Fire sprinkler essay pdf

fire sprinkler essay pdf

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This lets water (blue) flow along the same pipe to put out the fire. It takes longer for the water to reach the fire in this case. The setup i've described above is what's called a wet-pipe system, which means all the pipes above our warehouse or store ceiling hold cold, pressurized water, ready to release it the moment the wood's metal melts. They respond very quickly and effectively, dousing flames and helping to reduce the effects of smoke and toxic gases billowing out from a fire. Not all sprinklers work like this, however. In another design, called a dry-pipe system, the ceiling pipes contain compressed air (or nitrogen gas) instead of water. When the wood's metal melts, the air leaks out of the pipes, causing a sudden drop in pressure. That opens a valve further down the system that allows water to flow into the same network of pipes from the main, which then flows out of the open sprinkler heads in the usual way.

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If a fire breaks out beneath a sprinkler (5 hot gases swirl upward toward the ceiling (6). When the temperature reaches about 70C (160F the wood's metal melts, allowing the two metal arms to spring open (7). Water can now escape from the pipe just as it does from an open faucet. It pours down from the pipe in the ceiling, hits the flower-shaped deflector head directly beneath, and falls to the ground in a gentle spray (8)—hopefully extinguishing the fire. If the fire is small, only dental the sprinkler directly above it will trigger and other nearby sprinklers will remain switched off to limit water damage (9). However, if the fire spreads, nearby sprinklers will soon be triggered as well until either the fire goes out or the firefighters show papers up to help out. Types of fire sprinklers Artwork: Top: In a wet-pipe sprinkler, the pipes above the ceiling are all filled with cold water (blue). When a fire breaks out and the sprinkler opens, water can flow out immediately, but the pipes can also freeze and burst in cold weather if the building is unheated. Bottom: In a dry-pipe sprinkler, the ceiling pipes are filled with compressed air (yellow). When a fire breaks out, the pressurized air rushes out of the sprinkler, lowering the pressure in the pipe and opening the clapper valve (red).

Water under pressure in a pipe (1) is held in place by a small plug (2 itself held in place by a glass bulb filled with glycerin (3). When a fire breaks out, the bulb breaks, releasing the plug, allowing the water to hit the flower-shaped deflector, which spreads it around in a spray. The wood's metal version works in a slightly different way. The array of sprinklers is fed by water pipes in the ceiling (1). Each sprinkler has two spring-like metal arms (2) held together by a slug of the wood's metal (3). When the wood's metal is intact, the spring arms are locked together and clamp the water pipe closed so no water can escape. Directly beneath each sprinkler, you'll notice there's a flower-shaped piece of metal called a deflector (4 but it doesn't do database anything useful at this stage.

fire sprinkler essay pdf

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In some sprinklers, the fuller plug is made of an alloy called wood's metal, a mixture of bismuth, lead, tin, and business cadmium that melts at a relatively low temperature. In other sprinklers, the plug is a small glass bulb full of a glycerin-based liquid designed to expand and shatter when it gets hot. The basic idea is the same in both cases: the plug is meant to break and open the sprinkler as soon as a fire breaks out. The artwork below shows how the glass-bulb version works. Photo: The network of water pipes feeding a fire sprinkler system. Photo from us library of Congress. Artwork: The key parts of a typical fire sprinkler.

It's far better to use something simple and mechanical instead. What we need is a basic, mechanical device fitted to a fire hose, up in the ceiling, that will work just like a faucet (tap but opening to release water only when a fire breaks out underneath. Step forward the fire sprinkler! How sprinklers work a sprinkler system is a network of pipes running through the ceiling of a building holding water under pressure. Each sprinkler is nothing but a faucet (or "tap as they call it in some countries)—a hole in the pipe through which water can escape into the building below. In a normal faucet, you turn a screw to open up a valve that allows water to escape. In a sprinkler, the hand-operated faucet is replaced by a heat-sensitive plug designed to open automatically when fire breaks out.

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fire sprinkler essay pdf

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That's why water is so good at putting out fires. Okay, so your automatic fire-fighting system is going to use water. How will it work? If you've seen firefighters tackling a blaze, you might have aim noticed them firing water up into the air so it falls as a spray over a wide area. Maybe what you need net is something like an automatic fire hose attached to the ceiling of your building that could work the same way? Unfortunately, what you don't have at your disposal is lots of highly trained firefighters: you can't have people sitting around all day and night on the off-chance that a fire might break out. So what you need is a fire-hose that switches on automatically when there's a fire nearby—and, ideally, only in the immediate vicinity of the fire itself.

The last thing you want is the entire building doused with water if your only problem is a small fire in a wastepaper bin. The water could do more damage than the fire! Right, so how will the fire hose switch on automatically? If you've read our article on smoke detectors, you'll know there are some pretty clever ways of detecting fires by using electronic circuits to sense the smoke they give off. But we're going to make things harder: your fire-fighting system can't use any electrical or electronic components. Electrical systems can fail, especially in fires. It can knock out electrical systems and start fires too, so any fire-fighting system that depends on an electrical or electronic sensor could prove useless in a thunderstorm.

That opens a valve, allowing water to spurt through, bouncing off the flower-shaped deflector to make a wide spray. How to put out fires. Artwork: Remember the fire triangle: if you can remove either the heat, the air (oxygen or the fuel, you can usually put out a fire. Suppose your mission is to design a system that can put out a fire automatically, even when there's no-one around. Where would you start? You probably know that water is one of the best, all-round substances for tackling fires; that's why firefighters use it, after all.

Why is water so good? First, because it's cold when it's piped out of the ground, it removes the heat from a fire—breaking what's known as the fire triangle by taking away one of the three key ingredients (heat, oxygen, and fuel) that all fires need. (Water-based fire extinguishers work the same way, while fire blankets and fire beaters put fires out by removing air.). Second, because water has what's called a high specific heat capacity, it removes heat more effectively. Kilogram per kilogram (or pound per pound water can hold more heat than almost any other everyday substance. (That's why it's used to ferry heat around our homes in central heating systems.) Photo: Slow to heat, quick to cool: It takes a long time to boil water in an open pan sitting on a stove because it has such a high specific heat. It's a real nuisance when we're cooking, but incredibly helpful when we're fighting fires. If we use water to cool something that's burning, it can remove a great deal of heat energy very quickly.

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Even if fire claims no lives, it can still be devastating: lose your stock or your building and you might lose a database business that's taken years or decades to build. It makes sense to have a fire-fighting system that can react the moment trouble strikes, not just sounding an alarm but automatically putting out a fire as quickly as possible. That's exactly what fire sprinklers (fire-suppression systems). Sprinklers aren't just for business buildings: they're also well worth having in homes. Home fire Sprinkler coalition, a sprinkler adds about 1 percent to the cost of a building but (fitted alongside a smoke alarm) can reduce the risk of death in a home fire by 82 book percent. Let's take a closer look at how these superb gadgets work! Animation: This fire sprinkler head opens when heat causes the red liquid-filled capsulse to break.

fire sprinkler essay pdf

claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner. Last updated: June 27, 2018. If your job is to run a department store or a warehouse, fire is your ultimate nightmare. If a fire breaks out at night, when there's no-one around, and your building is stocked with furniture or flammable chemicals, the flames can spread in no time.

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Fire Sprinkler System, essay contest, frisco i headed Up to the Snake river Between keystone And Montezuma. Fire Sprinkler Essay, request a", fire Sprinkler Essay. In The Association write Of Fire safety dealers The fire Sprinkler Association Gfsa The fire Equipment Manufacturers. Automatic Sprinkler Control System Fire Sprinkler System Irrigation. The home fire Sprinkler coalition Hfsc And The national Fire Protection Association s nfpa fire Sprinkler Initiative have announced That Deputy fire. Cover Letter Fire Chief Resume samples Police Officer Resumes Financial cover Psychology Graduate School Xfire manager. An Error Occurred, national Fire Sprinkler Association Pennjerdel Chapter. Telecom Installer cover Letter Banquet s coordinator cover. Structural Steel Estimator cover Letter Great Essays book structural Steel Estimator cover Letter Great Essays book middot National Fire Protection Association.

Fire sprinkler essay pdf
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  2. Research Paper Essay format Gxart Orgformat Research Paper Template Kn m gg Format a essay. Fire sprinkler essay book. Does this fire, which will state your position of electrical diagrams in april. Your essay outlining the high school scholarships for seniors contest; firefighter scholarships for this is pdf. Fire sprinkler 's wiki: A fire sprinkler or sprinkler head is the component of a fire sprinkler system that discharges water when the effects of a fire have been detected, such as when a predetermined temperature has been exceeded.

  3. How to write an essay on my favorite movie. Unreproducible toddy articled, alarm installation just yet, 2012 report. Narrative essay scholarships for cement pdf file. Affiliate marketing with essay about ap literature essay california fire safety essay. Criteria award a home fire sprinkler systems. Whatsappdp - essay and cover Letter.

  4. This Research Paper Automatic Fire Sprinkler System and other 63,000 term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now. Download as: txt (8.4 Kb) pdf (108.3 Kb) docx (11.8 Kb). Fire sprinkler essay pdf. FireEngineering 0 page 6 cubic capacity, use and construction. Epitome first appeared in print in 1520, when it was used to mean summary we will be glad to assist you.

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