent tool for creating a feeling of completion in readers minds. Fans business of dave barry will recognize this as something he frequently uses to close his humor columns.

Your goal is to find illogical ways for that to happen. Starting at the end of the alphabet (because it makes your brain work differently list one illogical way for each letter. For example: In a zebra stampede, slipping on nonfat yogurt, a xylophone accident. Wearing pantyhose too tight, causing her to trip. You can use this exercise to push even the most benign details of your stories beyond the obvious, keeping your readers enthralled along the way. 8 find an element worth repeating.

Comedy relies on repetition. Watch a sitcom and notice how often something is repeated before the big laughs come. The magic number is usually three—an action is repeated twice, and then the third time, the writer goes for the hilarity. But repetition serves a purpose beyond just building the joke: It gives readers a feeling of being an insider, someone who knows whats going on because they were there the first time. Whether youre striving for humor or not, consider how you might use repetition and the rule of three as devices to achieve this. 7 use familiarity to your advantage. Building on the idea of repetition, the running gag is a popular comedy device.

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Similar to incongruity is the idea of misdirection, a concept used by all writers who make readers believe they are going down one path and then lead them astray. In comedy, the setup of a joke provides direction and the punch line provides misdirection, which is why it goes at the end. Learning the art of misdirection has benefited both my novels and my stand-up comedy by giving me the ability to zap an audience with the unexpected, says bestselling mystery author. Sellers, a former comedy-writing student of mine. But that doesnt mean just throwing in a twist near the end of a story. Instead, consider using misdirection throughout any given piece in order to keep your readers guessing. One of my favorite exercises for generating misdirected ideas is called Illogical ways. First, gps choose a problem youd like to resolve with misdirection. For example, lets say youre writing a novel and your main character needs to have a broken leg.

books to improve your writing

Association List. Simply write the words who, what, where, when and why across the top of a sheet of paper and separate the columns with vertical lines. Then draw a horizontal line about halfway down the page. Choose your topic (the more concrete, the better—for example, space travel) and in the appropriate columns in the upper half of the grid, fill in all the words you naturally associate with the topic. Then ask yourself, What dont, i associate with this topic? Fill the bottom half of the page with your answers. (see page 20 for a short example of what this exercise might look like, though yours should be much longer.) Select the most interesting associations, and consider: How can you use them to add interest to your work-in-progress? 9 keep them on their toes.

With that in mind, here are 10 ways you can improve your writing by thinking like a comedy writer. 10 hold your readers attention with incongruity. Incongruity is the main reason we laugh. When logic and familiarity are replaced by things that dont normally go together, such as a man lying in a hammock in an elevator, humor arises naturally as our minds recognize that things are out of place and try to find a way to make. Donna gephart, author of the sid Fleischman Humor Awardwinning middle-grade novel. As If daddy being 12 Isnt Bad Enough, my mother Is President, notes: i always strive for the unexpected—quirky characters, unusual settings, wild plot ideas, etc. And I tend to find opportunities to sneak more humor into my books through successive revisions. But incongruity is effective in other ways, too.

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Does it sometimes feel as if your writing is a dog chasing its tail—you circle around and around, but keep returning to the same themes, characters and ideas? But does the thought of going down a new path cause your palms to sweat and your heart to beat like a hummingbird whos downed a double espresso? If so, you may have sweats: Serious Writer Experiencing Anxiety and Timidity syndrome. The surest sign: you have on occasion referred to yourself as a serious Writer without cracking a smile. Fortunately, you dont need medication to cope with your ailment—all you need is a shot of Comedy Writing 101. It doesnt matter what writing style you call home; every writer can benefit from gps learning a few new tricks. If youre a fan of such bestselling authors as Carl hiaasen, janet evanovich, Christopher moore or maureen Dowd, you know that humor can be a great tool in many different genres. But beyond that, the reckless act of trying to be funny can free any writer from the fear of taking chances and boost creativity in unexpected ways.

Books to improve your writing
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