Essay about jupiter

essay about jupiter

"The largest Planet" This is a research essay about, jupiter

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essay about jupiter

Essay about, jupiter and Semele by moreau - 1222 Words bartleby

This whirlwind varies in size and color from year to year. It is about 17,000 miles (28,000 km) long and 9,000 miles (14,000 km) wide; it is the biggest storm in this solar system. It is so big that the three earths would fit in it with room to spare. Jupiter's Great Red Spot was discovered in 1664 by robert hooke. Part of the reason it lasts so long in comparison with Earth storms (other than the huge difference in scale and the existence of an internal heat source on Jupiter) is that this storm never goes over land; on Earth, hurricanes loses most of their. The smaller white spots are also giant storms. The colors we see are the result of chemical reactions occurring in the atmosphere.

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essay about jupiter

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Observing the Planet Jupiter. Since jupiter is so large, it can be spotted by the naked eye. It is usually maker the third brightest object in the sky, behind the moon and Venus. Thus, individuals have observed the planet for years. The romans named the planet after their king of the gods, jupiter.

One of the earliest recorded observations of Jupiter dates back to the fifth century, and can be found in an Indian astronomical text called the surya siddhanta. The text attempts to calculate the diameter of the planet. Then, in the eighth century there is another attempt to estimate the diameter of the planet by an Islamic astronomer). The great red spot, jupiter's Great Red Spot is a huge, long-lasting storm in the atmosphere of the southern Hemisphere of Jupiter. It is an anti-cyclonic (high pressure) storm, much like a gargantuan hurricane. Its color is actually pink to orange.

It is one of the gas giants. The planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are also considered Gas giants. The composition of Jupiter is primarily hydrogen, as well as helium. Hydrogen makes up the majority of the composition, and helium makes up approximately one fourth of the composition. It is unknown what the core of the planet is composed of, and the core may be composed of solid elements. Jupiter has an orbital period of a little more than four hundred and thirty-three days.

Currently, there are sixty three moons that orbit the planet. The largest moon that orbits Jupiter is Ganymede. Ganymede is so large, in fact, that its diameter is greater than Mercury. One of the defining features of the planet Jupiter is a giant red storm that can be seen in pictures of the planet. The storm is actually larger than the planet Earth. Its an anticyclonic storm, and its located close to the equator of the planet. The storm has possibly existed since 1665, and the storm definitely has existed since 1831.

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Consequence of Galileos Discovery, at the time, the majority of Europe still endorsed a theory that all the planets orbited around the earth. According to this theory (the geocentric model london of the solar system the earth was at the center of the Universe. However, galileo identified smaller fixed points that were orbiting Jupiter. This went against the geocentric model that stated all heavenly bodies should orbit the earth. Galileos discovery paved the way for the heliocentric model of the solar system, in which the planets orbit around the sun. All About Jupiter, jupiter is the fifth statement planet from the sun. It is also the largest planet in the solar system, and has a greater mass than all the other planets combined.

essay about jupiter

Galileo began seriously observing the planet in 1609. This discovery of Jupiters moons occurred on January 7, 1610. Galileo wrote that there were three fixed stars, totally invisible plan by their smallness that were extremely close to jupiter. However, when Galileo observed them on a different night, the fixed stars had changed positions. Galileo soon realized that the fixed stars were actually orbiting Jupiter. On January 10, 1610 Galileo discovered another one of Jupiters moons. Galileo continued to observe the moons for over a year. He attempted to estimate their periods. Impressively, galileos estimations were quite close to the actual periods of the moons.

Shoemaker-levy 9 struck jupiter - an event that had been forecast. This image shows a bright cloud more than 8 600 miles in diameter caused by the impact. Final fact, you could stuff 1 300 Earths into jupiter. Galileo galilei was an Italian astronomer and physicist, as well as a mathematician and a philosopher. He made significant contributions to the field of astronomy, such as designing improvements to the telescope and detailing extensive notes recording his observations. Galileos contributions were so significant that he has been called the father of modern observational astronomy. Galileo and Jupiter, while its inaccurate to state that Galileo discovered Jupiter, galileo was the first astronomer to detail extensive observations about the planet. He was also the first astronomer to discover the four largest moons that orbit the planet. These moons are: io, europa, ganymede, callisto.

Inside jupiter, at Jupiter's center is a core of rock many times the mass of Earth. But the bulk of the planet is a thick gaseous murk that appears smeared through a telescope because the planet moves so rapidly beneath. Jupiter's rapid business rotation causes it to bulge making the diameter 7 percent greater at the equator than at the poles. Around Jupiter, jupiter has thin barely perceptible rings and at least 16 satellites. The four largest- io europa ganymede and Callisto - are called the galilean moons. They orbit in the same plane and are all visible in a telescope. Jupiter: ruler of the roman gods also jove. Historical notes, jupiter was believed by mesopotamians to be a wandering star placed in the heavens by a god to watch over the night sky. In 1610 Galileo galilei used a 20x telescope to observe three "stars" around Jupiter.

Jupiter - solar System

The fifth planet from the sun is a huge ball of gas so massive it could hold all the other planets put together. What we can see of the planet are bands of the highest clouds in a thick atmosphere of hydrogen and helium. Traces of other gases produce the bright bands of color. The red Spot, jupiter's most familiar feature is swirling mass of clouds that are higher and cooler than surrounding ones. Called the Great Red Spot it has been likened to a great hurricane and is caused by tremendous winds that develop above the rapidly spinning planet. Winds blow counterclockwise around this disturbance at about 250 miles per hour. Hurricanes on Earth reviews rarely generate winds over 180 miles an hour. The red Spot is twice the size of Earth and has been raging for at least 300 years. It is one of several storms on Jupiter.

Essay about jupiter
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  1. When did Galileo discover. Its inaccurate to state that Galileo discovered. Jupiter, galileo was the first astronomer to detail extensive observations about the planet. On January 10, 1610 Galileo discovered another one. Storms on Earth dissipate quickly compared to storms.

  2. A series of photographs taken by voyager 1 as it approached. Jupiter, made into an animation. It launched a probe into the planet to get information about, jupiter s atmosphere. Jupiter is the fifth and largest planet in our solar system. This gas giant has 16 moons and a dark, barely-visible ring. Its most prominent features are bands across.

  3. Callisto is one of, jupiter s moons. It is studied in Astronomy class at Hogwarts School. Mercury, essay, research Paper MercuryIn Roman mythology mercury is messenger of the gods, and son of the god. Hermione was testing Ron on Astronomy. Harry pulled a map. Jupiter toward him and started to learn the names of its moons.

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