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ph essay

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If they can't keep track of their books, they can't keep track of yours. If they damage or lose your book—you pay. Do not make any unauthorized marks in your book, including on the edge of the pages. You will be charged for the damage. Incentives, in addition to educating students on various hazards to textbook health, you need some incentives and disincentives designed to encourage them to follow your advice. I use a variety of approaches. I use grades and detentions. I have a responsibility grade, which is basically a free 100-point test grade.

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Students really need some in-service on how not to destroy or lose a book. Advice to Students, it may seem silly, but I give students the following advice, sometimes in writing, when they get their books. Books are part not filing cabinets. Do not stuff papers, notebooks, pens, or your lunch in the book. It will destroy the binding, and you will have to pay 15 for a new binding. Books are not locker-proof. Be careful not to close your locker on your book and cut the cover. You will have to pay 15 for a new binding. Do not leave your locker unlocked; someone will steal your book. It will cost you. Do not loan your book to other students.

I am interested if there is anything they are very negative about; I do not expect them to evaluate content. Textbook survival, once you have bought the books, you have to find ways to help them last for fuller a few years. It has become obvious to me over the years that students can discover an infinite number of techniques to destroy or lose a textbook. My favorite happened to a friend who teaches sixth grade. A student informed her that a goat had eaten his textbook, and he produced the remains as proof. When she suggested that he not lay his book down outside, the student assured her that he wouldn't do that—the goat was in the house. My students are usually not that original; they specialize in water damage.

ph essay

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They may add additional information or clarify what is presented. In any case, see if they add to or detract from the students' understanding. I've always found it worthwhile to have a committee of students examine and comment on textbooks i am considering for adoption. We often forget how much we can learn from our students. Ask the students if the book is visually appealing. Do the illustrations help or distract? How readable is the book? Do the suggested activities and assignments seem interesting?

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ph essay

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Does it engage the user? Check out the textbook web site if there is one. Are they organized by chapter and section? Do they have appropriate content? In many cases, the web site will have discussion groups for teachers and/or professional development pages. Visuals, features, and Side notes, textbooks often have many added elements that enhance student interest phd and comprehension.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." This philosophy can work extremely well in a book that already is 700800 pages long. Visuals are an important aspect to understanding and retaining information. They need to be appropriate to the content, clear, and located near the points of reference. Labeling is crucial to comprehension. Special interest features help students relate to or apply the information. However, too many of them disrupt the flow of the story. Side notes can check comprehension.

Appropriate to Students, when choosing a textbook, we should remember the real audience—the students. We want a book that students can feel comfortable with and can understand (not too easy and not too hard). If I don't understand the vocabulary or the definitions of the concepts, my students certainly won't. Are the explanations clear? Are new words related to concepts students already know or to their own experiences? Are there lots of ways to learn and use the new words?

The same thinking should be used when reviewing the organization of the book. When topic sentences are hidden in verbose descriptions, it is more difficult for students to know what the paragraph is about. As you review the text, ask: can students find the main ideas easily or are they buried? Is the organization clear? Make a quick outline of headings and subheadings in several chapters. Then, check for logic, consistency, clarity, and. Technology, don't forget to check out the sample videotapes and cd-roms that accompany the text. Is the product interactive?

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Many textbook publishers provide a correlations guide to individual state standards. It is not difficult to do this on your own. Simply select a dozen or so of the major standards you are responsible for teaching and read the appropriate section of the books you are examining. And don't stop with the book. Look at the resource materials. Many teachers ignore the resource packages that parts come with textbooks. That's because they remember when that stuff was useless. The newer books, however, often have excellent write supplements, including outstanding transparencies.

ph essay

It is important to quality choose a book that fits your needs. Some schools purchase only classroom sets and others purchase a book for each student. Such uses may require different sorts of books. Some very good books have relatively few graphics; others make extensive use of illustrations, graphs, charts, and maps. The book which is best for you depends largely on your teaching style. It may also depend on the curriculum and philosophy of your school. In my state, all schools must have a school improvement plan, which includes reading as a target area for improvement. Since my school improvement plan includes teaching students specific reading strategies, i look at potential textbooks in terms of how well they lend themselves to teaching those strategies. State standards and district curriculum guides are becoming increasingly important in driving instruction.

good textbook. This essay will concentrate on just a few topics: selecting textbooks, textbook survival, misuse of textbooks, getting students to actually read their assignment, and using textbooks to promote higher-order thinking. I hope that my ideas will provide an appropriate starting point for a discussion with a wide variety of ideas and viewpoints. Selectinook, selection of a textbook is serious business. It involves an expenditure of considerable funds, and you will be "stuck" with the book you choose for years. It is worthwhile taking time to make a good selection. Teaching Style, curriculum, and Philosophy, most books on the market are really pretty good, about the same price, and comparable in quality of binding. That doesn't mean that they are all the same.

Samples of Textbook-based Assignments, conclusion, bibliography, introduction. Using a textbook to its best advantage seems to be overlooked when we prepare for teaching. I believe there is a place for textbooks, facts, and even lectures in the history classroom. The standards movement has resulted in state standards for United States history and world history which are quite content specific, requiring students to develop higher-order understanding based on a foundation of factual knowledge. Textbooks are an important source for that content. I have worked with new teachers in recent years, write and I have noticed that many really don't know what to do with a textbook. They have learned a great deal about cooperative learning, using technology in the classroom, and designing rubrics.

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Ph essay
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  1. Later, in the second cartoon, the teacher poses a question to the class. The high achiever is delighted because he knows the answer and is in control: Oh,. Now combine the above information with the following, culled from the life. Using a textbook to its best advantage seems to be overlooked when we prepare for teaching. I believe there is a place for textbooks, facts, and even lectures in the history classroom. Machiavelli and the, moral Dilemma of Statecraft.

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  3. Sample statement of purpose - business management. Give your Statement of Purpose an Edge at m! I am applying for admission to the. Program in Business Administration because i want a career in the research and teaching of management. Language Arts, student Resources.

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