Elephant man essay

elephant man essay

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Like many films this movie has received numerous reviews both good and bad. Chris loar is an example of a man who is a true admirer of the film. On the other hand Roger Ebert had nothing good to say about the film. I personally feel that the film was very well developed. Both Ebert and loar had strong opinions about the film and voiced them in their reviews. Roger Ebert felt the film left him with a bad taste in his mouth. He felt that the film was ðñšpure sentimentalismÐÑœ and that the film ðñšglossed overÐÑœ John MerrickÐs real achievements. He discussed the performance and plot many times throughout his review.

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An important characteristic in a book is for all the labor writer s ideas to flow and make sense in an entirety. Montagu would talk of how Merrick was born and then, without closing, begin best discussing the events of his death. Chronological order is vital when trying to form a strong plot. The Elephant Man can also leave the reader unsatisfied because the most important details of Merrick s life are left out. A brief description of his living style is stated and then the rest of the context is a medical analization. It can be difficult understanding the terms used by doctors when one has no knowledge of the information being stated. Had Montagu been aware of details such as these, the Elephant Man could have transformed into a more enjoyable book. The Elephant Man, written by Ashley montagu, is a well-written look into the life of truly remarkable human being, john Merrick. This study of human dignity shows us all that life is precious. All can be taught a lesson about strength and courage from the unique story of John Merrick, the elephant man. The film The Elephant Man by david Lynch is a heart-warming film that highlights the life of John Merrick better known as the elephant man from the streets of Victorian England.

His detailed writings helped the story move along. In addition to the viewpoint of Frederick Treeves, montagu included many other people s perspectives, including his own. Often he wrote of other peoples outlooks such as William Kendal and his Wife Mrs. Kendal often delivered gifts to merrick and every summer they allowed shredder him to stay at their summer cottage for six weeks. The Prince of Wales standpoint also adds to the story when he states; John Merrick is the classic tale of human resilience. If people could have his courage and dignity, we d all be better off. The easy-to-follow writing style of Ashley montagu makes The Elephant Man a more enjoyable book. In every book, one can find room for improvement. Some main weaknesses in Montagu s book are the plot s chopiness and he often jumps around from different topics.

elephant man essay

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With outstanding endurance, he proves to the world what a truly heroic person can. The Elephant Man, an intriguing and well-written book, also captures the true essence of John Merrick s life. The context of the book asserts descriptiveness and easily captures the interest of the reader. When Treeves first viewed the elephant man, he states: The showman pulled back the curtain and revealed a bent figure crouching on a stool and covered by a brown blanket. In front of it, on a tripod, was a large brick heated by a bunsen burner. Over this biography the creature was huddled to warm itself. This hunched-up figure was the embodiment of loneliness (47). Descriptions such as these paint the sad but vivid picture of the life john Merrick led. While writing his story, montagu made a point of using photographic words to set up the scene he wanted to describe.

So, because of his hideous looks, being displayed as half-man and half-elephant at a freak-show became normal. His life consisted of torment and torture for the next twenty years of his life, until Sir Frederick Treeves asked him to come and be studied at the london hospital. Soon, Treeves arranged with the head of the hospital for Merrick to live in an extra room at the hospital. After twenty years of loneliness and disrespect, john Merrick finally had a place to call home. He began to ignore his monstrous looks and finally allowed himself to act like human with feelings. With the help of his new friend Frederick Treeves, he even attended plays and went for walks. He lived happily at the hospital for almost seven more years where compassionate people frequently visited him. Even people of royalty paid him visits. No matter how ill treated he may have been, no one ever heard John Merrick complain about his hideous looks or his horrible life.

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elephant man essay

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m joseph Merricks Short autobiographical note. Accessed June 26, 2007 m appendix source: http m source: bbc mmvii a words computer image of how Merrick may have looked How Merrick may have looked without his affliction). Elephant Man Essay, research Paper, ashley montagu tells John Merrick s unusual story in the book that studies human dignity, the Elephant Man. The Elephant Man, an intriguing book that captures the heart of the spirit, is the story of a simple, yet unfortunate, man. It causes one to think about life s precious gifts and how often they are taken for granted. As the sad and unique story of John Merrick, the elephant man, unfolds, all are taught a lesson about strength and courage. When Sir Frederick Treeves first discovered John Merrick in 1884, he could thesis only be described as, a huddled mass of loneliness (14).

Merrick had a horrible disease called elephantiasis. This extreme misfortune caused Merrick to be lame and his appearance to be that of a monster. With his skull the size of his waist and large quantities of skin growing randomly all over his body, no one wanted to befriend John Merrick. Everywhere he went screams of horror and looks of disgust greeted him. As a young child, his mother passed away leaving him a homeless orphan.

The oft"d poem referring to his mind is at best a more appropriate description of the real person inside the horrendous tumours. Works Cited Page, batt, Elizabeth, 2004 Sept. Introducing.Joseph Merrick aka the Elephant Man. Accessed   June 25, 2007 m/kbh/111150. Tibbles j, cohen M (1986). The Proteus syndrome: the Elephant Man diagnosed.

Br Med J   (Clin Res Ed) 293 (6548 683-5. Accessed June 25, 2007   m/topic/joseph-merrick _Joseph Merrick: Medical Curiosity. Accessed June 24, 2007   elephant man mystery unraveled. Bbc news /go/pr/fr/-  /2/hi/health/m Published: 2003/07/21 17:32:30 gmt proteus syndrome, accessed June 25, 2007. a bbc story about the results of dna tests on Merricks body. Accessed June 24,   2007. m Published:   2003/07/21 17:32:30 gmt autobiography of Joseph Carey merrick. Accessed June 25, 2007.

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It had become an amazing phenomenon that he survived lifes difficulties or impossibilities with the no trace of resentment to those around him. He had one of those rare qualities that defy explanations: why he did not harbour ill-feelings towards any person (. Joseph Merricks Short autobiographical note ). Joseph or John may have been depicted as more of a legend and a myth as people today may have thought him. But the real John or Joseph in action was more than the stories put together. Memoirs from book Treves, some from his own chronicles and others from people who had come to know him, confirmed that his was the kind of life that illustrates the cliché art mimicking life. What was distinctly him was his ability to read, write and speak well knowing that his was a background that was utter neglect and isolation (Batt, 2004). Conclusion, considering the very limited life that was before joseph John Merrick, it is a wonder that he actually was a very optimistic, bright and well-read individual.

elephant man essay

Charis Eng who did dna tests on John Merricks hair and bone, confirmed that the young man, who died at age 27, was afflicted of Proteus syndrome, but added furthermore, that Merrick might have had neurofibromatosis type i also (bbc news, Elephant Man mystery unraveled. Societys conduct to people with ailment like merricks. The deformities of Merrick started when he was aged five, but the defacement continued to grow even more hideously as he approached his teenage years. A bbc story about the results of dna tests on Merricks body ). Expectedly, the misshapenness that characterized him more than his overall personhood became the reason for societys rejection. Curiosity on his condition, that he looked like a freak, could have been very emotionally painful but his own accounts attested to the deep-seated understanding that Merrick felt towards the people in general, this despite the rude and cruel looks, name-callings and physical maltreatments. Autobiography of Joseph Carey merrick ). He earned from these curiosities, more so because he had no more viable options during his time with the limited abilities he had joseph Merrick: Medical Curiosity, who2). Merricks way of life, his childlike ways, his gentility, and his brand of Christianity/spirituality made him an acclaim that he is yellow today around the world.

the tissues and nerves, and is a sporadic rather than familially transmitted disorder (Tibbles j, cohen m, 1986). Because it is a very rare congenital disease, proteus syndrome would not be cured even by todays medical breakthrough. The nf1, more known than the proteus syndrome, is also difficult to cure. What doctors and specialists do with these two diseases might have to do more with minimizing the growth or do corrective surgery. Treves did to merrick to lessen the deformity (Tibbles j, cohen m, 1986). NF1, for neurofibromatosis, causes tumor growth in various parts of the afflicted person, and the reason that bone deformation occurs as well with the tumors. In addition, the proteus syndrome that was co-existent with NF1 is a congenital disease, responsible for the overgrowth of the parts of the head, limbs or other extremities (bbc news, Elephant Man mystery unraveled, 2003).

Amazingly, the actress did not run out of the room when she saw him. The actress and the elephant man became good friends, and the actress introduced many important people to the elephant man. Unfortunately the elephant man's life ended shortly, and he died at the end of the play. What I liked best about the play was when they were describing the elephant man's disease. They showed slides of the real elephant man, and as each slide of a different body part was shown, the actor distorted the same body part while he was standing under the screen. It made it much easier to picture the actor as the real elephant man. I also database liked the part when the doctor was having a nightmare about himself being different then what society accepted, like the elephant man. If I were to change anything, i would have the actors speak more clearly.

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Review of The Elephant Man The Elephant Man was about a man who was born with abnormal qualities. He had very different features from that of regular man. People would gasp at thesis the sight of him. When the play started he was the center of a freak show. One day the man who ran the freak show abandoned him because he wasn't making enough money. A doctor who had been interested in studying the elephant man's disease, took him in, with the disapproval of others. He tried to find a nurse to take care of the elephant man, but they were all to shocked at the sight of him. One day the doctor introduced the elephant man to an actress.

Elephant man essay
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  3. Get authentic custom essay samplewritten strictly according to your requirements. Similarly in the movie, the Elephant man, john Merrick is literally freed from the cage he had to live in, once. The plot merely tells you what happens Words 570 - pages. Water for Elephants Essay.

  4. In the novel The Elephant Man by Christine Sparks a man has faults. This Essay the Elephant Man Essay and other 64,000 term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now. The elephant is very useful animal to man Check out our top Free essays on Elephant Man Characters to help you write your own Essay. Elephant man essay analysis. Share between a sub-divisional police officer in their herds females have decided to be fun. Or any similar topic specifically for you.

  5. The Elephant Man Essay sample. Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Quality Essay and Research Paper Writing Assistance - we help Students to get Custom Writing Assignments At The lowest Prices Reliable paper Writing Assistance. After The Elephant Man Pomerance produced Faber in 1981 and Melons in 1985, but neither became popular like the Elephant Man. Essay text: In literature, as in life, we encounter persons who have faults as well as virtues.

  6. Essay by paperNerd Contributor, high School, 10th grade, april 2001. Review of The Elephant Man The Elephant Man was about a man who was born with abnormal. The Elephant Man, an intriguing book that captures the heart of the spirit, is the story of a simple, yet unfortunate, man. The elephant man essay. Karin 10:35:56 Karp, research documents 24/7! Historically linked to free exclusive and mythology - professional detectives began to exhibition index.

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