Reviews shrek adventure

reviews shrek adventure

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Kids who love gross stuff will especially like to see his ogre-sized loo! Having had a shrek-tastic adventure, you can also meet loads of other Dreamworks characters including the animals from Madagascar and Kung fu panda, po and toothless from How to Train your Dragon. Booking Advice: Click buy tickets Now for great discounts on tickets especially when you combine your tickets with other top London attractions. Book in advance this is not a turn daddy up and ride kind of attraction. Reduced rates for group bookings.

reviews shrek adventure

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We had a fantastic day! KidRateds Shreks Adventure top Tips: A perfect activity for a day out on the. Southbank, if youre not a fan of Shrek, there are loads of other Dreamworks characters to see. Be patient, there are sometimes queues. Shreks Adventure opened in county hall in 2015, right by the. Aquarium, dungeon and, london eye and has proved to be massive hit, especially with anyone who loved the Dreamworks franchise. Starting off in a 4D bus, with Donkey as a tour guide. As you journey round the far Far Away you will spot some of your favourite Shrek characters, including Puss in boots, the gingerbread Man, rumpelstiltskin and so many more. You have the chance to explore Shreks swamp.

As you are right by the london Aquarium and the coca cola london eye you can buy tickets to be able to visit both/all three attractions at a reduced price which must be used within 90 days. You can also combine your ticket with Madame tussauds and the london Dungeon helping you to save a lot of money! I was only saying to Greg today that now Archie is old enough to enjoy all of these wonderful days outs we should invest. Merlin Annual Passes, especially as we take the boys to legoland and all the time. Especially with the 32 places you can visit with. This post is in collaboration with Shreks Adventure. We were given free entry to the experience. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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reviews shrek adventure

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After the management tour is finished you can sometimes have a photo with the bag ogre himself but this wasnt available when we had finished. Here is a photo from when we visited in 2016. You then get to meet all your favourite DreamWorks characters and have photos with them. New to Shreks Adventure for the easter Holidays (Friday 30th March sunday 15th April 2018) you can head to the Isle of Berk and meet one of the baby nadder Dragons that have just hatched out of its egg. You can have a photo with the little dragon and purchase it at the end.

Are you brave enough to venture close enough? We had a fantastic time at the Shreks Adventure Experience. The boys loved it as it is a fun interactive tour that really gets the children involved. I would definitely recommend going as its a really fun family day out. If you purchase your tickets online before you visit you can save up. You can also purchase a merlin Annual Pass which from 139 per person which gives you unlimited access to 32 magical attractions!

We walked through the forest to the poison apple pub where we were greeted by a cinderellas Ugly sister where we got the hair of a hero from puss in boots. We then walked to go and play a game of the wheel of torture where we had to answer three questions to save pinocchio. We then rewired the torturers brain to become our friend and he gave us our second ingredient, the conscience of a boy. We then went through a mirrored maze to reach Sleeping beauty on Drury lane. Gingy then opened the door for us to the muffin Mans bakery so that we could mix up our potion.

We needed one last ingredient, the scent of an ogre. Everyone knows that Ogres smell like onions, so after Donkey dropped on off we added it to the potion. Oscar was asked to put it in the cauldron. We said the magic word Waffle and then entered the magical portal to return home. But disaster happens, Rumplestiltskin had tampered with the portal and we had been captured my the witches and found ourselves locked in prison. But dont worry Shrek isnt far behind and comes and saves us! We are finally back home in Far Far Away.

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Once upstairs you walk down a hallway with Shrek themed stained glass windows. There is a small shop list where you can purchase snacks and Shrek themed light up ears (you can also drop any pushchairs off here too) before starting your tour. We had our photo taken with Donkey (one of you will be given a wrist band with a serial number on it so that you can see all your photos at the end). We then we to the departure lounge where we were greeted with a very enthusiastic and fun tour guide who went through a quick safety briefing and led us to the magical red bus station. We met Princess fiona and then boarded the magical bus with our 4D glasses. We drove/flew with toothless the Dragon, kung daddy fu panda and the plane from Madagascar. But as we reached Far Far Away with Donkeys dodgy driving we were surrounded by rumplestiltskin witches and as we landed killed his favourite witch! We then met Cinderella who told us we needed to find Shrek, quick. We then walked through the forest to the fortune-teller, Esmeralda who told us we needed to get three ingredients to make a magical portal spell to get us home.

reviews shrek adventure

Just be aware there is a lot. Just be aware there is a lot of standing, occasionally you get to sit down with some of the interacting parts thats more near the second half. Awful, we went to this 2 years back and thought it was a waste of money, but we thought it must have got better since. But it hasnt, this time there wasnt essay the 3D bus ride unlike before, the sone of the actors cant acted, and I would have been so disappointed if we had paid to get in because its not worth a penny! Yesterday we went into london as we were invited to the. Shreks Adventure London, dreamWorks tour and to get up close to a real Nadder baby dragon from How to train a dragon. We have been on the tour once before a couple years ago when Archie was only small and Greg was at work that day, so we were looking forward to a fun family day out. Luckily the weather was beautiful yesterday and it was lovely and sunny walking across the millenium Bridge to walk down the south Bank past the london eye to the Shrek adventure entrance. We collected our tickets then had a short queue to the lift.

good as it gets. The advice from this weary adventurer: children aged from four upwards are permitted but bear in mind temperament and personality, too. Is located in county hall on Londons south Bank and is open from 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week. Tickets booked online are priced from adult.40, children from.72. You can bring babies, just before you go in there is a pushchair drop. However in parts there are bangs, flashes and shouting. The 3D cinema is quite loud. I guess its completely up to you.

Unfortunately for Matilda, her nightmares involve being chased by green-faced witches and, unfortunately for all the family, it turns out that these very witches form a key part of the narrative. Lets just say she doesnt like. In the next room a tavern we discover from another jolly thespian that we have landed on a witch and so all the other witches are out to get. Matilda starts crying again and another child (aged seven but obviously of sensitive disposition) is carried out screaming at the top of her lungs. Daisy turns to me: Were not going to leave are we? Im really enjoying this! And so i cover Matildas eyes and ears. The emotional rollercoaster continues during the rest of the adventure Cinderella and Sleeping beauty are a hit; not so much the torture Chamber with Pinocchio, the scary mirror maze and the rat-infested, skeleton-hung chapel with I wont spoil it but suffice to say i swore. Matilda completely forgets all her fears once we emerge from the adventure and discover the entire cast of Madagascar including the penguins waiting to have their photographs taken with you.


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I visit Shreks Adventure with daisy, a hardy nearly seven-year-old, and Matilda, four, who we had previously thought fairly thick-skinned, but more of that later. Situated next to the new London Dungeon and beside the london Aquarium, its an attraction that aims to give the feeling of being in a film and succeeds a little too much at times. The start is sedate. You are invited to make your way down a few corridors of old county hall (the wood panelling hung not with past mayors but with portraits of Shrek, princess fiona, the donkey and the rest of the gang). In the departure lounge, you are greeted by a uniformed attendant who reads the rules in an amusing fashion and is the first of a long line of highly trained actors putting their all into performances. The first stop is a bus garage where audience participation it turns out the there is to be a lot of this means singing a song at the tops of our voices, which the adults appear to enjoy as much as the children. Then you are given 3D glasses and enter the bus this is a stationary, seated affair complete with pull-down bars that you usually find in a fairground. It all looks fairly harmless but then the green screen is turned on and utterly petrifies everyone apart from the 7-year-old, who absolutely loves. Virtually every freaky nightmare scenario youve ever experienced from plummeting from a great height to being run over by a train is realised with horrifying accuracy.

Reviews shrek adventure
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  2. Yesterday we went into london as we were invited to the Shrek s Adventure london DreamWorks tour and to get up close to a real nadder.

  3. This thread is for the reviews from the 10 Netmums families who have visited the b rand new Shrek s Adventure attraction in London. I visit Shrek s Adventure with daisy, a hardy nearly seven-year -old, and Matilda, four, who we had previously thought fairly thick-skinned, but. KidRated s Shrek s Adventure top Tips: A perfect activity for a day out on the southbank; If you re not a fan of Shrek, there are loads of other Dreamworks. We checked out Shrek s Adventure in London. Singing, dancing, great graphics, super special effects plenty of laughter - caroline gives.

  4. A brilliantly bonkers interactive and immersive. Shrek s Adventure is a walk and ride experience for the whole family beginning. We were given free entry to Shrek s Adventure for the purposes of this review. Book now save up to 13 online. 3.5 TripAdvisor Tra veller Rating Based on 2,794 reviews. Join the indoor walk-and-ride attraction.

  5. Ways to Experience DreamWork s tours: Shrek s Adventure! Shrek s Adventure, london. This new immersive storytelling expe rience whisks children off on a 4d virtual tour of Shrek and other Dreamworks. Shrek s Adventure, london, United Kingdom. 37326 likes 404 talking about th is 114162 were here.

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