Eng101 assignment

eng101 assignment

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It will address issues common to all human groups and take a global, cross-cultural perspective. Mariella r squire nbsp nbsp Class Number: 30712, introduction to five religions that, because of their impact on world civilizations, are known as the "great" religions: Hinduism, buddhism, judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Particular emphasis is given to these religions as active contributors to culture and civilization, and as shapers of current political ideologies and dilemmas. Patricia lynn Eldershaw nbsp nbsp Class Number: 21480, a survey of the distinctive features of the major world religions and the most studied Native american, African and aboriginal Australian religions. Focuses on the fit between myth and ritual, the problems involved in trying to understand both "from the believer's point of view and what generalizations can be made about religion in general. Henry l munson nbsp nbsp Class Number: 29141. Class Notes:.00 per credit hour fee is assessed to all online courses. Tech Help: Email or call.

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Basic concepts include different types of costs (e.g., direct, indirect, fixed, variable, and relevant costs). Basic accounting systems include systems for cost allocation (e.g., job-order costing, activity based costing planning (e.g., cost-volume-profit analysis, master budget and control (e.g., flexible budgets, variance analysis, responsibility accounting, performance measurement). Prerequisites: acc 110 or acc 201 (c- or higher) and sophomore standing. Donald Ladd nbsp nbsp Class Number: 24639, there are two major "outliers" when discussing youth: youth with disabilities and youth who are gifted and talented. In addition, there is a fascinating subset of these two groups, which is youth who are dually exceptional, having both a disability and gifts and talents. Through the use of case studies and court decision analysis, panel discussions, and reflections this course erosion will focus on these three groups of youth and how they are marginalized in general society, and in educational settings. This course will explore why and how these youth are marginalized and how the marginalization of them is continued in mainstream society and by others, many times unconsciously. This course requires a four-hour field placement working with youth with exceptionalities. Julie alexandrin nbsp nbsp Class Number: 26536, class Notes: This is a blended course that meets once a week on tuesdays and also online. The course will cover the four fields of anthropology: physical, archaeology, linguistics, and cultural. It will cover humans as primates, genetics, and evolution; the archeological record; language, food acquisition, economics and political systems, group formation, family systems, religious and belief systems, the role of art, ethnicity and gender, and the contemporary global culture.

The annual report is used to explore how corporations apply accounting principles in presentations to the public. Prerequisites: minimum of 12 earned credit hours and evidence of successfully meeting the University's college readiness requirements in writing and mathematics. Lisa m dunbar nbsp nbsp Class Number: 24633, the fundamental principles of accounting as they relate to sole proprietorships. Emphasis is given to developing the technical procedures of journalizing, posting, adjusting entries, closing the books and preparing the financial statements. In addition, students are introduced to notes, inventory, depreciation, controls and payroll. Competency and/or concurrent enrollment in basic reading, writing, and mathematics courses are a prerequisite for all business studies offerings with a prefix of acc, bus, man, and mar. Rhonda h french nbsp nbsp Class Number: 21805, the fundamental principles of accounting as they relate to sole proprietorships. Rhonda h french nbsp nbsp Class Number: Check maineStreet for Class Number. This course will provide students with the opportunity to learn basic concepts and accounting systems involved in the use reviews of managerial accounting information in making planning and control decisions in organizations.

eng101 assignment

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Name: gcc email: Phone number: course name/Number (eg. Eng101 with course meeting days times: course location(s batavia albion Arcade dansville lima medina warsaw. Instruction Location: Library Classroom Campus Center Lab In-Class. Instruction Type: Full-class Instruction Mini-Instruction (20 mins or less) no instruction - research Only. Instruction Date: 1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice. This course is designed to help students appreciate the role of accountants in providing information helpful to decisions of investors, creditors, government regulators, and others, and how that information can be used. Emphasis is on understanding the meaning and value of the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. The role of the auditor, internal controls, and ethical issues are examined.

How does the cahow's success-story bear on the case for de-extinction, if at all? (Most of you, on the discussion boards, spoke about practical considerations, but here is a gain of a different order.)  Is Bermudas romance with the cahow a case of buying off the guilt of having driven the cahow to near extinction in the seventeenth century. Discuss the emotional/spiritual payoff of the return of this vanished species, the cahow. Here are some documents to get you started. . Additional material on the cahow may be found all around the Internet. The bermuda petrel (Cahow back from the Brink Short History of the cahow " Rediscovery of the cahow " " Return of the Ghost Bird " Best introduction to the cahow: a 1968 Sports Illustrated article). Students: go to the, ask a librarian page to get help with an assignment.

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eng101 assignment

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3, 2014, this interview with Bill nye, the Science guy, appeared in the nyt. . It might make a essay good starting point. Paper 4 on evolution: How would you present the case for evolution to a young audience, many of whom may be presumed to come from religious backgrounds? (Please do not focus on the case of the pocket mouse. . Plenty of other examples are suggested in the readings and lectures assigned for listening, and many more can be found online with minimal research.) essay due: nov.

Topic 5: Extinction and de-extinction Paper 5: at least three full wallpaper pages, due dec. If there's a moral in our animal studies readings this semester, it concerns the sanctity of life. Great apes, parrots, dogs, and even the octopus (not to mention whales, dolphins, elephants) think and feel in ways recognizable to us humans once we get close enough to see what's going. In a final term paper, Id like you to look into the case of the bermuda petrel, aka the cahow, a bird that, if not actually de -extincted, has been brought back from the brink. Explore this vanished species's history and the politics of its restoration and conservation. . What is the human value in this restoration effort, as shown by the good feelings all around regarding the ecological success of the cahow (note: the cahow is now the national bird of Bermuda, winning out over some gorgeous competitors)?

As before, accompany your essay with notation of the problems that you're trying to eliminate this time around. Week 5, sept 29 forward. Start-up of, discussion board on Blackboard, topic 3: The dog (1 videos and reading for this week (2 discussion boards: go to Blackboard. . Discussion board is on the left navigation panel (for this week i'm also posting topics on my website. 6 forward (this week 6 assignment will be absorbed into week 5) topic 3: The dog (continued) week 7, oct 13 forward topic 4: Mind in the waters: octopuses view videos, read essays on octopuses week 8, oct 20 forward topic 4: Cephalopods view videos.

(2) Discussion boards will be up Wednesday, october. . Initial post due by Oct 26,  comments on classmates' postings  by the 29th. The essay topic is to expand to a two-page essay either of your discussion board comments. . Essay is due saturday, november. I won't require a rough draft on this one, though you're welcome to send one. . If there are major problems in your finished essay, i may ask you to revise and resubmit. Week 9, oct 27 forward : still on octopuses week 10, november 3 forward topic 5: evolution topic 5: the interrelatedness of species: evolution read assignments pertaining to darwinian theory, and religious resistance. Reading and vids here.

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I need to see how well you handle expository prose. Week 3, sept 15 forward, topic 2: Parrot Intelligence (1 read about, and view videos of, Irene pepperbergs African Grey parrot Alex. I'd like a one-page (one well-composed resumes paragraph would be fine) preliminary response on an aspect of parrot intelligence that you find remarkable. Try for conciseness of expression, taking the needless words out of your sentences. . At the top or bottom of your paragraph, list some of the major problems in your writing, as noted in my response to your previous essay. . due the weekend of Sept 20-21. Week 4, s, ept 22 forward, by saturday the 27th, submit 2 page essay (Paper 2) on an aspect of parrot intelligence that impresses you. . I'm assuming that you'll again take alex as your example. . i expect most people will wish to develop the shorter version that they started, but you can jump to a different focus if you feel that the first version didn't go well.

eng101 assignment

The tale of essay Chantek is finally very sad, but some of this week's selections are joyous. . Regarding the potentially great benefits (see the helper monkey vids) to be hoped for from our relations to the great apes, then, discuss what would be the right thing to do in according them a kind of personhood? The essay is due as an attachment. I can work with attachments in Word. Rtf or Wordperfect, but not google-docs. . do not embed; do not send. i am not grading this essay. . The purpose of the assignment is largely diagnostic. .

and Washoe. Write an essay of 2-3 double-spaced pages on the topic: the "humanness" or "personhood" of the great apes. . Clearly, the apes aren't human, but they're very like us in several ways (or we're like them in those ways!). . I'm asking you, therefore, to write an essay emphasizing the positive factors that make us sometimes feel that they're part of the human family. You may write on Chantek the orangutan, or more generally on the great apes, or on two or more of the apes in combination, such as Washoe the chimp, kanzi the bonobo and koko the gorilla. . I'd prefer you to draw your material from the materials provided on my website. Clearly, the Great Apes are not human, but they're a lot like.-more like us, for instance, than the leopard and the bunny in one of the vids, and yet those two clearly view one another as species-mates. .

Sign in using your maineStreet username and password. Then find eng 101 from your list of courses. You will see a summary link to An Ape goes to college within the eng 101 folder. You can also access electronic reserves by going to eng 101 in Blackboard and clicking on "Electronic Reserves located on the left navigation menu. (3) Write a brief (one-page, double-spaced) essay based on the video (youll get to re-do the essay in week 2 due sept. The essay topic is this: animal welfare groups have lately advocated granting the legal status of personhood to the great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and orangutans). . On the basis of the video, to what extent do you tend to regard Chantek as a person? Please attach your paper and send it to me in an email.

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This schedule is tentative. . A lot depends on what works. . Im asking that, starting the course, you look at these topics and tell me of your potential interest in any of them. . due dates of essays (and number of essays) are also tentative. . Ill have a better idea how the course works after the first few weeks and, meanwhile, welcome input. 2 forward (1) Email contact letter to instructor: include name, address, phone number, something about your interests, and what particularly in the topic of animal studies might be of greatest interest to you. Please send your email to : (2) topic 1 Great Apes: view video, an Ape goes to college. This video is located on usm's electronic reserves. You can access it by either clicking paper here: glerlibrary.

Eng101 assignment
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  5. Encyclopedias, handbooks, and dictionaries. For example, eng101 : Essay 1, Charley horse (joking!). The purpose of the assignment is largely diagnostic. Writing, visual literacy, and a sense of play became vital skills to complete this math assignment, a great example of how the OpenLab creates a place for creative expression and innovative pedagogy.

  6. Ap english Vocab List - 40 cards. Eng101, but not Introduction to composition. Gathering and reviewing assignments Online assignment submissions are an easy way to track and grade student assign- ments. Browse for possible assignment topics. Find links to specific articles used in some composition classes.

  7. (4) When you have finished reading the story, answer the following questions in a freewriting assignment. These include transportation problems, assignment problems, transshipment problems, make or buy problems, blending problems, staff scheduling problems, equipment acquisition problems, production routing problems, and others chosen to demonstrate. Week 2: Assignment 2 The history and Statistics of Racism diamond Clegatt 4/19/2013 The topic I chose today is racism in America today. Describe the class assignment and/or purpose of the library instruction: Please list any specific library resources that you would like us to cover. Assignment - 11 cards. Ap english Tone vocabulary - 143 cards.

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