Simply strata reports

simply strata reports

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All houses on the main four roads have archways at the bottom level, each house connected with its neighbours, so that walking in the shade is possible. The same is to find at the houses standing around one of the various markets of Strata. Among the many noteable buildings and locations of Strata we'd like to name the following few: The northern Gate (Desert Gate) The first thing a traveller will be impressed by is the big northern gate or "Desert Gate built by kenvoll Tristin in 598. With its height of 10 peds it is higher than the only other two, the eastern gate or "Harbour Gate" leading from the harbour into the town or the southern gate or "sea gate". Its wooden two winged door is 7 peds in height and 4 peds in width and therefore very heavy. But due to the excellent construction the famous carpenter Vhinsaal has done, it needs only two men to close it in a matter of seconds.

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To guard the windows, they have small gracile balconies in front of them, delicately build out of the same material as the houses themselves. To shut out the early heat of the Injèrá in the morning, every window has white painted shutters which allow the air of the western sea to bring a cooling breeze to the interior of the houses, in the middle of the day however they. Some noble houses have imported glass from cavthan in their windows, but it is often blind due to the sand carried by the desert winds into Strata which finds its way into every chink. The roofs are flat, surrounded by a wall to prevent people from falling off. In the late evenings, when the air is pleasant, the winds have ceased and the tasks of the day are done they are the meeting place of the families and their guest, from neighbours and friends. There are two different types of houses in Strata: One is the common rectangular house with an inner courtyard. The rooms are mainly oriented to this courtyard, except the rooms which are facing the main road. In these courtyards the pride of the family has its place, the shade giving tree, in most cases a darii tree. The other type of house is found mainly in the eastern Lane. The houses built directly on the town wall and facing the western sea dont have an inner courtyard, but are built simply rectangular with the rooms facing either the sea or shredder the road. These families set their pride in a "high garden" and care for a diversity of plants which they grow on the roof.

Though the houses would look great, tall and slender as they are, built together or standing close with only small lanes between them, they get their characteristics from the ornamentations running like a revelation baize around the bottom of each story and around the plenty windows. Each of this ornamentations is built from the plaster the wall is covered with and highlighted and enriched with the brightest white colour available in the south. The roof and the upper story is painted with a white chalk mixed with a binding agent which protects the claybricks and plaster from the wind, the burning sun and a very rarely rainfall. The windows are mostly small, but high, sometimes stretching from the bottom to the ceiling. The upper part is often curved. Sometimes they are divided in a lower part with shutteres which can be closed or opened, the upper, curved part which can not be opened. A very thin sliced special stone which allows the light to penetrate sometimes covers this openings. But big pieces are very fragile, and so small pieces are set in a framework creating a special look to these windows.

simply strata reports

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The trees show more of their gracile beauty and the promise of a cooling shade, and suddenly the traveller cant wait to set his foot on the landing docks of the "beauty of the south". The Approach from the north Coming from the north - after a day's ride from the Thirsty herald - the town promises relief after the heat of the day, the green of the trees are balsam on the tortured eyes, the air seems. Like a coloured jewel lying on blue-green silk it matches the sea which surrounds it here by all other sides. The beautiful shredder Northern Gate, ornamented with blue shining tiles from Uderza, welcomes the traveller. The houses in Strata are up to seven, eight stories high and built out of dried clay bricks. The wall is covered with plaster out of the same, fresh material and coloured while the plaster is still fresh. The Strata orange is the most seen colour, but the sorinyt yellow and the aeruillin red are common as well. Few houses have a pale blue, but this is a new habit and the Stratanians still dont know if they like it or not. So far this colour was only used for the temple of baveras or for interiors and seeing it on the outside of a house divides the citizens.

Water is a resource which is rare and therefore restricted for everybody, even the rich ones. And so the trees which grow everywhere in the town are valuable and very cared for. The mightiest and oldest tree is the dar'ii tree in the middle of the famous Stratanian market place, but there are rows of other trees running down in the middle of every of the main four roads, each tree belonging to a certain house. And every house itself, most of them build in a rectangular way with a inner courtyard, has its own tree in the middle of the house. This is the way the Stratanian's can survive in the heat of a summer day, when a hot dry wind is blowing either from the southeast or coming out of the rahaz dath. As the ships comes nearer, more details can be seen. The white colour on the houses turn out to be complicated white ornaments and white shutters in front of the plenty windows, with balconies and porches the houses try to surpass each other.

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simply strata reports

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A broad road is leading from the old harbour straight to the western end of the town, passing the great harbour gate and the town wall and running through the central market, around the famous giant Dar'ii tree. On the left edge the splendid Temple of baveras draws the eye towards it just sitting on an small island outside the town wall, which runs around the town just behind the houses belonging to the harbour quarters. The city wall is another prominent feature of the town, and though it is of strong built and was never torn down, it doesnt look threatening. The light yellow of the yardang stones gives it a friendly touch, though the pointed pinnacles demonstrate the ability to protect its citizens. On the other, northern side, outside the town, the magnificent, pure white, round temple of foiros is greeting the traveller with its golden shining spherical roof resume and its three tall, slender towers. Few of the arriving ships call at the old harbour which was destroyed during the big flood of the year 1288.

And only partly reconstructed, most moor in the new harbour outside the town in the northwest of Strata. There, down the beach in northwestern direction near the new harbour, a very tall, huge lighthouse is standing. It doesnt fit very well to the whole town of Strata, and the fascinated visitor soon averts his eyes and concentrates on Strata again. The houses in their beauty and variety are enough to astonish the foreign visitor, but what catches his eyes most are not the splendid buildings, but the green in between, where you didnt expect. Strata is know for selling fresh water as one of the valuable goods here.

Scattersand Shoals, the other north of Strata on the eastern side. People are arguing about which approach to Strata is the more splendid one, coming from the desert and looking onto the town stretched beneath ones feet, framed by the blue sea, or approaching by ship from. Milkengrad and sailing along the front of beautiful houses lit by the sinking. Injérà, or - after being then guided away again from the sight of the town to avoid the undepths of the landfall sandbank - entering the harbour in the east in full sight of the town, preferably when the. Injérà just rose above the horizon.

The Approach from the east, few travellers endure the hardness and dangers of a voyage through the rahaz-dath, most arrive by ship, coming from the north, from. Thalamabath, varcopas, milkengrad or even from the continent. Nybelmar, or from the south, from Shan'Thai or another town in Aeruillin. Arriving in the morning and approaching Strata slowly, travellers see a town lying before their eyes which just seems to have arose from a tale told by the elders or a distant myth: build on the very edge of the headland of the. Sarvonian continent, it takes the whole space of the hook. The land is slightly rising from south to north, and even a bit more from east to west, so the view is just fantastic. Tall houses in the colour of the sun, from a light Sorinyt yellow, over a deep Strata orange to a dark aeruillin red are standing side by side, framed and divided with a splendid white colour. Down at the old harbour side are some bigger houses used for storing the valuable goods coming from Northern Sarvonia and especially the grains from another continent, aeruillin.

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Built on a flat rocky shore which contains a lot of caverns, the sewers under Strata are older as the town itself. And it is said that the "funny" business which flourishes there, is far more important than the transactions made in the upper town. The southernmost point of the, sarvonian continent, cape Strata, is a flat rocky region which is covered by a thick layer of sands which gets thinner the further south you travel. While the rocky underground owl is still quite dense near the yar'Dangs, which are a two days travel north of Strata, it contains a lot of caverns near and under Strata. These flat rocks elevate near the southern tip just a few, maybe three peds over the sea level when the tide is high, farther north in the town it has raised already to about six to eight peds. Strata slightly rising from south to north and from east to west allows therefore a magnificent view for those ships coming from. Milkengrad wanting to sell their goods in the harbour near the north-east side of the town. Due to the water currents of the sea, strata has only few beaches or sandbanks. One is near the southern point, directed to the.

simply strata reports

Archways border the broader roads and precious trees give shade to those who have to follow their affairs during the heat of the day. But those are not two many. The town comes to life when the. Injérà is sinking into the sea far in the west and the winds are ceasing to blow, lamps are lit all over the main places and roads, and the times for business other than that during the day has arrived. The traveller is advised to avoid the darker sideways and hopefully he knows already where to put his head in the night. But which newcomer to Strata can withstand the market down at report the harbour, where goods from all over the world can be looked at - or even bought. Or the colourful places all over the town, where shops are lined up, in between taverns of all kinds and where you find musicians at every corner who compete with each other. But this is only one part of Strata. The other Strata, not visible easily for the traveller, is as extended as the visible one.

former importance and wealth, it is still a magnificent sight. Coming from the sea and arriving in the harbour or from the desert entering through the grand Northern Portal every visitor agrees that in front of his eyes lies the "beauty of the south". The dry heat presses down on the town. The air is shimmering in the brilliant light of the. The hot winds coming out of the rahaz-dath carry a fine sand which covers everything with a fine layer. But on the bottom of the canyon the tall houses are forming, the shade is deep, the wind cut out and life is possible.

We look forward to all enquiries, and assisting with your unit purchase needs. Tsrs team tsrs - trachtenberg Strata reporting Services. Disclaimer, terms and Conditions, home - site by: manidesign, if correct spelling is not available then use partial text (eg the first letter of the street name may result in all available reports with selected street name/s. Type in the suburb name in full, if correct spelling is not available then use partial text. Searching for a report by selling agency may also result in the availability of similar reports for other listed units). The city of Strata, list ancient capital of the, stratanian Kingdom, located near the southernmost point of the. Sarvonian Continent in the province of, truban, nowadays one of the major cities in the. United realms of Santharia.

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Tsrs - trachtenberg Strata reporting Services - homepage. History vision, contact details, testimonials, disclaimer. Faq's, find a report, request a report, why do you need a strata report? Trachtenberg Strata reporting Services (tsrs) is the culmination of over 40 years' experience in the strata and related reporting industry. With its foundation providing specialist services to the legal and other essay professions, tsrs has signaled a new direction for accessing the latest reporting methods and inspection of Strata, company and Community title records in nsw, in the most effective, time-efficient and economical manner. Please browse our web-site to familiarise yourself with our history and services, information and on-line facilities. Access reports for currently listed properties from the online data base of StrataSellfast; if a report is not available, do not hesitate to complete the request form or contact our office directly.

Simply strata reports
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  5. Our Accounting and Admin team. Our Commitment to best Practice. Why should your strata scheme be managed. Drafas calls it simply strata ". First reports are given of sightings of other life in the sewers of Strata than the usual thugs and smugglers. Ace building, pest and Strata reports are essential when making an investment in the property market.

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  7. When considering a purchase within a strata scheme, your Solicitor should arrange. Strata report to search the records maintained by the. What we do purchasers, strata. Inspections Pty Ltd (PSI) carry out strata inspections sometimes called strata reports, in many locations. Strata -x, reports, oil Shows, core Analysis at vail Project.

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