Tour and tourism essay

tour and tourism essay

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It has also encouraged the revival and modernization. Of many small-scale cottage industries whose artisans and craftsmen have now flooded the market with innumerable gift items and curios. It its own way tourism is thus trying to solve a part of our vast unemployment problem. Tours and holidays are the necessities of modern busy life. Gone are our peaceful and leisurely ways of life. Instead we have now to lead a busy and hurried life. In our daily life, we have to work very hard while discharging our duties and responsibilities.

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A legal tourism enterprise excludes all forms of tourism or tourism like activities which are against the generally accepted laws of the land. For example, in India, wildlife hunting, flesh-trading (prostitution drug trafficking, etc. Are considered illicit and illegal and hence, do not fall within the purview of tourism enterprises). Introduction: tourism is the practice of travelling for pleasure especially on ones holidays. It is an organized journey during which several places are visited. Importance of tourism, tourism is one of the major source of foreign exchange. Tourism is not merely a business for providing pleasure and rest. It has now grown into a big industry. Every year thousands of foreigners come to India as a result of which we earn a lot of foreign exchange. Tourism Industry creates employment and contributes towards improving the economy. Tourism has caused the growth students of travel agencies and tour operators, establishment of hotels and guest houses, restaurants and eating houses, making of luxury coaches and vehicles, and introduction of super-luxury trains and airways.

Like any other enterprise, tourism enterprises are also business ventures having similar preparative principles, but working on a very wide scale. Sinclair and Stabler (1997) have defined the tourism enterprise as a composition of list products involving transport, accommodation, catering, natural resources, entertainment and other facilities and services, such as shops and banks and other tour operators. Advertisements: A tourism entrepreneur may be defined as a person or a group of persons producing and managing tourism products. In this process the entrepreneur must have the commonly prescribed entrepreneurial traits along with service sector specialties. As revealed by Shaw and Williams (2002 the service sector specialties involve two fundamental objects: One concerns the commercial structure of the industry (especially the dominance of certain activity components and ownership groups while the second relates to an understanding of the general organization. As regards the definition of tourism entrepreneurship, we believe that the most useful and convincing way to define tourism entrepreneurship is to establish its congruence with entrepreneurship it has emanated from. Accordingly, tourism entrepreneurship can be defined as the professional application of knowledge, skills and competencies and/or of monetizing a tourism related new idea, by an individual or a set of people by launching an enterprise de novo or diversifying from an existing one (distinct from. Advertisements: In other words, tourism entrepreneurship refers to the activities of the major group of stake-holders of this service sector primarily designed for the effective and profitable interaction of demand for and supply of tourism products; at the same time assuring competitive professionalism and gainful. In simple words, it embraces all sorts of activities involved in creation and operation of a legal tourism enterprise.

tour and tourism essay

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A) 4 b) 3 c) 1 d). A) 3 b) 1 c) 4 d). Modeviewprofile paper u26801 /user/gena.384Sa/ metkaruzume. Modeviewprofile u133484 ml metkaruzume. Actionprofile uid19766 m/p?modepost f2 ml p? Advertisements: tourism Enterprise, entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship! Tourism enterprises refer to the different forms of tourist related business ventures permitted within the national Constitution.

C) There is a combination of unique climate, cultural treasures, national cuisine in France. D) The country has a favourable geographical position. Define the main idea of the text: a) The capital of France is the greatest attraction for visitors. B) France is famous for its winter resorts. C) being one of the most enjoyable places to visit France offers both many attractions to explore and excellent recreational facilities. D) France is well-known for its historical monuments and cultural sites. A) 2 b) 1 c) 3 d).

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tour and tourism essay

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A) false b) true c) no information. Define the following statement: mountainous areas of France are visited only in summer. A) true b) no information c) false. Define the following statement: Domestic tourism in France is of great importance. A) false b)true c) no information.

Define the following statement: The role of government is vital to the tourism in France a) true b) false c) no information. Define which part of the text this information correspond television to: Family tourism in France is highly developed a) 3 b) 4 c) 2 d). Define which part of the text this information correspond to: Summer resorts of France are very attractive for foreign tourists. A) 3 b) 1 c) 4 d). Answer the question: Why France is so popular among foreign visitors? A) French people like to travel within their own country. B) France provides excellent opportunities for improving health.

Increasing numbers of travelers from Asia, latin America, and the middle east are visiting France. The French travel widely within their own country as well. The introduction of paid vacations for industrial workers led to a boom in family tourism. Today most French workers receive four or five weeks of paid vacation annually, and such regions as Brittany and Languedoc profit from low-budget family tourism. Many wealthier city residents have second homes, either in places from which their families once migrated or in desirable vacation districts.

Many of these homes are used for retirement as well as for holiday sites during the owners' working years. For international travelers, as for many French people from throughout the country, paris remains the greatest attraction. The capital's artistic and cultural attractions, its famous shops and restaurants, the color and animation of its many districts make paris one of the most visited places in the world. Next to paris in popularity is the mediterranean coast, which includes part of the French riviera. Sheltered by the Alps, the riviera first became popular in the 1860s as a winter resort for wealthy visitors, mainly tourists from England. Its fame grew steadily, and today it is known especially as a summer resort area. The mountainous areas of France have also had a dramatic rise in tourist income during recent years, largely because of increasing interest in winter sports. People once visited the mountains mainly in summer for health reasons, but these areas now benefit from almost a year-round season. Define the following statement: France is a popular tourist destination.

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D) There were tens thousands travel agents all around the world by the end of the 20th century. Define the main idea of the text: a) The history of travel agencies comes back in the 19th century. B) Both travel agencies and tour companies either perform different tourist services or arrange package tours. C) There are a lot of tour companies worldwide. D) The career of a travel agent is very popular. Tourism in france. Tourism ranks as one of France's leading industries. The country has a variety of landscapes and climates unmatched in Europe. These features, together with historical and cultural sites, year architectural treasures, recreational facilities, and famous foods and wines, have made France a favorite of tourists from North America and other parts of Europe.

tour and tourism essay

A) 2 b) 1 c) 3 d). Define which part of the text this information correspond to: Package tour includes various components of a trip. A) 4 b) 3 c) 1 d). Answer the question: What was the main difference between travel agents and tour operators functions? A) Travel agents made restaurant learners reservations. B) Travel agents performs services connected with different aspect of travel. C) Travel agents sold only package tours.

following statement: Thomas cook is considered to be the first travel agent. A) true  b) no information  c) false. Define the following statement: tour operators sell package tours a) true  b) false  c) no information. Define the following statement: Travel agents are paid commissions by airlines and hotels. A) false  b) no information  c) true. Define the following statement: Travel agents should be aware of the new developments in travel industry. A) true   b) no information  c) false. Define which part of the text this information correspond to: Travel agents have a wide range of responsibilities.

For these and other services they dates are paid a commission by those whose wares they sell. In addition to dealing with public, the travel agent must deal with people who work for other components in the industry. One of the important aspects of the job is keeping informed of the pricing policies of airlines and hotels. The agent must also keep up with different developments in tourism - new resorts, changing travel regulations, new services. Tour operators are companies that arrange every aspect of a travel package. They bring together all the elements of a trip for travelers or for groups of travelers: plane reservations and tickets, hotel arrangements, ground transportation, entertainment, and more. All these components are sold together as a package. Travelers may deal directly with a tour company, or they may book tours through a travel agent.

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Travel agents and tour companies. In 1841 an English Baptist missionary named Thomas cook arranged for a railway excursion from leicester to loughborough for a temperance group. Three years later the first railroad—the midland counties railway company agreed to make the excursion a permanent feature if cook would provide the passengers. He became the first travel agent, and the company he founded Thomas cook and Son went on to become one of the world's leading travel agencies with offices around the world. In the late 1950s, before the jet age, there were about 3,000 travel agents in the United States. By the late 1980s there were more than 20,000, with tens of thousands more worldwide. Travel agents book and sell airline, train, bus, and ship tickets. They reserve hotel rooms and arrange for ground transportation at the destination. They can also make restaurant reservations and obtain theater tickets.

Tour and tourism essay
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  1. Essay - lerisure and tourism Marketing subjects: Miscellaneous - undergraduate. Essay - press Release: tour de sandwich subjects: tourism and Travel Management on a continuous basis, which assists development of tourism by transferring knowledge in areas of tour and tourism. A a hrefm/college- essay -papers/55- tour - and - tourism - essay. Html tour and tourism essay /.facilities and services, such as shops and banks and other tour operators. Essay on Eco- tourism : Definition, Objective, function and Other Details.

  2. Below is an essay on tourism, law" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term. Tourism has caused the growth of travel agencies and tour operators, establishment of hotels and guest houses, restaurants. Short, essay on Importance. The most famous with the tour are. View program pages for pathway details:Upon or Yale essay first two years of a humber Bachelor of Travel and tourism.

  3. Travel and tour operators now offer attractive and economical packages. 819 Words, essay on tourism in India (Free to read). The rich reefs will tourism in india essay for asl you with over 50 cruise ships in port, event venues, and tourism. Both tour operators and hoteliers. The agent must also keep up with different developments in tourism - new resorts, changing travel regulations, new. Essay, travel agents and tour.

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