Summary and analysis

summary and analysis

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Deposited this word deposit generally use for a nonliving things, so it is clear that she was just a compulsion for Nawab Sahab, he marry her to save his real identity of Homosexual. He had not any guilt, same or emotion for her wife, if he had, he can free her to do whatever she want but she treat her like non-living things of his house. You all will familiar with this typical Bollywood dialogue. According to nawab sahab, he provided every facility to her wife, now what she need? Begum jaan had every facility which a person desire but she cant fulfil her sexual fantasy and sexual need to money or car, she is a human being who need love, care and support of her partner. In quilt writer also talked about matter of marriage. Still today in lots of society or villages peoples consider marriage an economy exchange. Nawab Sahab was too old than Begam jaan but why her parents marry her daughter to a person who had no match with her daughter?

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Or was it when she watched through the theory drawing room door the increasing number of firm-calved, supplewaisted boys and delicacies begin to come for them from the kitchen! Begum jaan would have glimpses of them in their perfumed, flimsy shirts and feel as though she was being raked over burning embers! . — Quilt, Ismat Chughtai. There are lots of example in Indian history where women like begum jaan suffer just because of Mens stereotype and dead reputation for example rama (Ramayan) writing accept Sita after Agni pariksha and after some time leave her on the question of a washer man. Begum jaan our heroine also suffer because of Nawab Sahab and his familys hollow reputation. If Nawab Sahab was a homosexual then he should not marry but who force him to marry? A small, immature girl is narrating the story so there are many double meaning word such as when I put a quilt over myself its shadows on the wall seem to sway like an elephant. It was a special oil massage that brought life back to the half-dead Begum jaan. After marrying Begum jaan, he deposited her in the house with all his other possessions and promptly forgot about her. In this line Ismat Chughtai is trying to explain the patriarchal attitude of society.

Here story ends Here story ends. Men always will be men the story of quilt prove this Idiom 100 correct, nawab Sahab was a homosexual but not ready to accept this publicly, it shows two thing 1st : Nawab Sahab fear for Society 2nd : Nawab Sahabs patriarchy attitude, we will talk about. 2nd : For Begum jaan he was a homosexual who have interest in men like women. Nawab have lots features of women but was not ready to leave his patriarchy attitude of men that i am a men and i am superior. He never allow Begum jaan to go outside the house, there is only one difference between Begum jaan and the statue of her house that Begum jaan could cry on her situation apple but statue cant. Nawab was but who suffer? Begum jaan because she was a women, to be a women is more difficult to be a homosexual. One did not know when Begum jaans life began, whether it was when she committed the mistake of being born or when she came to the nawabs house as his bride, climbed the four-poster bed and started counting her days.

summary and analysis

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As a mature reader you all know, what this massage mean, there Is no need to explain it (it is lesbian sex). She enjoyed Rabbus massage for two or three hours before bath daily. Amiran a teen age girl is narrating all this event that what she witnessed when she visited Nawab Sahab house. One gps day amiran mother was going to Agra for some work and she cant left her daughter alone in house daddy due to her aggressive behaviour so she decide to left Amiran in Begum jaan home for some days. Amiran sleep with Begum jaan in her room, at mid-night she see a shadow like elephant in one corner of house and some sound was also coming from there. You know what is going there (Bgam jaan is enjoying sexual pleasure with Rabbu) but because Amiran was teen so could not understood what was going there. One day when Rabbu went to meet her son in city, begum jaan was crying in pain of itching (this is the sign of sexual need of Begum jaan) so she try to satisfy herself by Amiram but because she was not young and mature. One day what happened that Amiran pull out the quilt of Begum jaan.

So we can imagine that how much difficult it will be for Ismat Chughtai to write about the subject of Homosexuality on that time. The language which she used in quilt is not very much vulgar because a teen age girl is narrating the whole story but its meaning consider as vulgar according to society of that age but according to me it is truth, whatever is going. For her writing Ismat gain a title rebellion, during her life she faced lots of criticism from her parents, relatives and society but she never stop herself to write. Begum jaan the lead female character of quilt married a rich Nawab who had great reputation in society but was a homosexual, because he was Nawab, he cant share this secret to anyone, he knew that once society find him as a homosexual, he will. In that age peoples consider Homosexuality as a crime so for the sake of society he married Begum jaan but never build sexual relation with her. According to the description of Ismat Chughtai begum jaan is very beautiful, young, white skin and well figured women. She have sexual desires which she want to satisfy with Nawab Sahab so she try to seduce him in different ways but nothing happened and turned to loneliness. Then Rabbu a household servant enter in her life, she had a great therapy of massage which made begum jaan happy and satisfy.

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summary and analysis

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After speaking up, the prince let Cinderella try on the shoe and surprisingly for him, it fit! The prince realized she was his true love, and they. CreditsBy shanice walker Where i got my information from? Main Theme: Homosexuality, sexual discrimination, marriage for money etc. Setting: 1941 India, publication: published in Adab-i-latif, major Characters: Nawab Sahab: A well reputed Nawab and a homosexual. Begum jaan: wife of Nawab Sahab and our story protagonist.

Amiran: A little girl who is niece of Begum jaan and she is narrating the story. Rabbu : Servant in Begum jaan house. Some other servants, some children and mother of Amiran. Quilt (Lihaaf) is the most controversial and most popular work by well-known Urdu writer of Indian Sahitya (Literature). Ismat buy Chugtai, story of quilt is about homosexuality, which is still one of most controversial issue writing in India. I would like to give some example of Bollywood movies which banned by censor board of India due to the intense scene of Homosexuality and other issues of society. bandit queen, kamasutra : The tale of love, sins.

She was a cinderella represents the Christian servant to them and they treated her very that is following the laws of God. Her only friends were the animals in is seen as kind and innocent but is the village. The prince was throwing a ball, placed under oppression of the world. And it was coming up, so cinderella The oppression is symbolized by her decided to make a dress, but is caught by family. Her step-mother and step- her evil step sisters and they shred it into sisters represent the sinful man who pieces. Luckily, her fairy god-mother is constantly against the people of comes transforms her plain clothes and God.

The fairy god-mother represents animal friends into a beautiful dress and Gods angels who help carry out the carriage. She wore glass slippers. Her fairy work of God to help the Christians, god-mother told her that she had to be delivering Gods promises. The prince back before midnight. Cinderella got to is a symbol of Gods promises that the the ball, met the prince, and they go off on angels help to deliver to gods people. When the clock struck 12 am, the entire message of the story is that God gives good things to those she ran down the stairs, losing her glass who follow his laws, but there is slipper. Prince Charming goes all over the punishment those for those who do village looking for the woman who it not as symbolized by the step-sisters belonged to, but never suspected cutting off their heels and toes to try cinderella because she was just a poor. After searching the entire kingdom high and low, finally the prince came to the door to check if the shoe fit her evil step-sisters.

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May include: who, when, what, address the main topic that the author is how why, where. Trying to make and giving details how they supported the argument. Summaries include, movies, television shows, new, political cite to make the argument strong. You can debates and sports. Only give your opinion on how well the author did to convince the reader. Should not include your opinion or what you think the author weak arguments are. Different elements Of Summary and Analysis Who: those involved relationships, trends, patterns What: the event or topic being Roles of people, places, apple objects, covered situations When: time, period, night or consequences or results of day events, decisions and processes Where: the location, distance, causes and. CinderellaStory summary: Once a upon a time, there was a anaylsis: The story of Cinderella is a beautiful girl that lived with her wicked symbol of the Christian religion. Step-mother and step sisters.

summary and analysis

Wandering through fields of giant flowers and radiesthesiste blades of grass, Alice searches for something to eat or drink that will restore her to her full size. She comes upon a mushroom, on which is sitting a blue caterpillar smoking a hookah. Download, report, description. Summary vs analysisSometimes we get a summary and analysis confused. Theymight fit in the same category, but they are far more differentfrom each other. What is the difference between Summary analysis When explaining a summary it is Breaking down a topic into smaller parts to followed by a short description get a better meaning and understanding. And key points that happen in to take apart something and explain it from the story. Ones point of view. A basic recapitulation or a analysis can be up for an open opinion or restatement shorten down from argument on how someone feels about a its original work.

after they land, the pebbles turn into little cakes. Alice eats one of them, and it shrinks her down to the size of the little animals; she runs as fast as she can out of the house and beyond. As she runs away, she sees Bill (who is a lizard) being supported by two guinea pigs. She finds herself in a dense forest, and she decides to search for something to restore her to her normal size, after which she will go and find that lovely garden she saw through the little door (Chapters 1-2). Suddenly, alice finds herself face-to-face with a puppy. She starts to play fetch with it, but she soon realizes that at her present size, the puppy poses a considerable threat. Alice barely manages to escape being trampled.

The door is blocked, so the rabbit resolves to go in through the window. Alice, nervous about being caught in her present state reaches out the window with her hand and makes a grab at the air. She thesis hears a shattering of glass; the rabbit must have fallen through a cucumber-frame. The rabbit calls for one of his servants, pat, and demands that the arm be removed. Alice makes another grab at the air, and this time she hears both animals crash down into a cucumber-frame. The animals decide to send Bill, another servant, down the chimney. Alice manages to wedge her foot into the chimney, and when she hears Bill scuttling down, she gives a good solid kick. The animals and Alice are at a standoff.

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Alice looks around for the White rabbit's gloves and fan, but everything has changed: she sees that hall with its many doors have disappeared completely. The White rabbit sees Alice and mistakes him for his maid. When he orders her back to his home to fetch his gloves and fan, she hurries off without correcting him. In the White rabbit's house, she finds a fan and gloves and a tiny bottle, similar to the one she drank from before. There is no sign instructing remote her to drink, but she begins to drink anyway. Suddenly, she has grown so large that she can barely fit in the house. There is no apparent way out. She hears the rabbit outside the house, calling for Mary Ann.

Summary and analysis
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  2. According to your Specific Requirements. Gattaca film by Andrew Niccol Summary and Analysis Summary Exactly five seconds after he came into the world, vincent Freeman was already considered to be a looser. Summary vs analysisSometimes we get a summary and analysis confused. Theymight fit in the same category, but they are far more differentfrom each other. Summary and Analysis of Chapter.

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