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Editorial - who Is Winning the war on Terrorism? (bbc news - gardner) "If we were to look at this purely in terms of military gains the answer would be obvious. The us has swiftly toppled two governments it considered to be rogue regimes - first in Afghanistan, then in Iraq. The pentagon's supremacy on the battlefield is unrivalled and unstoppable. Its troops are holding down a sort of peace in both countries." "However, terrorist attacks have not stopped and there is good reason for this, according to gardner. "Victories on the battlefield or in the interrogation rooms are meaningless if terror networks can continue to recruit from a large wellspring of discontented youth." "And that is exactly what is happening. The wave of horror and sympathy for the victims that spread across much of the Arab and Muslim world after 11 September has long ago changed to something else." "America is seen as having capitalised on those attacks by trying to 'conquer' muslim countries.

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Comparison of views For analysis and Against War (Awesome library - adams). Provides arguments for and against a pre-emptive strike by the. Against Iraq, without the support of the United Nations. Although the paper presents both sides of the issue, it provides a stronger case that. Support is needed before the. Cost of War With Iraq (cnn - bash) "The White house is downplaying published reports of an estimated 50 billion to 60 billion price tag for a war with Iraq, saying it is 'impossible' to estimate the cost at this time. Editorial - security comes From International Law (m) "If the world hopes to turn around the current trajectory toward greater violence and terror, and move instead toward peace and stability, the lynchpin of any such movement must be a universal, ironclad commitment to the rule. Washington has responded to the illegal war allegations by claiming it considered that a previous un resolution passed four months before the war gave it sufficient authority to attack, because Iraq had refused to surrender suspected weapons of mass destruction. The last 18 months of searching in post-baathist Iraq have turned up no such weapons. So not only was the. S.-led war illegal, it was also premised on wrong information at best, and a deceptive lie at worst." 9-04.

The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. ' " "Well, ike was right. That's just whats happened." 9-05 -new American Strategy (Christian Science monitor - chaddock) "National strategy, released Friday, calls for us dominance to expand global peace." with "More broadly, the 31-page document asserts American dominance as the lone superpower a status no rival power will be allowed. A pax Americana will be 'in the service of a balance of power that favors freedom.' " " ' we cannot let our enemies strike first. To forestall or prevent such hostile acts by our adversaries, the United States will, if necessary, act preemptively.' " days of "Peace" (Independent describes the views of Iraqis and others who find the period of "peace" after the. "victory" less than satisfying. Anti-war Demonstrators Rally Around the world (cnn news) "In Washington,. C., and San Francisco, california, at the two largest peace rallies, the crowds were urged on by international peace activists, religious leaders, members of Congress, actors and musicians." 1-03.

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University of California press, 1994. Science 2005, sheehan, cindy, also Try, pro-war. Donations, helping Victims of Katrina (Veterans for peace). Provides information about helping in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. Lists, anti-war Organizations (Guardian Unlimited provides over 200 British anti-war organizations. Papers -Editorial: ike was Right About War Machine (cbs news - rooney) "I'm not really clear how much a billion dollars is but the United States our United States is spending.6 billion a month fighting this war in Iraq that we never should have. One way our government pays for a lot of things is by borrowing from countries like china." "Another way the government is planning to pay for the war and the hurricane damage is by cutting spending for things like medicare prescriptions, highway construction, farm payments. Do these sound like the things you'd like to cut back on to pay for Iraq?" "I'll tell you where we ought to start saving: on our bloated military establishment." "We had a great commander in wwii, dwight Eisenhower. He became President and on leaving the White house in 1961, he said this: 'we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

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If communism took over vietnam then the trading that went on between the United States and vietnam would inevitably come to a halt. This is in fact the major reason that the United states intervened in vietnam. It was an economic factor that made the United States realize what had to be done and had little to do with the fact that their militarys incapacities to go to war would be seen as unstable. Although the United States will never admit to its economic factors of entering a war, the reasons for there intervention in the vietnam war was to maximize their gains. They had to ensure that trading would still exist between the themselves and vietnam. Conclusion, the intervention of the United states in the vietnam war, was not to maintain just prestige and power but for economic gains.


This is the reasoning behind the true factors that drove the United states to enter in the battle of vietnam. It was because of this that the United States needed to step. They had to ensure that their economic gains through trading with vietnam, would not cease. Buttinger, joseph: vietnam a political History, new York. Praeger, Inc., 1968, gilpin, robert: War and Change in world Politics, new York. Cambridge University Press, 1981, microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000: Political Science microsoft corporation. Wells, tom: The war Within, los Angeles.

It could be viewed by other countries as incapable of intervening or simply disregarding the matter. Both cases would ultimately bring down the power and security of the United states and its rank as a super Power would slowly diminish. Therefore actions had to be taken. The United States put an attack on Cambodia. They bombed Cambodia in order to destroy vietnamese communist strongholds there. This can be seen as a horrendous act on the part of the United States but something had to be done.

Counter argument to hegemonic war, realism emphasizes the danger of the international system, where war is always a possibility and the only source of order is the balance of power. To keep power and stability with in a country or state war at times may be inevitable. Realists emphasize power and security issues. Therefore if war is needed to sustain national self interest, so. The only important thing after a war has already begun is to be certain of victory. Realists believe that once in a war anything must be done to ensure a victorious end. During these times morality with in a war may not exist. Counterargument to military incapacity, the United States enter war where they have an economic interest at stake. Throughout history the united states only entered a war if they were bound to lose something.

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The United States entered to help south vietnam from being taken over by north vietnam. Since it did not succeed it left the war with no losses however, one might say that the many deaths that the United States suffered are considered huge losses! Argument, the credibility of shredder the United States military would fall drastically if action was not taken against the communist-nationalist regime. In order to save face apple the United states had to take action. As a super power the United States could not just fall out of the war. This could be viewed as a weakness in its military capabilities. If this were to occur the United States could be faced with even greater problems.

argument essay the horrors of war

This intervention can be seen as an example of what hegemonic war theory tells us to look for. This theory is based on the principle that war is fought to gain something more than it already has, it is faught to restore an equilibrium. The United States entered this war to help south vietnam in the war against North vietnam. It tried to stop south vietnam from summary falling into the hands of a communist regime. It went in to stop the war but one may say that it made matters worse. However, a state may enter a war with the means to gain, it may leave with nothing accept what it entered war with. The United States did not gain anything in this particular war and it did suffer many casualties, however, to prove the point above the United State s did leave this war with exactly what it entered with.

is not an issue. However, if a resolution can not be met than a hegemonic war is the result. In a hegemonic war the main goal is to restore an equilibrium. War is the determination of a new hierarchy that will ultimately subside. Gilpin states that war will decide who will be primarily served by this new international order and who will govern the international sys. Therefore making victory and defeat a way to reinstate a clear-cut hierarchy of prestige that reflects the new distribution of powers. Hegemonic war theory is one theory that is seen in the vietnam war. The United States intervened in the vietnam war as a way to maintain credibility in its military power as well as to keep its title as a superpower.

Moreover, the intervention of the United states in this war was to ensure that economic factors such as trading, did not cease. If communism subsided than the United States would no longer have ties with vietnam. This was the important factor that drove the United states to intervene. By this reasoning, the actions that were taken by the United States were viewed as harsh and many people died needlessly, so that economic factors such as trading would continue. Hegemonic war can be seen through the rise of a dominant power. Gilpin states, as a relative power increases it attempts to change rules of governing in the international system, division of spheres of influence and international distribution of territory. With a dominant power on the rise it poses a threat to other states, thus forcing these other states to enter and try to put a stop to this disequalibrium. In order to stop this imbalance between states other dominant powers try to restore the equilibrium. This is done by dominant powers imposing changes in its political system policies that attempt to re-establish a balance of powers.

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Us Intervention In vietnam War Essay, research Paper. It is said that the intervention of the United States can be explained using hegemonic war theory. They were to intervene so that their military would not be seen as incapable of fighting in this war, and to maintain margaret their prestige as a super power. The involvement of the United States in this war was not only seen as a way to stop a war that was escalating but also to gain power and respect. The main goal was to put an end to the rise of communism portrayed by a dictator who skillfully manipulated the nationalism of his people. Descriptive realism on the other hand, is defined as war without any regard for morality. Instead it lies on the basis of power, security and national interest. This is the theory that truly defines the vietnam war.

Argument essay the horrors of war
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I have earned dg in all four military training courses that I have attended and strive to be the best day in and day out. 575 Words Free sample, essay on pleasure of The one way to solve the problems of universal peace and progress.

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  6. Buy best quality custom written Role of the, media in vietnam essay. He has a new book out, a limited-edition hardcover called. Im impatiently waiting for my copy of, horror, panegyric to arrive. And thus, something in Ted Honderichs essay is wrong. ) Now I dont want to deny that someone could use just such a strategem to stalemate any attempt at argument.

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