Story of daniel in the bible summary

story of daniel in the bible summary

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Israel had also gone into idolatry (1 ki 11:5; 12:28; 16:31; 18:19; 2 ki 21:3-5; 2 Ch 28:2-3 and they had been solemnly warned of Gods coming judgment upon them because of their idolatry (Jer 7:24— 8:3; 44:20-23). Because of their sin, the people of Israel, who had given themselves to idolatry, were carried off captive to babylon, a center of idolatry and one of the most wicked cities in the ancient world. It is significant that after the babylonian captivity, idolatry never again became a major temptation to Israel. In keeping with their violation of the law and their departure from the true worship of God, Israel had lapsed into terrible moral apostasy. Of this, all the prophets spoke again and again. Isaiahs opening message is typical of this theme song of the prophets: They were a sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the lord, they have provoked the holy One of Israel unto anger. From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment (Is 1:4-6). Here again, the ironic judgment of God is that Israel, because of sin, was being carried off captive to wicked Babylon.

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The introductory chapter explains how Daniel was called, prepared, matured, and blessed of plan God. With the possible exceptions of Moses and Solomon, daniel was the most learned man in the Old Testament and most thoroughly trained for his important role in history and literature. The captivity of Judah 1:1-2 In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim king of Judah came nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon unto jerusalem, and besieged. And the lord gave jehoiakim king of Judah into his hand, with part of the vessels of the house of God: which he carried into the land of Shinar to the house of his god; and he brought the vessels into the treasure house. The opening verses of Daniel succinctly give the historical setting which includes the first siege and capture of Jerusalem by the babylonians. According to daniel, this occurred in the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim king of Judah, or approximately 605. Parallel accounts are found in 2 Kings 24:1-2 and 2 Chronicles 36:5-7. The capture of Jerusalem and the first deportation of the jews from book Jerusalem to babylon, including Daniel and his companions, were the fulfillment of many warnings from the prophets of Israels coming disaster because of the nations sins against God. Israel had forsaken the law and ignored Gods covenant (Is 24:1-6). They had ignored the sabbath day and the sabbatic year (Jer 34:12-22). The seventy years of the captivity were, in effect, god claiming the sabbath, which Israel had violated, in order to give the land rest.

The chief purpose of Zechariah (and Haggai) was to rebuke the people of Judah and to encourage and motivate them to complete the rebuilding of the temple. Malachi malachi, whose name means "my messenger spoke to the Israelites after their return from exile. The theological message of the book can be summed up in one sentence: The Great King will come not only to judge his people, but also to bless and restore them. The first chapter of Daniel is a beautifully written, moving story of the early days of Daniel and his companions in Babylon. In brief and condensed form, it records the historical setting for the entire book. Moreover, it sets the tone as essentially the history of Daniel and his experiences in contrast to the prophetic approach of the other major prophets, who were divine spokesmen to Israel. In spite of being properly classified as a prophet, daniel was in the main a governmental servant and a faithful historian of Gods dealings with him. Although shorter than prophetical books like isaiah, jeremiah, and ezekiel, the book of Daniel is the most comprehensive and sweeping listing revelation recorded by any prophet of the Old Testament.

story of daniel in the bible summary

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The book bearing his name contains a dialogue between the prophet and God concerning injustice and suffering. Zephaniah The prophet Zephaniah was evidently a person of considerable social standing in Judah and was probably related to the royal line. The intent of the author was to announce to judah God's approaching judgment. Haggai haggai was a prophet who, along with Zechariah, encouraged the returned exiles to rebuild the temple. His prophecies clearly show the consequences of disobedience. When the people give priority to god and his house, they are blessed. Zechariah like jeremiah and ezekiel, zechariah was not only a prophet, but also a member of a priestly family.

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story of daniel in the bible summary

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His life served as a parable of God's faithfulness to an unfaithful Israel. Joel The prophet joel warned the people of Judah about God's coming judgment—and the coming restoration and blessing that will come through repentance. Amos Amos prophesied during the reigns of uzziah over Judah (792-740. C.) and Jeroboam ii over Israel (793-753). Obadiah The prophet Obadiah warned the proud people of Edom about the impending judgment coming upon them. Jonah Jonah is unusual as a prophetic book in that it is a narrative account of Jonah's mission to the city of Nineveh, his resistance, his imprisonment in a great fish, his visit to the city, and the subsequent outcome.

Micah Micah prophesied sometime between 750 and 686. During the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz, and hezekiah, kings of Judah. Israel was in an apostate condition. Micah predicted the fall of her capital, samaria, and also foretold the inevitable desolation of Judah. Nahum The book contains the "vision of Nahum whose name means "comfort." The focal point of the entire book is the lord's judgment on Nineveh for her oppression, cruelty, idolatry, and wickedness. Habakkuk paper little is known about Habakkuk except that he was a contemporary of Jeremiah and a man of vigorous faith.

His perspective is limited to what happens "under the sun" (as is that of all human teachers). In ancient Israel everything human came to expression in words: reverence, gratitude, anger, sorrow, suffering, trust, friendship, commitment. In the song of Solomon, it is love that finds wordsinspired words that disclose its exquisite charm and beauty as one of God's choicest gifts. Isaiah, isaiah son of Amoz is often thought of as the greatest of the writing prophets. His name means "The lord saves." Isaiah is a book that unveils the full dimensions of God's judgment and salvation. Jeremiah, this book preserves an account of the prophetic ministry of Jeremiah, whose personal life and struggles are shown to us in greater depth and detail than those of any other Old Testament prophet.

Lamentations, lamentations consists of a series of poetic and powerful laments over the destruction of Jerusalem (the royal city of the lord's kingdom) in 586. Ezekiel The Old Testament in general and the prophets in particular presuppose and teach God's sovereignty over all creation and the course of history. And nowhere in the bible are god's initiative and control expressed more clearly and pervasively than in the book of the prophet ezekiel. Daniel Daniel captures the major events in the life of the prophet Daniel during Israel's exile. His life and visions point to god's plans of redemption and sovereign control of history. Hosea the prophet Hosea son of beeri lived in the tragic final days of the northern kingdom.

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Job, through a series of listing monologues, the book of Job relates the account of a righteous man who suffers under terrible circumstances. The book's profound insights, its literary structures, and the quality of its rhetoric display the author's genius. Psalms, the Psalms are collected songs and poems that represent centuries summary worth of praises and prayers to god on a number of themes and circumstances. The Psalms are impassioned, vivid and concrete; they are rich in images, in simile and metaphor. Proverbs, proverbs was written to give "prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the young and to make the wise even wiser. The frequent references to "my son(s emphasize instructing the young and guiding them in a way of life that yields rewarding results. Ecclesiastes, the author of Ecclesiastes puts his powers of wisdom to work to examine the human experience and assess the human situation.

story of daniel in the bible summary

The book explores how each subsequent king in Israel and Judah answers God's call—or, as often happens, fails to listen. 2 Kings 2 Kings carries the historical account of Judah and Israel forward. The kings of each nation are judged in light of their obedience to the covenant with God. Ultimately, the people of both nations are exiled for disobedience. 1 Chronicles, just as the author of Kings had organized and interpreted Israel's history to address the needs of the exiled community, so the writer of 1 Chronicles wrote for the restored community another history. 2 Chronicles 2 Chronicles continues the account of Israel's history with an eye for restoration of those who had returned from exile. The book of Ezra relates how God's covenant people were restored from Babylonian exile to the covenant land as a online theocratic (kingdom of God) community even while continuing under foreign rule. Nehemiah, closely related to the book of Ezra, nehemiah chronicles the return of this "cupbearer to the king" and the challenges he and the other Israelites face in their restored homeland. Esther, esther records the institution of the annual festival of Purim through the historical account of Esther, a jewish girl who becomes queen of Persia and saves her people from destruction.

raise up leaders (judges) through whom he throws off foreign oppressors and restores the land to peace. Ruth, the book of Ruth has been called one of the best examples of short narrative ever written. It presents an account of the remnant of true faith and piety in the period of the judges through the fall and restoration of naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth (an ancestor of King david and Jesus). 1 Samuel, samuel relates God's establishment of a political system in Israel headed by a human king. Through Samuel's life, we see the rise of the monarchy and the tragedy of its first king, saul. 2 Samuel, after the failure of King saul, 2 Samuel depicts david as a true (though imperfect) representative of the ideal theocratic king. Under david's rule the lord caused the nation to prosper, to defeat its enemies, and to realize the fulfillment of His promises. 1 Kings 1 Kings continues the account of the monarchy in Israel and God's involvement through the prophets. After david, his son Solomon ascends the throne of a united kingdom, but this unity only lasts during his reign.

Leviticus, leviticus receives its name from the septuagint (the pre-Christian Greek translation of the Old Testament) and means "concerning the levites" (the priests of Israel). It serves as a manual of regulations enabling the holy king to set up his earthly throne among the people of his kingdom. It explains how they are to be his holy people and to worship him in a holy manner. Numbers, numbers relates the story of Israel's journey from mount Sinai to the plains of moab on the border of Canaan. The book tells of the murmuring and rebellion of God's people and of their subsequent judgment. Deuteronomy, deuteronomy repetition of the law serves as a reminder to god's people about His covenant. The book is a "pause" before joshua's conquest begins and a reminder of what God required. Joshua, joshua is a story of conquest and fulfillment for the people of God. After many years of slavery in Egypt and 40 years in the desert, the Israelites were finally allowed to enter the land promised to their fathers.

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The Old Testament (also known as the jewish Tanakh) is the first 39 books in most Christian Bibles. The name stands for the original promise with God (to the descendants of Abraham in particular) prior to the coming of Jesus Christ in the new Testament (or the new promise). The Old Testament contains the creation of the universe, the history of the patriarchs, the exodus from Egypt, the formation of Israel as a nation, the subsequent decline and fall of the nation, the Prophets (who spoke for God and the wisdom books. Genesis, genesis speaks of beginnings and is foundational to the understanding of the rest of the bible. It is supremely a book that speaks about relationships, highlighting those between God and his creation, between God and humankind, and between human beings. Exodus, exodus describes the history of the Israelites leaving Egypt after slavery. The book lays a foundational theology in which God reveals his name, his attributes, his redemption, his law and how he father's is to be worshiped.

Story of daniel in the bible summary
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Explains what the bible. Daniel 2 (the second chapter of the book of Daniel ) tells how, daniel interpreted a dream of Nebuchadnezzar, king of e king saw a gigantic statue made of four metals, from its gold head to its feet of mingled iron and clay;. Find out more about the history of The.

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  1. In brief and condensed form, it records the historical setting for the entire book. Shadrach, meshach, and Abednego are figures from chapter 3 of the book of Daniel, three hebrew men thrown into a fiery furnace by nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, when they refuse to bow down to the king's image; the three are preserved from harm and the. Like a son of God. Whole bible Story: everything That Happens in the bible in Plain English. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Sometimes readers just want to know what happens next.

  2. A classic, trusted childrens. Bible, hundreds of thousands of children throughout the world have been introduced to the riches of the. Bible through this classic, bible storybook. A quick overview of the. Bible including history and synopsis of the Old Testament and New Testament plus a list of the books of the bibleof the. The first chapter of Daniel is a beautifully written, moving story of the early days of Daniel and his companions in Babylon.

  3. Shadrach, meshach, and Abednego were three young men determined to worship the One true god only. Their story speaks a strong word of encouragement. This extensive collection. Bible story summaries highlights the simple yet profound truths found in the ancient and enduring stories of the. The Childs Story bible, catherine. Vos revised by marianne catherine vos Radius.

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