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assessment paper

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Running head: community assessment paper 24 Thank you! Running head: community assessment paper 25 key informants key informant (KI) number one is a registered Nurse that works and lives in Saratoga Springs New York. The informant is 46 years old and has been working in the Emergency room at Saratoga hospital for the last 5 years. The key informant is a married white female whos native language is English. Highest level of education: Bachelors of Science in Nursing. During tis interview the informant will be asked a series of questions about the community.

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The challenges identified, more low income housing. More agencies may be needed to support the increase number of mentally ill and chemical dependent residents. Schools Education Empire State college and skidmore college The saratoga city School district six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school grades 9-12 Private Schools Saratoga central Catholic High School, St Clementss, waldorf School and Saratoga Independent School. Running head: community assessment paper 22 Saratoga Protective development services for its residents Fire department, police Station, much of the cities public services are located in the down town district. Many officers patrol on foot. Running head: community assessment paper 23 Down Town Saratoga has many Shops and stores that are tailored to tourism. Down town has grocery stores, drug stores, clothing shops and many restaurants. Saratoga many dog friendly stores. Religion In Saratoga Springs The saratoga region has a number of faith-based organizations and places to worship. The area houses numerous churches, temples athletes and missions, along with many other organizations.

Major employer for the area good Side walks and Free parking Saratoga has had challenges with parking especially with tourism. The city just built a large parking garage for the public to use. Running head: community assessment paper 19 Many services available for Those in need Although not as bad as other areas Saratoga did suffer from the difficult economic times, which meant many individuals called upon the help and services of The salvation Army. Four Winds health and Social Services four Winds is a private inpatient, partial hospital, intensive outpatient and outpatient for mental heath and substance abuse. Running head: community assessment paper 20 Crime rates Comparison From Area connect Saratoga Springs is one of the safest Cities in the capital Region. Economics Saratoga Springs is a growing community. There are many new buildings and businesses under construction. The major employers are Stewarts Shops, quad Graphic, saratoga hospital. Running head: community assessment paper 21 Challenges Although Saratoga Springs is doing well in this economic climate and there appears to be quality health care delivery systems in place some challenges could be identified.

assessment paper

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In addition to the nationally-known Saratoga performing Arts Center, the SpaLittle Theater, the national Museum of Dance, the saratoga automobile museum, theGideon Putnam Resort and roosevelt Baths and Spa, the park offers a multitude oftraditional recreation e peerless pool Complex consists of a main pool. Running head: community assessment paper 16areas include food and beverage areas. The saratoga Spa State park golfCourse offers two beautiful golf courses; a championship 18-hole course and achallenging 9-hole course, complete with pro shop and restaurant. The gentle terrainoffers picnic areas, shady streamside trails, suitable for the nature-lover or the casualwalker, as well as certified running courses used by joggers and high school and collegeathletes. Winter activities include: cross-country skiing on approximately 12 miles oftrails, ice skating, ice hockey. Many public Parks with Natural Springs There are currently 17 public mineral springs in revelation various locations throughout Saratoga. Each one is naturally carbonated. Running head: community assessment paper 17 Transportation Saratoga has Buses, taxies, Amtrak, major highways and well maintained roads and plenty of traffic lights and easy to follow signs. Running head: community assessment paper 18 quality health Care saratoga hospital is a 207-bed community hospital serving Saratoga county and the surrounding area.

Running head: community assessment paper 12 Private Schools Saratoga central Catholic High School, St Clementss, waldorf School and Saratoga Independent School population Census by race 2000 White alone - 24,005 (90.3) hispanic - 839 (3.2) Black alone - 661 (2.5) Asian alone - 516 (1.9). According to cnn money. Running head: community assessment paper 13 Saratoga Springs downtown district is a very sought after market. Houses are well kept and prices reflect that. Running head: community assessment paper 14 Affordable housing William Ford Jefferson Terrace vanderbilt Terrace neat and clean units both single and mul family apartments. Housing Windshield Survey the rules and regula ons for Public housing and Sec on 8 program are determined by the. Department of housing and Urban development (HUD). The purpose of both Public housing and the sec on 8 Program is to provide affordable housing to eligible low- and moderate-income families. Running head: community assessment paper 15 Open Spaces parks Saratoga Spa State park, distinguished by its classical architecture and listed as anational Historic Landmark, is noted for its diverse cultural, aesthetic and recreationalresources.

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assessment paper

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Running head: community assessment paper 9Safety fire, policeThe saratoga summary Springs Fire department is dedicated to the protection of life, property andthe environment for those who live, work, or visit our community. We will accomplishthis by using well trained and dedicated personnel pledged todeliver the highest qualityfire suppression prevention, public education, advanced emergency medical services, which are capable of responding to all disasters, natural or man-made.(City saratogaSprings. Org)Police department: City paid Departmentwe are a team of law enforcement professionals committed to setting the benchmark forquality police service by promoting strong community partnerships and upholding thehighest ethical standards. Our mission is to provide a professional, effective, and timelyresponse to crime and disorder, and to enhance traffic safety in our community.(CitySaratoga Springs. Org)Hospital-Saratoga hospital Saratoga hospitalis a 207-bed community hospital servingSaratoga county and the surrounding creation-The saratoga Springs Recreation Department offers sports leagues for youthgirls and boys. Currently, the city offers soccer, basketball, t-ball, and flag footballlacrosse, field hockey, and diasaratoga news paper, wnyt and capital district ynn news.

Running head: community assessment paper 10 Windshield Survey city saratoga Springs, ny by david Theobald sully Empire State college party Cloudy temp. 68 degreesMap of Saratoga Springs nywindshield Survey city.0. Miles coordinates 43431N 73 4657W. Running head: community assessment paper 11 saratoga Springs ny first Settled 1776 Area.0 Square miles population 26,586 government mayor Scott. Johnson major Attractions Horse racing, The Springs, performing Arts, Arts and Entertainment Education Empire State college and skidmore college the saratoga city School district six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school grades 9-12.

Saratoga Springs ny is small city rich with history and culture. There are community sports programs and recreation leagues in the community were identified as needing life saving aeds. Running head: community assessment paper 6Persons 5 to 17 years 3,430.90 3,672Persons 18 to 64 years 17,881.26 17,380Persons 65 years and over 4,188.75 3,739 Education Retrieved from National Center for Educational Statistics Population 25 years and over 17,127 100.0 Less than 9th. Ethnicity 2010 CensusPopulation by raceAmerican Indian and Alaska native alone.21 63Asian alone 521.96 271Black or African American alone 701.64 815Native hawaiian and Other Pacific native alone.03 8Some other race alone 170.64 168Two or more races 589.22 368White. Poverty level, Unemployment ratethe data is based upon 2010 estimates.

Saratoga Springs employment informationIndex Saratoga Springs New YorkIncome per capita 31,762 31,957Median household income 54,607 67,635Median household income owner occupied 74,316 79,472Median household income renter occupied 32,481 41,550. Running head: community assessment paper 8Median earnings male 35,233 45,665Median earnings female 19,281 26,443Unemployment rate (2000).3.5Unemployment rate (2010) n/a.2Unemployment rate (2012) n/a.0poverty level.8.8 Employers Many people that live in Saratoga Springs either work for small businesses or commute. Below are some of the largest employers in Saratoga Springs. 1000 employees Town of employees Stewarts Ice Cream. Saratoga Springs employees Saratoga Springs City School District Saratoga Springs 988 quad Graphics, Inc. Saratoga Springs 825 Saratoga hospital Saratoga Springs 823 Type of government For The city Of Saratoga Springs ny commission Form: The saratoga Springs charter specifies a commission form of city government. In the news there have been efforts to amend the charter. The charter change proposal will appear on the ballot of the november 2012 election.

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For this Project we will be using the Interventions Wheel Model. The model consistsof 17 identified community word health nursing interventions that cross over three levels ofpopulation-based practice: individual-focused, community-focused, and systems-focusedpractice. Individual-level interventions are focused on change in individual database health status, knowledge, or skills (Clark, 2008 p 75). Running head: community assessment paper 5 Community health Nurse role. Community health Nurse role in promoting heart health and implementing cpr and aed programs. Population by genderMale 12,837.28 12,433Female 13,749.72 13,753Population by AgePersons 0 to 4 years 1,087.09 1,395 community overview. Demographics based on 2010 us census Bureau total 26,586 Community overview.

assessment paper

Running head: community assessment paper. The purpose of this community assessment paper is to increase awareness of theimportance of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) and CardiopulmonaryResuscitation (CPR) training in the city of Saratoga Springs New York. Population Aggregate- saratoga Springs has population of 26,727 people. Thecommunity is involved with youth sports teams. Statistic heart disease is the leadingcause of death for both men and women. More than half of the deaths due to heartdisease in 2009 were in men. About600,000 Americans die from heart disease eachyear—thats 1 in every 4 deaths. Coronary heart disease is the most common type ofheart disease, killing more than 385,000 people hotel annually(cdc 2012 Web).Community health Nursing ModelD.

decision making process in their treatment goals. Areas that i am looking to explore are comparing the effectiveness of various pharmacologic treatment and behavioral interventions in managing major depressive disorders among adolescents and adults in diverse treatment settings. So my goal is to produce research in which I can transfer onto paper, that it will be a gateway for future solutions. Successfully reported this slideshow. Community Assessment Paper, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, no downloads. No notes for slide. Running head: community assessment paper 1 a community heath Nurses Role with Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) david Theobald-rn empire State college. Running head: community assessment paper 2 Table of Contents Introduction5 Epidemiology.5 Importance of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)5 Population.5 Community health Nursing Model5 Community health Nurses Role.5 Windshield Community overview.5 Education.6 Community census.6 Employment survey.7Employers7 Type of government.8Safety. Running head: community assessment paper 3Signs of Decay.13Open care conclusion.23key informant sudden Cardiac Arrest.30-31Population aggregate and developmental cultural, Economic and laws.33-34Community resource: Adirondack health wellness35Community health Nursing Role.35Primary Prevention.

I think the best lesson I have learned is that taking your time to do something right always produces good results instead of hurrying to just finish, quality will always outdo quantity. As a learner I would rather do a good quality paper then a rushed paper to turn in something for a grade. I am in the doctorate program not only to learn and gain knowledge but also to take what I learn and make a difference. There are so many issues biography and problems the world has to offer and not enough people to find solutions. I want to educate people so that they become aware of whats happening in the world they live in to prevent more problems from happening. My area of strength is my drive and determination to complete anything I start and my willingness to keep persevering. I have always held on to the statement that nobody has to become the product of their environment. The environment does not make you but you make the environment you live. On the other hand there are areas that I need growth in such as the structure of my paper, making sure my paper has a flow and understanding to it, making sure Im not just typing things in my paper to just take up space.

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As a mini learner I realize that it has been a progressive or cumulative effect on the information I have learned, understood, practiced, and applied. When I first started in college i was very quiet, conservative and reserved in the way in which I process information. But as I have continued in my studies I have seen the shift from reserved to assertive but keeping an open mind when it came to learning. So, in the process of time i have changed my learning strategies based on my development as a student and the different situation in which I have encountered over the course of my college years. As a learner i know how to organize myself to meet deadlines and accomplish my goals but at the same time i dont allow myself to go the extra mile to exceed in my studies. As a learner when i am given new task or assignments, i usually feel confident enough to do them. We will write a custom essay sample on Self Assessment Paper specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Self Assessment Paper specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Self Assessment Paper specifically for ypu. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, i ask questions if I need to and take breaks when needed.

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Be ready was our motto. Since 1945, ace has provided a critical link between the.

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  3. Free essay: Personality Assessment Paper Rochester College Erica Sc hwartz everybody has his or her own type of personality. We all act. Running head: community assessment paper 1 a community heath Nurse s Role with Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) david. College students, job seekers or professionals looking to advance their careers ma y be called upon at some point to write a self-assessment and reflection. Often, starting a paper is the hardest part of writing a paper. A self-assessment, even though it does not require scholarly research,.

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