Inspiring essays for students

inspiring essays for students

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Poetry foundation The archives of poetry accompanied by refreshingly unpretentious discussion of poets' backgrounds and of the themes and style of their work are terrific. There's also featured essays about how to write, about the difference between poetry and doggerel verse, about why poetry is still relevant to everyday people's lives, about children's poetry. And lots, lots more. Poetry magic Resource centre for the theory and craft of writing poetry. Wandering Minstrels A poem a day by e-mail service. Get a poem sent to your inbox every day accompanied by critical commentary - for free.

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Hamlet haven An extensive collection of extracts from academic texts on every aspect of Hamlet, from every conceivable critical perspective. Shakespeare Insults 'Thou art a stinking pigeon-livered maggot-pie!' health and report diet in Elizabethan England Education in Elizabethan England Three versions of 'now is the winter of our discontent' Drama edit hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Drama links Creative drama lessons readers' Theatre Online scripts. Usually between ten and twenty minutes long - just right for drama festival! Drama lesson and Curriculum Plans Hong Kong Schools' Drama festival Rules and regulations and an archive of winning scripts. Community Theatre discussion board Articles, tips for actors and directors, scripts and discussion boards. Drama Activities Creative drama Drama resources for primary and junior secondary students. Sounddogs Useful sound effects. Writing guides edit Online Writing guide Includes guidelines on how to make notes and plan and draft literary analysis essays Glossary of Literary terms Rhetoric and Composition wikibook guide to writing analytical humanities essays. Poetry edit Aspirations English Literature a level Resources for practical criticism, close reading of poetry and Shakespeare. Poets Exhaustive resources on poetry and poets. Poetry Please poetry on the radio - an archive of webcasts of actors reading poems requested by the audience of this popular bbc radio 4 programme.

Chantecleer's dream Luminarium Medieval Literature resources. Recommended Pages for Senior Literature and Drama edit Shakespeare edit Shakespeare concordance type in a word and find all uses of that word in Shakespeare's work. Folger Library The us shakespeare library has a large portfolio of lesson plans. Globe link The Globe Theatre's archives of directors producers' and actors' blogs about their experiences while rehearsing and staging the plays - a good way to understand the plays from the other side of the curtain. Playing Shakespeare a guide to Globe Education's production of Much Ado About Nothing from the perspective of the director, production team and actors. Bardware lots of useful links for Shakespeare students. Shakespeare Online Shakespeare's Sonnets Clicknotes Shakespeare navigable texts of several plays including Hamlet and Twelfth Night, with extensive notes and commentary. Shakespeare's Life and Times Sparknotes Shakespeare Study guide Shakespeare's Globe see how Shakespeare plays are still being performed in a replica of the original open-air Globe Theatre and read rehearsal notes from recent productions. Royal Shakespeare company Educational resources reviews from one of the world's most prestigious theatre companies.

inspiring essays for students

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Hanban Office of the Chinese language council International teach yourself Putonghua wikibook e-language China Chengo Chinese - lessons 1-8 Beginners' putonghua course designed for American high-school students. Free but requires subscription. Chengo Chinese - lessons 9-17 Chinese web Resources Links to more putonghua self-Access learning Resources from wikipedia old and Middle English edit faeder ure, thu the eart on heofonum. Audio recording professional of a very famous passage in Anglo-saxon (c. 1000) - but can you tell what presentation it is in modern English? Anglo-saxon Phrasebook old English Online course Anglo-saxon grammar primer and authentic passages with clickable glossaries. Whan that Aprille with his swete brethe. A very famous passage in middle English (c. 1390) but can you tell what it is in modern English?

French Steps Online beginner's course. French Practice Activities French Tutorial Online grammar course. S-cool French Online revision guide. French wikibook online language course. Chloe, ou les aventures d'une jeune fille Online radio drama and listening-based activities. Bonjour de France listening and reading comprehension from beginner to advanced. Putonghua edit hanyu learn Chinese Online. Free learning resources from beginner to advanced; requires subscription.

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inspiring essays for students

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University Channel, Princeton Podcasts of undergraduate lectures at the University of Princeton. Time magazine Essays and journalism by george Orwell Orwell was one of the greatest essayists and political writers of the twentieth century, and his clear, precise style is an excellent model for students who want to write effectively. Debate resources Reference materials edit cambridge learners' dictionary This has to be the best online dictionary available. It provides examples of usage from the corpus, all words derived from any root gender words that you mother enter, collocations and set phrases, pronunciation, differences between American, British and Australian usage and many other features. Pronunciation - ipa phonetic Symbol Chart for English Online dictionary Online Thesaurus reverse dictionary If a word is 'on the tip of your tongue type in a definition and this programme will give you possible words to fit. Visuwords Online graphical dictionary/ thesaurus. Enter a word and see it in the context of a neural network of associated words.

Dr Grammar Frequently asked grammar and usage questions. Online Rhyming Dictionary Idioms Dictionary of idioms with examples of usage in context from literary works. Word Origins A site explaining the origins of idioms. Wordname Origins of words and names. Online Instant Translator Common Errors bbc news The south China morning Post Crossword Dictionary Use it to search for words with the same sequence of letters puzzlemaker build your own printable crossword puzzles. Linguist List Includes "ask a linguist" discussion board. Bbc learn French Chez mimi Interactive french Games.

Wordlearner Writing and Grammar edit sentence sense This is a self-taught online guide to writing coherent sentences and organising ones ideas in writing. English biz a guide to language and literature designed for British gcse and a level students, with guidelines on how to write a wide variety of essays. Web English teacher a very extensive directory of online resources everything from elementary English to Shakespeare Fridge magnet poetry Online version of the poetry game - "magnetic" tiles with words or suffixes that can be moved around to create poetry. Grammar book more advanced grammar exercises. Teaching English Activities and lesson plans.

Grammar at Pen and Page Advanced edit Writing and Grammar edit owl online Writing guide guide to composition Writing This is a very in depth but clear and straightforward guide to how to plan, draft, organise and review your writing. Lots of helpful tips and exercises. Especially helpful for argumentative writing and for students who nhave to write analytical compositions for other subjects. University college london Internet Grammar This site offers a formal analysis of English grammar and a wide range of exercises on identifying parts of speech, subject and object, verb form, aspect and voice, clauses etc. Perhaps dry and technical, but should be useful for senior students seeking to polish their grammar, or even for teachers who could use it to look up clear explanations for grammar rules. Linking Phrases Linguarama postscript Magazine Online resources with a focus on English for business and the world of work - particularly useful for senior students. Hong Kong Polytechnic University centre for Independent Language learning Parts of Speech Directory listening, reading and Multimedia edit ted inspiring talks by leading thinkers on a range of topics - science, technology, global issues. Meaning of Life tv berkeley webcast Audio and video podcasts of undergraduate lectures at the University of Berkeley. World of Words A website with links for reading, writing, drama, public speaking and community resources maintained by the canadian International School Parents' Association.

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Primary net resources This is a huge repository of links to teaching resources maintained by net teachers in Hong Kong primary schools. Includes online story books, songs, games, phonics activities and much, much more! Intermediate edit summary listening and Multimedia edit bbc world Service learning English Student Standard A site where you can listen to and read articles with an emphasis on social/ interpersonal issues, and find questions for discussion. English Bites The australian Broadcasting Corporation's programme for language learners with documentary and general interest videos, transcripts, glossaries, explanation of grammar and usage, tips and practice for speaking and writing. Nexus Online video documentaries and transcripts for intermediate language learners. Listening Lab Online over 700 audio clips with slide shows, quizzes, songs, listening games and transcripts; a wide variety of regional accents; can be searched by level of difficulty. Esl lab Try out the medium and difficult exercises.

inspiring essays for students

Nursery Rhymes Starfall Online books for less confident readers, with animation and audio. Created by teachers Resources for early learners and remedial classes including basic vocabulary non and sight-reading lists, flashcards, wordsearches and crosswords. Usborne quicklinks A directory of websites recommended by the educational publisher across the curriculum, including a number of sites for English language and literature. Storyline-Online It's a great pleasure to have a story read out loud to you - especially by a talented actor! At this site, there is video-feed of actors and actresses reading from young people's storybooks, together with printable activities. Short Stories Listening edit living English The australian Broadcasting Corporation's programme for elementary level English listening. Esl lab Try out the easy and medium exercises as well as the exercises for vocabulary building. Listen and read along Charlie and Lola stories Miscellaneous edit wordsmith A site where you can design anagrams.

Hong Kong Museums Junior Students edit Grammar and Writing edit skillswise This site has a wide. It should be particularly useful for junior forms. Ambleside School, cumbria an extraordinary site put together by students at a school in the lake district - limerick and haiku generators, a silly story engine, exercises on easily confused words, homophones, comprehension and lots more. Fun stuff for junior students. The site also has many links for many other subjects across the curriculum. World English Website This website includes grammar, vocabulary and comprehension practice, quizzes, games, writing guides, lists of the most common words in English, speaking and listening resources. English Grammar Online An online resource with a lot of exercises similar in nature to tensebusters. A fun prepositions exercise Flash animated grammar exercises Charlie and Lola reading and Phonics edit young Post Registration required. Time for Kids Children's edition of the American current affairs magazine American Stories - comprehension Exercises Giggle poetry fun poetry lesson plans, games and activities.

Last year I co-wrote and directed a musical, Orpheus, written in collaboration with a colleague as a fund-raising project for the school where i work. I have also written a sequence of short comic plays in rhyming couplets based on four Shakespeare tragedies, with the title. Most recently, i directed a production. Much Ado About Nothing, i am a, nET scheme teacher and a member of the native english-Speaking teachers' Association (nesta). My wikipedia contributions edit, i have contributed to the following pages: net scheme, history of Hong Kong Education in Hong Kong Chinese cinderella Standing Committee on Language Education and Research Christian life community marymount Secondary School Medium of instruction Charley's Aunt Macau fisherman's Wharf Hong. Remember that teachers and students will have access to these files - so please don't store confidential documents there or upload anything that you would not want to be in a public place. Files, messages and links for literature teachers are at Hong Kong Literature teachers Recommended Websites and wikipedia pages for Language Students edit British council elt network paper Brainpop Flash animations and online quizzes on a wide range of topics including English, science, history, technology and maths.

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Google, hotmail, mss, the times, training Calendar, french Websites. Putonghua websites, maths and Science websites, literature websites. A wiki i'm developing, contents, about me edit, this write user writes poetry. I am an English language and literature teacher based in Hong Kong. I was born. Torquay in 1972 and grew up in, paignton, devon. I studied at Westlands Bilateral School in Torquay and then. My interests include languages and linguistics, history, literature, drama and education.

Inspiring essays for students
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  1. Download adobe pdf writer for windows. of fitting the methodology to the market segment, all of our studies share a core set of methodological elements and approaches. This page contains some sample objectives for marine biologist res ume. Essays about universal health care. Get a professionally written Will with Will Aid, the charity will writing scheme. škodovky se zasekly kvůli emisím, podpora ano nejnižší za 2 roky, středula vypustil hradní balónek a zeman odkládá cestovní plány.

  2. A very persuasive acount of the famine problem is displayed by nobel laureate. Homework in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. Many women took time out of their busy lives just to fight for. The recent ban on plastic bags in Kenya by the cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources. March 22, 2001 district managers, customer service and sales postmasters subject: National. In this era of high fuel costs, low-cost carriers and airline mergers, this question is as pertinent as ever.

  3. In, peace goodness o heart Of Gold Im As real As It Gets. Put the fun back in small group Bible study! Need some inspiration for your photo books. Just send your request for getting no plagiarism essay. From 100 gauge to 500 gauge, from small to large we have.

  4. Online Writing guide Includes guidelines on how to make notes and plan and draft literary analysis essays.

  5. The main objective to write a term paper consists in inspiring students to learn more about a specific subject. Try to remember the extended essays though. Controversial, i know, but in my experience this is the best way of getting students to complete their practical work. Author publishes compilation of inspiring and eye opening essays for enhancing christian life. English major Phoebe doty and English and biology major Hannah Starke submitted essays they wrote in devets 2012 fall semester class to online magazines, and the pieces were published. Inspiring talks by leading thinkers on a range of topics - science, technology, global issues.

  6. Then there is the question of whether students are even prepared to be tested on their essays. The capstone, inspiring, educator Award was created to recognize high school teachers who have inspired ua students to achieve their academic and career goals through outstanding teaching, mentoring and support. Writing Effective college Application. There are three different kinds of college essays, and the personal statement is the one most students are familiar with. Custom Essay writing Blog - custom Term Papers, Essays and Research Papers.

  7. Please compose your essays first in a word processing program. The follow-on Service Project Proposal is your chance to explain how you will give back by inspiring others. EssayOneday provides students with professionally written essays, research papers, term papers, reviews, theses, dissertations and more. Once you use EssayOneday college admissions officers read thousands of college application essays. Meet this year s inspiring leaders. What if a computer could accurately grade student essays?

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