Essay on polythene bags

essay on polythene bags

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Your business is bound to find an excellent use for just the right sized resealable polythene bag. So lets reseal the deal on plain polythene self seal bags. Description: 45 microns (180 gauge) thickness available from sizes 40mm x 65mm right up to 230 to 325mm (A4) numerous uses in business, for hobbies and the home order in quantities of 1000, use it for: sorting fishing paper tackle, packed lunches, craft supplies and documents.

essay on polythene bags

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The cost of managing it is all too high and is bound to cripple our struggling economy. we all have an obligation to support this and seek long term solutions. Plain Polythene self seal Bags, self-sealing - for sealing and resealing! A self seal bag by any other name for example, supagrip, minigrip, Grippa, ziplock, zipper, self seal makes little difference as theyre all basically this product. Grip-seal zip lock bags can be used to store your stamp collection, your lunchtime doughnut, or the script from your latest novel. In the office at home, or out and about, polythene resealable bags have countless uses. 45 microns thickness and available in 19 different sizes. Sold in quantities of 1000, plain self seal bags come as small as 40mm x 65mm, right up.

It would perhaps be interesting for us to understand the breakdown of these 60,000 jobs in terms of specialization; however, we agree that more research should be done on the environmental cost burden that this plastic mess is subjecting the country.  Manufacturers of plastic bags should invest in the production of alternative, recyclable bags which the government ought to zero-rate on taxes to make them affordable to the citizens. In order to win the fight against plastic waste pollution, the private sector, the government and non-governmental organizations should work together to formulate long-lasting solutions. The Green Belt movement has realized that a bottom-up approach to environmental education, with respect to plastic waste management, is vital. In line with this, we are sensitizing communities and different stakeholders on sustainable waste management, behavior change in relation to use of polythene bags and the negative effects of poor disposal of plastic waste. In the last one month, the Green Belt movement in partnership with the ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the national Environment Management Authority (nema) and the ministry of health, has held stakeholder workshops in Mombasa and Kilgoris counties. These workshops aim at adopting and integrating approaches to increase the proper and sustainable management of waste with all the representatives unanimously agreeing on the need to act now or else, face the blame from future generations. Plastic waste management is a ticking time bomb that may explode at any time. This menace has proved to be detrimental to human and animal health as well as the environment.

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essay on polythene bags

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You will find a multitude of uses for our polythene bags at home, school and in the office or warehouse. The recent ban on plastic bags in Kenya by the cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources Prof. Judi wakhungu, through a gazette notice dated February 28 was met with mixed reactions. In less than three months, the six months grace period for Kenya to cease from production, importation, sale and use of plastic bags will expire. Pursuant to section 144 of the Environmental Management summary and co-ordination Act (emca any person who contravenes the provision of the gazette notice shall be liable to a fine of not less than two (2) million Kenya shillings, and not more than four (4) million Kenya. Plastic bags litter most parts of the country and have become an eyesore in major parts of Kenya.

Drainages in our towns remain clogged and the effect of this is being felt during the rainy season. Open burning of plastic bags produces dangerous chemicals (furans and dioxins) which are not only harmful to the environment but also to human health. These chemicals lead to lung and respiratory disorders, different forms of cancer, hormonal imbalance, skin diseases, child birth defects, decreasing fertility and suppressed immunity. Due to its non-biodegradable nature, irresponsible disposal of plastic bags is affecting the environment in its totality. They are also polluting the coastal and marine environments by smothering the coral reefs and choking marine animals; leading to their death after consuming plastic materials. Many kenyans support the ban of polythene bags, especially those below 30 micron, which are the most common type. The manufacturing industry is crying foul, stating help that more than 60,000 Jobs will be lost and this will in turn affect the countrys economy.

Ideal where you want to secure contents and avoid leakage or contamination, no need of bag-sealer, staples or tape. Grip seal bags with write-on-panels Same as the normal grip seal bag but with write-on panels that help you to keep your items organised and labled making your work much easier when it comes to find what you need or if you are using grip. Heavy duty grip seal bags Same as slider grip bags but with an icreased resistance, heavy duty grip seal bags are good for storing heavy items Specimen bags Specimen are self sealing bags with an attached pouch for record cards. Good to advertise your product or if you need to send an invoice together with the letter. Antistatic grip seal bags Electronics industry antistatic grip seal bags are ideal for electrical component packing Slider grip bags With a simple design self sealing bags come with a plastic slider grip seal on, just so you can open and reclose.

Available in a variety of sizes grip bags are ideal for carrying school project work, office documents etc. When you need a packing solution that addresses a wide range of packing applications, our polythene bags offer you an ideal and cost-effective choice. Perfect for packaging a huge range of items from small light components to booklets and garments, our polybags come in 3 types: lightweight, medium and heavyweight. The plastic bags also offer you a wide selection of sizes, ensuring they meet all your packaging and packing requirements. Our three grades of poly bag are 80-120, 200-250 and 400-500 gauge polythene, all made of high quality material with a high clarity feature giving you a classy and hygienic clear plastic bag. This protects the contents from moisture and dust while letting you easily monitor your goods while they are stored or in transit. So convenient to have at hand, our plastic bags can be sealed with ties, tape or a heat sealer.

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Some of the most common types of poly bags are: Plain polythene first bags An extensive range of clear polythene bags in many different sizes. These bags are normally available in multiple thicknesses: light duty, medium duty use and heavy duty. Remember, if you need a size or thickness not stocked, they can be manufactured. For biodegradable stock alternatives please see also biodegradable clear bags. High tensile strength bags High Tensile bags have improved strength properties compared to standard polybags. High tensile bags are also known as 'high strength' polythene bags. This bags are very popular on the food packaging industry. High tensile bags are ideal where extra bag strength or thickness reduction is required. Grip seal and slider grip bags Grip seal and slider grip bags are closed at the top by squeezing the interlocking zipper together.

essay on polythene bags

Protect your garments during shipment with these clear polyethylene bags. There are many polythene bag suppliers in the uk, but not all indore of them are able to manufacture their own bags; these companies are known as wholesale distributors wheras a company that manufactures polythene bags is known as a poly bags manufacturer. Bags can be created out of film, plain or coloured and sized to your specifications. Most types of bag can also be printed for promotional purposes, printed carrier bags are particularly effective as this kind of marketing tool. Recycling and biodegradable plastic bags, green plastics carry high expectations. They are expected to perform their intended function as bags, packages or film barriers and then, within a reasonable timeframe, essentially disappear in the form of environmentally acceptable degradation products. Types of Polythene bags, perhaps the most familiar type of polythene bag is the carrier bag (or carry bag as it sometimes called) but there are many other types of polythene bags and you can even have them manufactured to suit your own specific needs.

keeping your goods safe while allowing for easy opening and closing. Bag printing is an excellent way to promote and advertise your company image or product, it really gives a professional look to your packaging. Printed carrier bags are available in many different styles such as patch handle, flexi-loop, clip close carrier bags, vest carrier bags and Varigauge. Go ahead and have a look at our printed carrier bags page for more information on all the types available! Polythene mailing bags, polythene mailing bags are available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes and other than mailing they will protect your product from weather or punctures. Polythene mailing bags are the popular choice in today's business world as well as a popular mailing bag choice for personal mailing needs. Please visit our polythene mailing bags website to know more about poly mailers. Garment poly bags, poly garment bags, also known as garment poly bags or plastic garment bags, have a variety of uses in many industries. The typical consumer is familiar with poly garment bags from the dry cleaners.

Polythene bags, poly apple bags can be used for pretty much everything! Whenever there is a need to protect an item to store, you can always find a poly bag that is right for the job. Lighter density poly bags are a good choice for items that are not heavy and require only a simple shield from their surroundings. Heavy density poly bags keep your goods safe from harm in more abusive environments where dirt, dust, moisture, movement, etc. Are factors that may damage your goods. The shape of the bag is also an important consideration in some cases. Flat poly bags are general purpose bags that are often used where a clear presentation at a low cost is desired.

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Packaging, one of the most common ways of packaging is the polythene bag, or Polybag as it is sometimes called. These are also called plastic bags or storage bags. Polythene bags come in whole variety of shapes and sizes; small bags, large bags you can even get special promotional polythene bags that can be printed with your own design or logo. Where to buy good quality polybags. For a wide range of polythene bags, polybags its the best choice, they offer very good quality products at a reasonable price that fits your pocket. More info, for summary more about polythene packaging and polythene bags please visit m you will find lots of useful information such as how polythene film is made and also a list with the best suppliers. You might also want to check one of our other polythene bags websites for some extra!

Essay on polythene bags
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  5. The recent ban on plastic bags in Kenya by the cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources. They can be sealed simply with ties, a bag neck sealer or with one of our heat sealers. Our polythene bags offer you an ideal and cost-effective choice. Grip seal polythene bag 's air tight fastening enables the bags to click shut and pull open. Keywords: Packaging printing, polythene bag Manufacturers Profile#58265. We offer a massive range of clear polythene bags for all requirements.

  6. There are many polythene bag suppliers in the uk, but not all of them are able to manufacture their own bags ; these companies are known as wholesale. Essay on polythene bags should not be banned br Essay on knife sharpener br Union gas essay scholarship 2014 br Important essay. For affordable, durable and versatile carrier bags, youll be hard pushed to find better than this polythene flexiloop carrier bag. Our products currently benefit both sme and blue chip companies, enabling you to quickly and easily source custom polythene bags. Graphicriver, polythene bag mockup. The ban on polythene bags are kenyans ready?

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