Building management system resume

building management system resume

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The architecture design included overall network design, server redundancy and clustering, disaster recovery scenarios, and hot/standby and warm/standby failover scenarios. Worked as a consultant for ymca of the usa, and built and enhanced extranet web applications in java platform. The project involved building an online annual reporting application (mini-irs like application that allows 2500 ymca associations to file yearly financial reports online. Acted as a chief architect to develop a framework, and also designed the architecture and underlying application. Involved in enhancing existing web applications, and upgrading the development and deployment platform from java.3 sdk.4, weblogic.1.1 and Struts Application framework from.0.2. The work also involved reconfiguring the weblogic domains including jdbc connection pools, converting jsp pages into tiles, and making use of the Struts Validator. The existing applications have been refactored to utilize latest available Struts components and technology. Utilized Chase paymentech payment gateway apis to implement ecommerce functions.

Management, systems resume

Experienced with software design, and object-oriented programming in c, c and java. Translated customer requirements into software design requirements, and maintained traceability from requirements development to integration testing using requirements management tool. familiar with ooa/ooad/uml, and case tools rational Rose and other modeling tools. developed and evaluated application frameworks for rapid application development. Involved in evaluating and decision making of architectural infrastructure, platform and technology for building enterprise client/server and web applications. Professional Experience, april 2003 - present, edula, inc. Hoffman Estates, Illinois founder Working as an independent contractor for various companies in Telecom and it industries, and act as a subject matter expert in the software engineering, network engineering and web technologies. Working as a network consultant for Tellabs Professional Services organization, and provided tools support, Oracle database administration, and network architecture support for deployment of Tellabs element management system. Administered ms writing sharepoint Portal, and built a web-based project management system for the organization. Also, involved in Oracle data guard disaster recovery implementation. Worked as a network architect for t-mobile in designing, architecting and deploying network management system that manages network elements that are deployed throughout the United States.

Possess solid foundation in designing carrier-class circuit-switched network. solid background in administering all flavors of Unix (Sun Solaris, hp/ux, compaq Tru64, and Linux) and Windows systems for maintaining enterprise network. Familiar with sendmail, bind, dhcp, nfs, samba, ftp, telnet and ssh server configurations. Implemented Server virtualization with VMware server products and Freevps for consolidating development and testing servers. Involved in building network servers, mitigating ddos (Distributed Denial-Of-Service) attacks, configuring vpn/Firewall appliances, implementing bandwidth shaping policies on Linux servers, designing disaster recovery and backup plans, and overseeing general network security. dns,.500 Directory service, ldap, active directory and nis. Exposed to administering name word servers and nis services for maintaining robust directory servers in the unix and Windows nt environment. Software Engineering, played various roles in the software development life cycle, including requirements management, system architecture, data modeling, coding and integration testing.

building management system resume

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C/c, c perl, python, javascript, sql, sh/csh/ksh, awk, sed, tcl/tk. Network technologies, plan data networks - tcp/ip, osi, voip, gige, atm, frame relay. Involved in research and development of atm switch, voip and Gigabit Ethernet devices for packet-switched backbone networks. Involved in designing, implementing and maintaining tcp/IP networks. Skills include all phases of creating and maintaining a network, including subnetwork design, wiring and configuring routers. Also, involved in setting up both wired (ieee 802.3) and wireless (ieee 802.11x) networks. Familiar with xdsl, cable modem, pppoe, dhcp, nat and vpn technologies. telecommunications Networks - pdh (T1, T3 sonet golf (OC-n sdh (stm-n dwdm. Very strong background in development of pdh, sonet/sdh, wdm and atm transport devices that enable transport of voice, data and video traffic.

Proficient in optimizing web pages for search engines. Involved in analyzing and identifying keywords, building relevant contents for search engine optimization effort, and building inbound links for increasing google pagerank and link popularity. Involved in traffic characterization and roi analysis. collaboration and Groupware deployment, involved in deploying Microsoft Groupware: Sharepoint Portal, Sharepoint Services and Exchange server on the windows 2003 platform. soap and wsdl web Services, apache, iis, tomcat, webLogic, and jBoss. Ssl web Server Certificate, curl, corba (giop/iiop). Html, dhtml, ssi, xml, xslt, css, photoshop, Flash.

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building management system resume

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Highly skilled to design multi-tier component-based reviews web applications. Net, experienced with vb, t, c ado and. Net framework for creating dynamic html/ASP/com web contents. php, worked in business open source lamp (Linux, Apache, mysql and php) platform. Great exposure with Smarty template engine, pear (db phrame (mvc and Symfony frameworks for designing and implementing web applications in php. Have had exposure customizing and building new modules for php-nuke, joomla content management systems and other open-source web applications.

Oracle, informix, Ingres, sql server, ms access, postgresql and mysql databases. Possess strong dba skills for maintaining robust and highly secure database servers. Involved in database schema design, optimized sql query design, object-to-relation mapping and performance tuning. Designed and implemented disaster recovery solution with Oracle 9i/10g Data guard on Solaris.9 platform. Familiar with t-sql (ms sql server) and pl-sql (Oracle) command syntax for writing stored procedures. search Engine marketing and Optimization (sem seo).

In Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts, amherst, ma hobbies/Interests In no particular order: cats, chiptunes, trains, astronomy, martial arts, key lime pie, iron maiden. Scott seong 814 seers Drive, schaumburg, il 60173 ml, home: (630) 318-0020, cell: (630) scott at seong dot org. Summary Of qualifications, wide breadth of technical experience and versatility in web technologies, network technologies, and software engineering. Extensive oo background, system architecture and infrastructure design, and experience with application frameworks that utilize design patterns. Ability to analyze complex systems and build data models for component based development. Strong experience in full life cycle development: requirements gathering/analysis, cost estimation, design methodology, architecture design, development, unit/integration testing and documentation.

Strong understanding and compliances to business processes and quality standards. Technical skills, web Technologies, broad knowledge of web development technologies, design patterns frameworks, and multi-tier component based architecture. Net and php web technologies. Extensive exposure with java servlet, jsp, ejb, java beans, jdbc, rmi, jndi and xml for development of enterprise web applications. Familiar with jakarta project and have had exposure with a number of jakarta sub-projects. A few of my favorites include Struts, log4j, taglibs, tomcat, oro and ojb as well as Ant build tool. Proficient with Eclipse ide. An ability to apply software design methodologies (uml and case tools frameworks (MVC) and design patterns to build highly scalable, easily maintainable and robust web applications.

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Managed internal services: web, email, calendar, dns, filesharing, scm, bug tracking, networking (lan, multiple wan connections, firewall/gateway, pbx). Installed new internal services: virtualization, monitoring/alerting, networked backups. Wrote Django catalog tool for generating Nagios, bacula and djbdns config files. Mar 20: Python developer at Stroz friedberg, new York, ny created new corporate intranet and evidence tracking system with Django and Plone. Managed staging and production Linux systems for that application. Supported forensics lab via scripting and other automation tasks. Jul 20: Interface Engineer at IconNicholson, new York, ny implemented design plan mockups as xhtml/CSS/JS webpages.

building management system resume

Helped create new development production infrastructure for in-progress rebuild of Whiskey media and cbsi web properties (e.g. Giant Bomb, gameSpot.) Vagrant, fabric, Chef, php-fpm, mysql nginX. Jan 20: Operations Engineer at Whiskey media, san Francisco, ca implemented the following new support systems: Postgresql streaming replication, backups offsite backups. Metrics gathering and monitoring/alerting system using Collectd, Graphite and Nagios, including custom dashboard application. Centralized logging and log parsing/indexing with Logstash and ElasticSearch. Supported existing in-house deployment and configuration management systems, including custom Fabric development. Participated in troubleshooting presentation and maintenance of production environment. Jul 20: Systems Administrator/developer at Digital Pulp, new York, ny developed client-facing cms and e-commerce web sites on various platforms. Managed, monitored production Web servers for variety of clients.

Mac oools: Configuration management: Chef Databases, relational: Postgresql, mysql databases, non-relational: Redis, mongodb logging: rsyslog, logstash mail: Postfix Monitoring metrics: Graphite, nagios Text indexing. Implemented a second-generation Graphite-oriented metrics stack (2.6MM metrics/minute! including a focus on clustering, reliable metric transport and third-party dashboard integration. Built maintained an ops-oriented irc bot providing responsive, efficient access to various tools (config management, build system, deploy queue, orchestration, oncall escalations paging, etc). Helped promote maintain an engineering-oriented documentation culture. Partook in the production oncall rotation, handling incident response. March 20: Operations Engineer at cbs interactive, san Francisco, ca continued supporting former Whiskey media sites including giant Bomb, post-acquisition.

Now also the maintainer of Fabrics primary dependency, paramiko ( paramiko. Org ) in addition to spawning a number of other smaller projects related to project management. Maintainer of the, alabaster theme for the popular Sphinx documentation toolkit. Alabaster barbing is the default theme for Sphinx as of version.3. Contributor to a handful of other open source projects, notably. Co-author of the 376-page, python Web development With Django ( m 2008, Addison-Wesley. It was in the top ten best-selling Python books on Amazon and other retailers for about a year post-publication, and is still sold today. Member of the, python Software.

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This is my roles standard resumé. For additional details on what I seek in a role and/or an employer, please see my hiring page. Highlights, python/Ruby engineer since 20, respectively. Unix/Linux sysadmin since 2005. Author and maintainer of, fabric ( fabfile. Org an open-source ssh scripting library written in Python and used by many web developers and system administrators. Involvement began in 2009.

Building management system resume
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  1. forecast, events building (e.g. Vessels visits into shipyard area) building the ml based docking recommendation system Restful apis. and Inventory management system, which accounted for billions of dollars worth of property distributed in warehouses for emergency. Chelsea novak aka her Highnessness Mar-Com ingenue, geek chic, good-doer Contact: m i am your digital Girl. in product management, system engineering, corporate sustainability, system dynamics, energy analysis, hvac engineering, Ashrae / leed. hosting solutions, building dns management systems, hosting control panels, web interfaces for managing linux environments and setting.

  2. Akka is a message-driven runtime and toolkit for building reactive systems on the jvm, with apis in java and Scala. Supported existing in-house deployment and configuration management systems, including custom Fabric development. If you really want to land the job be sure to avoid using these overused words on your resume. Recruiteze is a free resume management. project program Management it strategic Planning restructuring Emotional Intelligence vendor Relations Client Relations.

  3. Proficiency with both the self-hosted WordPress. Org content- management system and the m web software. Directed facilities management, including ups, fm200 fire suppression system, hvac and building generators. exposure customizing and building new modules for php-nuke, joomla content management systems and other open-source web applications. information management Information retrieval Information science information Sciences building Information security.

  4. Of Time, management, accounting, system from FoxPro to client server architecture using Sybase database on nt server and PowerBuilder. Experience in building multilingual sites and content management systems. Programmer Energy, management, facilitator, building, systems, safety coordinator. System, management, architecture (gsma) methodology. Content, management, system, developer, resume. We collect this best photo from internet and choose one of the best for you, you can see.

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