Bill gates a biography pdf

bill gates a biography pdf

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By the time he was a sophomore in 1975, however, gates was more interested in computers and electronics than in his pre-law studies. What became the microsoft Corporation grew out of two college undergraduates' bluff and bravado. Gates's old friend Allen showed him an advertisement for a kit to build a home computer. The two called the computer's manufacturer, mits, saying that Gates had taken a primary computer language called basic and adapted it for the machine. When mits expressed interest, gates and Allen ignored their studies and spent the next four weeks frantically working on turning their boast into reality. In an interview.

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A precocious pioneer, gates grew up in a prosperous area of seattle, washington, with his parents and two sisters. The son of a lawyer and a schoolteacher, gates attended a public grade school and then the lakeside School, a private college preparatory institution. It was at sinha lakeside that he first became interested in the relatively new field of computer programming, met his friend and future business partner paul Allen, and developed his first computer software program at the age. In 1968 the lakeside School was still purchasing computer time on a machine owned by general Electric, as computers were extremely expensive in the late 1960s. Gates and his friends from lakeside became fascinated with the machines and formed the lakeside Programmers Group to try to make money in the computer field. The Programmers Group primarily earned its founders free computing time on machines owned by a company in seattle. Gates and Allen then formed a company that they called Traf-o-data. They put together a small computer for measuring traffic flow and made about 20,000. The company remained in business until Gates and Allen graduated from high school. Although Gates was interested in computers, he enrolled at Harvard University with the intention of becoming a lawyer like his father.

Publications: The road Ahead (with Nathan Myhrvold and Peter Rinearson 1995; Business @ the Speed of Thought, 1999. Address: Microsoft Corporation, 1 Microsoft way, building 8, north o, redmond, washington ;. william Henry gates iii cofounded the microsoft Corporation in 1975, built his software company into the one of the most successful businesses in the world, and established himself in the process as the world's richest man. Although Bill Gates started Microsoft as a write small business based on a single innovative software program that he had helped to develop, his real genius was his business acumen. As the long-time ceo of Microsoft, gates was able to borrow and integrate other computer programmers' innovations and sell them to a new and rapidly expanding home computer market. In 1985, 10 years after Microsoft was founded, it had 140 million in revenue, which grew to 28 billion by 2002. One of the pioneers of home computing, gates proved himself to be a technological visionary and software applications guru. According to industry analysts, he also demonstrated that he was a shrewd marketing strategist as well as an aggressive corporate leader.

bill gates a biography pdf

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If you think we missed some information about Bill Gates, please help us to complete this biography of Bill Gates. Thank you for your contribution! Cofounder and chairman, microsoft Corporation, born: October 28, 1955, in seattle, washington. Education: Attended Harvard University, 19731975. Family: Son of William Henry gates ii (attorney) and Mary maxwell thesis (teacher married Melinda French (Microsoft manager january 1, 1994; children: three. Career: lakeside Programming Group, 19681969, founder; Traf-o-data, 19701973, founder; Microsoft Corporation, 1975, founder and chairman; 19752000, ceo; 19921998, president. National Medal of Technology, 1993; Chief Executive of the year, Chief Executive, 1994; President's Medal of leadership Award, new York Institute of Technology, 1995; louis Braille gold Medal, canadian National Institute for the Blind, 2002; Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, 2004.

12 billion for the fiscal year ending June 2007, and employs more than 78,000 people in 105 countries and regions. Gates was born in seattle, washington and excelled in school. Bill Gates enrolled at Harvard College in 1973, where bill Gates met Steve ballmer, who would later become ceo of Microsoft. After reading the january 1975 issue of Popular Electronics, gates contacted Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry systems and provided them with the Altair basic, and thus Microsoft was formed. This led to a partnership with ibm that required Microsoft to make the basic interpreter for the ibm. Thank you for visiting famous biography website, a leading website about biography of famous people. You can find not only biography of William Henry gates iii but also biography of almost famous people around the world.

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bill gates a biography pdf

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Retrieved 15 november 2012. The national Cyclopædia of American biography. External links edit he had a house in Gilly Franklin, vt where his descendants still live. Retrieved from " ". Birthdate: October - 28, 1955, birthname: William Henry gates iii, birthplace: seattle, washington,. Nationality: American, height: 178 cm, famous biography website provide biography of Bill Gates including Bill Gates birthdate, bill Gates birthplace, bill Gates birthname and Bill Gates height. In this famous biography website, we have tried our best to list biography of William Henry gates iii and all information about this famous American people for you.

Beside biography of William Henry gates iii, we also revolution provide a lot of biographies of other famous people. We are very appreciated with any contribution to make a better and more exactly biography of William Henry gates iii by give us information about William Henry gates iii such as William Henry gates iii bio, william Henry gates iii news, william Henry gates iii. Biography of Bill Gates: William (Bill). Gates is chairman of Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Microsoft had revenues of US51.

He served in the vermont house from 1899 to 1900, in the state senate from 1901 to 1902. 2, he was appointed a state highway commissioner in 1904 by governor Charles Bell and again in 1906 by governor Fletcher Proctor, serving on the commission until 1914. During his service, he secured appropriations for permanent road construction and maintenance. 3, since gates was deemed a, republican with progressive ideas, in 1914 he was nominated for. Governor in an attempt by, republicans to heal the rift between party activists who supported President Taft's reelection in 1912 and Progressives who supported Theodore roosevelt.

He was elected and served from January 7, 1915 to january 4, 1917. During his term Vermont enacted direct primaries for nominating us house and Senate candidates, worker's compensation, a junior and senior high school system, and a public school vocational education program. 4, gates was an unsuccessful candidate for the. Republican, us senate nomination in 1916, after which he returned to his. Franklin county business interests. Gates died on July 1, 1927. He is interred at Maple Grove cemetery in Franklin. References edit, charles. The national Cyclopedia of American biography.

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Vermont from 1915 to 1917. Contents, biography edit, gates was born January 12, 1856, online son of Harrison and leona rebecca (Shedd) Gates,. He graduated from. Johnsbury Academy in 1880, and was a teacher and principal of the Franklin Academy until 1884. He married Mary Elizabeth hayden on April 9, 1890. They had one daughter, Edith Rebecca, and two sons, paul hayden and Winslow Harrison. 1, gates purchased a mercantile in 1884 which he operated successfully while maintaining his homestead farm. President of the Franklin county fair Association and a director of the Enosburg Falls savings Bank, he also founded the Franklin Telephone company in 1895.

bill gates a biography pdf

He is a dedicated philanthropist and founded the bill and Melinda gates foundation, with his wife, in the year 2000. From 2000 to 2006, bill served as australia the Chief Software Architect and Chairman of Microsoft. It was only in 2006 that he announced that he will stop handling day-to-day operations of Microsoft by july 2008 and will remain only as the Chairman of Microsoft. Bill Gates Timeline 1955: Born as William Henry gates iii in seattle, on 28th October : Enrolled in Harvard to study computer science 1975: founded Micro-soft (now Microsoft) with paul Allen, his childhood friend, in Albuquerque, new Mexico 1975: Dropped out of Harvard during his. Microsoft 1999: His worth passed 100bn mark 1999: Wrote business @ the Speed of Thought 2000: founded Bill and Melinda gates foundation, with his wife : Served as the Chief Software Architect and Chairman of Microsoft 2006: Announced that he will cease handling day-to-day operations. From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. Charles Winslow Gates (January 12, 1856 in, franklin, vermont, july 1, 1927) was an American politician who served as the 55th governor of the.

French in 1994 and the next year, he was declared as worlds richest man by forbes, for the first time. The next thirteen years. Till 2007, he continued to hold the title. It is only in the current year (2008) that Bill Gates has slipped to the position of worlds third richest man. In 1995, bills first book, the road Ahead, was released and became an instant hit. In 1999, gates wrote his second book, business @ the Speed of Thought, which was published in 25 languages and 60 countries. It was also listed as a bestseller on the new York times, usa today, wall Street journal and. Bill Gates donated the proceeds of both his books to non-profit organizations that support the use of technology in education and skills development.

He spent his childhood in seattle and attended public elementary school and the private lakeside School. It was there that he started developing an interest assignment in software. Bill Gates was only 13 when he began programming computers. Later Life, bill Gates enrolled in Harvard University in 1973, as a freshman, to study computer science. While at the university, he developed a version of the programming language basic for the first microcomputer - the mits altair. He founded his own company micro-soft, to be later known as Microsoft, in the year 1975, in partnership with paul Allen, his childhood friend. The same year. His third year at Harvard, he left the university to completely concentrate on Micro-soft and started developing software for personal computers. The very next year, microsoft was registered as a trademark and four years later, it was moved from Albuquerque to bellevue (Washington).

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Bill Gates, born as William Henry gates iii, is the co-founder and Chairman of Microsoft, the leading software company of the world. Presently (2008 he is also the third richest man of the world, as declared by forbes. In the past years, 1995 to 2007, he was consistently held the position of the richest man of the world. Till date, he has held the positions of ceo and Chief Software Architect in Microsoft. Even today, he is the largest individual shareholder of Microsoft, with more than 9 percent of the common stock. Childhood, bill Gates was born as William Henry gates iii on 28th October 1955, in seattle (Unites States). One of the three children of William Henry gates ii, a seattle attorney, he was also the only son. His mother, late mary gates, was a schoolteacher, regent of University of Washington, and Chairwoman of United way international.

Bill gates a biography pdf
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Biography of Bill Gates. Thank you for visiting famous biography website, a leading website about biography of famous people. Their late mother, mary gates, was a schoolteacher, University of Washington regent, and chairwoman of United way international.

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  1. Bill, gates was only 13 when he began programming computers. Gates and Allen wanted to start their own company, but. Gates s parents wanted him to finish school and go on to college where they hoped. Biography edit gates was born January 12, 1856, son of Harrison and leona rebecca (Shedd) Gates, in Franklin, vermont. Gates purchased a mercantile in 1884 which he operated successfully while maintaining his homestead farm.

  2. William Henry, gates, iii, kbe (born October 28, 1955 commonly known. Bill, gates, is an American businessman and a microcomputer pioneer. On December 14, 2004, bill, gates joined Berkshire. Bill, gates is the co-founder and the present Chairman of Microsoft, a software company. Check out more on the childhood, timeline and profile. Bill, gates, with this biography.

  3. Bill, gates, biography and History. In 1973, bill, gates became a student at Harvard University, where he meet Steve ballmer (now Microsoft s chief executive officer). Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd. Bill, gates 1955—, biography : f-l. Opens Up, pc magazine, february 24, 2004, N/.

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