Obesity dissertation

obesity dissertation

Psychological Factors of Obesity - uk essays

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obesity dissertation

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While malnutrition is certainly still pervasive in our world today, modern industrialized societies are also suffering from overnutrition and obesity at epidemic rates. Our work is focused on understanding the effects that overnutrition and obesity have on developing children. While work with rodents has provided much information, there are important species-specific differences between rodents and humans that preclude translation of rodent findings directly into human obesity research. The nonhuman primate model of maternal overnutrition utilized in this dissertation was chosen for the similarities that exist in development between the nonhuman primate and humans. We believe the studies described in this dissertation will extend our current knowledge of hepatic nervous system development in the nonhuman primate, an area of research that has not been well characterized. In addition, our findings have important clinical implications for understanding how maternal nutrition impacts human development. Human studies based on our findings in the nonhuman primate are currently underway. Our model is a tremendous resource that will allow us, as well as other investigators, to implement rigorous explorations into the effects that obesity and/or a high fat diet have on the growing epidemic of human obesity; a disease whose prevention may have to begin. Identifier doi:10.6083/M4KW5D1C, division, neuroscience Graduate Program, recommended Citation, grant, wilmon Francis, "The effects of a maternal high fat diet on hepatic innervation in the nonhuman primate" (2011).

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obesity dissertation

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In addition, unnecessary medical interventions and costs can be reduced, added Hamilton. The work was supported in part by grants from the national Institutes of health (nci and niddk; R56 DK090455 gvd) and a subcontract from the boston Area diabetes Endocrinology research Center (baderc; P30 DK057521). Is Chair-Elect of the Obesity and Cancer Section of The Obesity society. Our team offers professional writing assistance to students across the globe. From high-school essays to PhD dissertations, we ensure that every paper you need is done to the highest standards of academia. Institution, oregon health science University, abstract. Along with an increasing prevalence of adult obesity world wide, an increasing prevalence of obesity and its co-morbidities has also been documented in children.

Diseases once only normally found in adults are occurring with greater frequency in pediatric populations. Type 2 diabetes mellitus as well as secondary co-morbidities such as hypertension, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hyperlipidemia, and metabolic syndrome are now becoming increasingly common in children. While associations between study maternal obesity (without diabetes) or weight gain during pregnancy and childhood obesity have been suggested, the contributions of these conditions to fetal programming are not well understood. However, it is clear from studies in both humans and rodents that intra partum and early postnatal environments are critical to the development of systems that regulate body weight, energy and glucose homeostasis. Seminal work in humans highlighted the effects that the intrauterine environment has on the development of adult cardiovascular disease, hypertension and bronchitis in cases of maternal undernutrition.

However, this definition of obesity focuses on a single criterion of Body mass Index (bmi which includes a large group of persons with high bmi who are metabolically healthy and not at high risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity-associated cancers. In a review article published online. Denis, PhD, professor of pharmacology and medicine and James. Hamilton, PhD, professor of physiology and biophysics at Boston University School of Medicine (busm discusses the importance of eliminating healthy obese persons from unnecessary pharmaceutical treatments of the disease. Previous studies have shown that the total volume of fat around the heart in obese persons is detrimental to some organ functions, but that total pericardial fat is not predicted by bmi. Thus, noninvasive imaging, such as magnetic resonance imaging (mri of pericardial fat could help to identify cardiovascular risks that are not clearly coupled with bmi.

In addition, this could provide an opportunity to find blood biomarkers, which are the best indicators of relative metabolic status. These insights strongly suggest that bmi alone is insufficient to classify patients as obese and unhealthy; metabolism, body composition, fat deposition and inflammatory status must be part of a comprehensive health evaluation, said Denis. Certain non-obese individuals may also benefit from a noninvasive imaging approach, as well. Although not apparent physically, many lean people experience significant risks for these same diseases because of chronic low-level inflammation and fat deposition in or around vital organs. Where bmi alone would exclude this group from screenings, weighing more factors that contribute to pericardial fat could save lives. By using a more individualized approach, some obese persons can be relieved of the additional stigma of classification in a major disease category.

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Lihavuus heikentä kestävyyskuntoa, lisä insuliiniresistenssiä ja aiheuttaa mitokondrioiden toimintaan liittyvien geenien vaimennussätelyä. Rights: This publication is copyrighted. You may download, display and print it for your own personal use. Commercial use is prohibited. With soaring obesity rates in the. American Medical Association has classified obesity as a disease. This major shift in healthcare policy brings much needed medical attention to obese patients.

obesity dissertation

Tulokset: liikunta vähensi perinnöllisten tekijöiden vaikutusta painoindeksiin ja vyötärönympärykseen. Urheilun ja lihavuuden känteinen yhteys samoin kuin urheilun ja kestävyyskunnon yhteys selittyivät suurelta osin yhteisillä perinnöllisillä tekijöillä. Perinnölliset tekijät olivat merkittäviä yksilöiden välisten liikuntaerojen selittäjinä: ne selittivät neljän liikuntaindeksin yksilöiden välisestä vaihtelusta. Lihavuus oli yhteydessä heikentyneeseen kestävyyskuntoon ja alentuneeseen mitokondrioiden toimintaan liittyvien geenien ilmentymiseen rasvakudoksessa. Pätelmät: Perinnöllisten tekijöiden vaikutus lihavuuteen oli pienempi paljon liikkuvilla kuin liikkumattomilla yksilöillä, mikä viittaa geeni-ympäristöinteraktioon liikunnan ja lihomiselle altistavien geenien välillä. Näin ollen ne yksilöt, joilla on suurin perinnöllinen alttius lihoa, hyötyvät eniten liikunnasta. Perinnölliset tekijät vaikuttavat sekä liikuntaan että towns lihavuuteen liittyviin suureisiin ja selittävät suuren osan niiden välisistä yhteyksistä.

länsimaissa, ja liikunnan puutteen tiedetän olevan lihavuuden tärkeä riskitekijä. Sekä perinnölliset että ympäristöperäiset tekijät vaikuttavat lihavuuden syntyyn, liikuntatottumuksiin ja kestävyyskuntoon. Ei kuitenkaan tiedetä, missä märin lihavuuden, liikunnan ja kunnon yhteydet selittyvät yhteisillä perinnöllisillä tai ympäristöperäisillä tekijöillä. Tavoitteet: Tutkia perinnöllisten tekijöiden ja ympäristötekijöiden suhteellista vaikutusta painoindeksiin, vyötärönympärykseen, liikuntaan ja kestävyyskuntoon, tutkia muokkaako liikunta perinnöllisten tekijöiden suhteellista osuutta painoindeksiin ja vyötärönympärykseen ja tutkia lihavuuden vaikutusta kestävyyskuntoon ja mitokondrioiden enrgiantuottoon liittyvien geenien ilmentymiseen nuorilla aikuisilla kaksosilla. Tutkimushenkilöt: 4 71979 syntynyttä kaksosta (Nuorten kaksosten terveystutkimus eli finnTwin16-kohortti joita seurattiin 16-vuotiaista 23 - 27-vuotiaiksi; kaksi finnTwin16-kohortin alaotosta: toisessa oli 24 samamunaista kaksosparia, joista osalla oli merkittävä parinsisäinen painoero ja osa oli samanpainoisia, ja toisessa 152 sama- ja erimunaista kaksosparia jotka oli valikoitu niin. Mittaukset: Kohortit: Itseraportoitu pituus, paino ja vyötärönympärys, itseraportoidun liikunnan rasittavuuden ja märän perusteella laskettu liikuntaindeksi, baecken liikuntakysely. Alaotokset: Mitattu pituus, paino ja vyötärönympärys, mitattu kehonkoostumus ja insuliiniherkkyys, kestävyyskunto, geenien ilmentyminen rasvakudoksessa.

Measures: Cohorts: Self-reported height, weight and waist circumference, a physical activity index calculated from the product of self-reported physical activity intensity, duration and frequency, the baecke physical activity questionnaire. Subsamples: measured height, weight and waist circumference, measured body composition and insulin sensitivity, cardiorespiratory fitness, gene expression in adipose tissue. Results: Physical activity decreased the influence of genetic factors on bmi and waist circumference. The association between sports activity and obesity and of that between sports activity and cardiorespiratory fitness was largely due to genetic factors influencing both traits. Genetic factors contributed significantly to individual differences in physical activity, with book genetic factors explaining between 41 and 64 of the variance in four physical activity indexes. Acquired obesity was associated with poor cardiorespiratory fitness and lowered transcript levels of genes involved in mitochondrial function in adipose tissue. Conclusions: The influence of genetic factors on obesity measures was smaller in physically active subjects as compared to inactive subjects indicating a geneenvironment association between physical activity and genes predisposing to obesity. This suggests that the individuals at greatest genetic risk for obesity would benefit most from physical activity. Genetic factors influence both would benefit most from physical activity.

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Title: Obesity, physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness in young adulthood : Studies in Finnish twins. Contributor: University of Helsinki, faculty of Medicine, hjelt Institute, department of Public health. Thesis level: Doctoral dissertation (article-based abstract: Background: Obesity is one of the leading causes of ill-health in the western world, and physical inactivity is a known risk factor for obesity. Obesity as well as physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness are influenced by both genetic professional and environmental factors. However, whether they share the same genetic. Environmental etiology has rarely been studied. Aims: to explore the relative contributions of genetic and environmental factors on body mass index (bmi waist circumference, physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness, to explore whether physical activity modifies the relative contribution of genetic factors on bmi and waist circumference and to assess the effects. Subjects: 4,798 twins born in (FinnTwin16 cohort) and followed up from the ages of 16 to 23 - 27 years; two subsamples of the finnTwin16 cohort: one consisting of 24 monozygotic (MZ) pairs concordant and discordant for obesity and the other consisting of 152.

Obesity dissertation
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  2. Obesity, physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness in young adulthood: Studies in Finnish twins. With soaring obesity rates in the. S., the American Medical Association has classified obesity as a disease. The dissertation is your chance to study a topic of particular interest to you. You decide on the topic which should have some relevance to politics or international studies. Past Theses and Dissertations.

  3. The nonhuman primate model of maternal overnutrition utilized in this dissertation was chosen for the similarities that exist in development between the nonhuman primate and humans. Obesity, found to be higher in Preschoolers Suspected of being Maltreated Menu. That compares to about one in six kids nationally and about one in five children on public aid. The ridicule of the cousins obesity is amplified by his conversion into a pig. I hesitate to make the accusation that the films director specifically targeted. After completing my dissertation, i retrained through two postdoctoral fellowships in the anthropology departments at Harvard and Penn State Universities.

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