Ebay business plan pdf

ebay business plan pdf

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But that's not your only expense. You have to pay ebay for every item you list, and for every item you sell. If you accept credit card payments, you'll pay a percentage for all purchases made with plastic. And if you avail yourself of an auction management service, you'll pay for that, too. Altogether, these non-product costs can add up to 510 of your total revenues. Let's use the top figure10and subtract 2 for each 20 sale.

The ebay, business, plan

Based on your research (primarily by looking at sales of similar items on ebay you've established that you can sell these gift baskets for 20 each, on average. So you do some quick math and determine that you need to sell 30 of these 20 gift baskets every week to reach your 600/week goal. (That's 600 divided.). There's something wrong with this calculation. Can you figure out what it is? Here's the does problem: This simple calculation fails to take into account any of your expenses! That 20 per item represents your gross revenue, not your net profit. So we have to go back and figure out the costs involved with the sale of each item. The first cost you have to take into account is the actual cost of the merchandise. Let's say that you pay 5 for each gift basket. Subtract that 5 product cost from your 20 selling price, and you have a 15 profit for every item you sell.

In any case, you need to set a monetary goal that you want to achieve. This number will determine how many items you need to sell. Let's work through an example. You've talked it over with your family, and decided that you would be extremely happy if you could quit your current job and generate the same income from your ebay business. You currently earn 30,000 a year, so this becomes the financial goal of your ebay business. That 30,000 a year translates into 600 a week, on average. (Figure on fifty working weeks a year, giving yourself two weeks of vacation; also keep in mind that certain weeksaround the Christmas holiday, especiallywill generate more sales than others.) Now you have to determine how you're going to hit that 600/week target. We'll estate also assume that you've already decided what types of items you want to sell. For the purposes of this example, let's say that you're selling gift baskets.

ebay business plan pdf

How to Start an, ebay, business

That's why this step is so crucial to putting together your business plan. How Much Money do you want to make? Knowing what you want to sell is one thing. Knowing how much money you want to make is another. And, unfortunately, sometimes they don't match. (This is why planning is importantso you'll know what works before you're hip-deep in things.). Start from the top down. For your business to be successful, you have to generate an income on which paper you can comfortably liveunless, of course, you're looking for your ebay business to supplement an existing income.

Perhaps you specialize in acquiring items at estate sales. Your ebay business would be the selling of items acquired at estate sales. Or maybe you acquire large lots of liquidated merchandise from distressed wholesalers. Your ebay business, then, would be the selling of liquidated merchandise. If you don't yet have a source of merchandiseif you could, in fact, sell anything on ebaythen you have to decide what type of merchandise you want to sell. That involves determining the type of item you want to work with (smaller and lighter is good, for shipping purposes; cheap to acquire but commands a high price from bidders is also good) and then finding a source for those items. This probably means doing some research as to what sells well on ebay and where that merchandise can be obtained. The point is that you have to know what you're going to sell before you can figure out how to sell.

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ebay business plan pdf

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If you make hand-sewn quilts, your product is your quilts. Your business is based on your product; your plan is to use ebay to sell your artwork or your quilts. Everything you do from this point forward is designed to accomplish that goal. If you don't already have a product to sell, answering this question will take some serious thoughtand not a little work. You can't just sell "stuff" on ebay; that's not a real business, that's an online garage sale.

No, you have to determine what kind of "stuff" you want to sell. And you probably want to specialize. Maybe you're a comic book collector; you probably have a large collection of your own, as well as continuing access to new items from other collectors. Your plan, then, will be to create an ebay business based on the selling of collectible comic books. Or perhaps you have a source for handmade gift baskets. That's your business, right thereselling gift baskets on ebay. Or maybe you base your business on the way you acquire merchandise, rather than a specific category of merchandise.

The key to planning your ebay business is to sit down and give it some serious thought. You don't want to rush into this new endeavor without thinking through all the details. While it is possible to stumble into ebay profitability, the most successful sellers know what they want to do and how they want to. In other words, they have a plan for success. The easiest way to begin this planning process is to ask yourself a series of questions.

When you can comfortably answer these questions, you'll have the framework of your business plan. What Type of Business do you want to run? The first question to ask is the most important: What type of business do you want to run? Or, put more pointedly, what types of merchandise do you intend to sell on ebay? For some sellers, the answer to this question is easyespecially if you already have a product. For example, if you're an artist, your product is your artwork.

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And just how are you going to manage the for selling and shipping of all that stuff? And, if everything goes well, how much money do you expect to makeversus how much money you have to spend? Whenand only whenyou can answer all these questions, then you're ready to start building your new business. Until then, you're just fooling around. Not that there's anything wrong with fooling around, of coursethat describes millions of typical ebay sellers, most of whom do just enough work to make a little money. But if you want to make a lot of moneyif you want to run a true business on ebaythen you have to do your homework and figure out where you want to go and how you're going to get there. The plan for your business can be as simple as some bullet points written out in longhand, or as sophisticated as a professional-looking desktop-published document.

ebay business plan pdf

This chapter is from the book. In this chapter, thinking it throughbefore you start, why you need a business plan. How to create a business plan. The components of a winning business plan. Writing the plan, before you can start your ebay business, you have to determine just what type of business you want to start. Yes, you know that's it's going to involve selling (lots of) stuff on ebay, but what kind of stuff are you going to sell? And where are you going to get that stuff?

back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. This act of figuring out what kind of business you'll be running is best done by preparing a business plan. If that sounds terribly formal and complicated, don't stress outit doesn't have. The key thing is to set down on paper the details about the business you want to create, and then follow the steps in your plan to build that business.

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Ebay business plan pdf
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