Books are our real friends essay

books are our real friends essay

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But I think it is very convenient to put a lightweight e-book into your bag when you are leaving for holiday. To conclude, people will always continue buying, collecting and displaying beautiful paper editions with the sole purpose of possessing them. To my mind, e-books will co-exist with traditional print books. Anyway, we'll have to wait and see. The Ideal Friend, there are many valuable things in life, but friendships are important to all cultures. Adults and children, especially teenagers, play a huge role in everyday lives since many are role models. These role models influence a change in one's life such as a best friend.

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Personally, i think that e-books are so popular with readers for several reasons. Firstly, they are easy to use because they are light, compact and can store up to thousands of pages. Secondly, e-books have a touch-sensitive screen which can be used to call up a dictionary, to increase the front size and even to add notes in the margin. Thirdly, the bright backlight gives you an opportunity to read blue in the dark. Finally, people can read e-books in public without having to display the covers. However, most people still prefer traditional print books. They say that the device for reading e-books is rather expensive and one needs access to the Internet to download them. E-books may cause problems with eyesight because it is rather tiring to read from the screen. Some people say that one of the main disadvantages of e-books is that the battery must be recharged and that e-books can be easily broken. What is more, so far there is only a limited selection of e-books being published.

But the information that people find online may not be as in depth as the information from other resources such as the books available at a physical library. Besides, libraries are intended for use by people who don't have a pc, who cannot afford to purchase books and magazines, who need material no individual can be expected to have, or who require professional assistance with guaranteed their research. To sum up, i think that libraries play a very important role in the cultural development of any country. Modern libraries help people get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources. Electronic books are becoming more and more popular. Some people say that e-books are going to replace traditional books in the future, while others are convinced that print books will never disappear. E-books are making their way onto the world's markets. A lot of people, especially children and teenagers, who are accustomed to computer screens, have already embraced e-books. But does it mean that if the popularity of e-books grows, paper editions will soon die out?

books are our real friends essay

Books, our, best, friends

But does it mean that libraries are going to disappear? Personally, i think that libraries are very useful. Nowadays, besides books, libraries keep manuscripts, documents, newspapers, magazines, cds, dvds, video games, e-books and many other electronic resources. Modern libraries are equipped with computers and they store enormous amounts of information that can be checked immediately. People go to the library to read, look, listen search, inquire, discuss, learn, think, relax or while away the time. Anyone can become a dates member of the library and it usually costs nothing to borrow books. However, some people say that traditional libraries are useless nowadays. Most young people have become used to retrieving information from the Internet. It may be more efficient and time-saving than visiting a traditional library.

Nevertheless, many experts are convinced that most of business books complicate the world of business. To conclude, don't buy a book unless you can use it in your work right now. Try to find something really useful and to avoid needless purchases. Some people say that we don't need libraries any more. Others are convinced that libraries are not going to disappear. Library is a place where print, audio, and visual materials are collected and arranged to serve people of all ages and interests. Some people say that traditional libraries are not so popular now as they used to be some years ago.

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books are our real friends essay

Essay on ' books are our best friends ' (200-250 words)

In any bookshop you can find a lot business of books about business. Many people wonder if these books actually help them succeed in their professional careers and history if they are really vital for the modern workplace. Personally, i think that if you want to become a successful businessman, it is not enough to read a couple of books on this subject. What you really need is a lot of experience, persistence and a wish to work hard. To my mind, business books have become a business in themselves. They are just a way for publishers to make money.

The more books are sold, the richer they become. Most books that claim that they can revolutionize the way you do business and make you rich and successful have little practical use. Moreover, some business books are so boring that they sit on the shelf unread. However, some business books are truly worth our investment of time and money. They may become essential tools for students of business at any level. Biographies of successful business people can hold valuable lessons and interesting ideas and they can inspire others to go into business. Some books can give you helpful advice and tell you how to make other people believe you, how to read and use body language, how to make yourself a better manager and how to become richer.

The reader is given exactly the same information that the detective uses to find the criminal. Most readers treat the story as a battle of wits between themselves and the detective. Others read detective stories for pure relaxation. However, some people say that all detective stories are the same. In most detective stories, the crime is murder and the clues lead to or away from the solution. Furthermore, it is quite possible to become hooked on reading detective stories.

Some people read them when they should be doing something else, for example, work or study. In addition, there are a lot of bad detective stories in many bookshops and I think that reading them is just a waste of time. A second-rate detective story describes unreal people and situations, has poor construction and a boring narrative style. Sometimes the reader can easily guess who the criminal is from the very beginning. To conclude, it is up to you to decide whether to read detective stories or not. Anyway, a good detective story can do you nothing but good. Some people say that business books can help them become successful, while others think that they are completely useless.

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Most people are fond of detective stories. Others say that lined reading detective stories is just a waste of time. There is hardly a person in the year world who has never read detective stories. This literary genre has always been extremely popular with the reading public. But of course there are people who dislike detective stories. Personally, i find most detective stories rather puzzling and exciting. They arouse the reader's curiosity and keep him or her in suspense. To my mind, the popularity of detective stories lies in the fact that most people like unravelling complex puzzles. The detective story is like an intellectual game.

books are our real friends essay

Reading stirs my imagination, creates colourful pictures of the described characters and events in my mind, transfers me to other countries, continents or even to other worlds, introduces me to amazing people who live exciting lives, makes me laugh and cry. I can travel to wild jungles and deserts, to hot Africa and cold Arctic or wherever I like staying at home. However, some of my friends don't read at all or read very little. They say that they are too tired after school and can do nothing but watch. Some people say that they have little spare time and that is why they prefer watching a film to reading report a book. What is more, watching a film is much easier than reading a book because you don't have to use your imagination. To sum up, it's up to you to decide whether to read a book or to watch its film version. But I'm sure that no screen version can be better than a book itself and it can't substitute a special silent conversation with the author.

reading a good book, while others would rather watch its film version. Can people live without books nowadays? Is it possible that books will be replaced by television and cinema in the nearest future? Personally, i'm fond of reading. Books educate and entertain us, bring past centuries to life and help us understand our deepest dreams and fears. To my mind, a book is one of the greatest wonders in the world. It gives us a unique chance to link up with authors who lived hundreds and thousands of years ago. Through reading books we hear their voices and understand their thoughts and feelings.

When I want something more serious and instructive, i take an encyclopedia or read some philosophical works. I love reading when I'm travelling, when I'm having meals, when I'm bored or just for relaxation. However, a lot of people read very little or don't read at all. They say they have stopped reading books due to their busy way of life. According to some people, reading is a waste of time. They prefer getting all the information they need from television, radio, and the Internet. A lot of people read everything online and check the news on the websites. Besides, some of them think that the fewer books they buy, the more trees they save. But resume I believe that it is rather sad that many people read much less nowadays.

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Books, some people are fond of reading, while others consider it to be a waste of time. Different people have different attitude to reading. Some of them have dozens of books in their houses and consider reading to be their favourite pastime. Other people prefer watching tv to reading books. Personally, i get a lot of enjoyment out of reading books. Our family loves gathering in the sitting room in the evening and reading books: fairy tales, novels, detective stories, thrillers, fantastic stories and what not. It has become a tradition and I'm sure it makes our family united. To my mind, books are our best teachers and friends because they have the power to educate and entertain. When I'm tired, i like reading detective stories and thrillers.

Books are our real friends essay
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Are these essays written by real people? Books are one of the best resources to shape and guide our life in right direction.

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  2. Sergei on Essay about my friend. He has always liked reading good books. Real friends are not that many! Therefore this story clearly proves all this! To my mind, books are our best teachers and friends because they have the power to educate and entertain. To sum up, i think that our lives would be dull without books because reading stirs our imagination, broadens our mind and entertains.

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