Animal farm movie summary

animal farm movie summary

Animal, farm, summary

The narada attacks the Enterprise, which takes heavy damage. But just as they are about to fire again, nero realizes which ship he is firing at and orders a cease-fire. " he hails the Enterprise and casually identifies himself. Pike, seeing a romulan, accuses him of an act of war and offers to reach a settlement, but Nero states he stands apart from the romulan Star Empire. He openly greets a confused Spock, and orders pike to come aboard via shuttlecraft. Pike asks if there are any advanced hand-to-hand combat -trained officers on the bridge, and gathers Sulu, spock, and Kirk for the away mission. Pike promotes Spock to captain and puts him in charge of the Enterprise.

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After hearing Chekov's announcement, kirk suddenly realizes that the "lightning storm" is exactly the same occurrence the kelvin encountered two decades earlier. Realizing that they are running straight into a trap, kirk rushes through the ship to Uhura despite suffering a bad reaction to the vaccine Mccoy gave him. Despite his initial difficulty to communicate coherently, freight he finally manages to ask her about the Klingon distress call she had deciphered earlier and she confirms that the attackers were romulan. The massive narada looms over the Enterprise above vulcan At Vulcan, the narada has lowered a drill platform, which is drilling into the planet. Ayel notifies Nero that seven Starfleet vessels are approaching. Kirk rushes to the bridge to inform Captain pike. Pike and Spock, though initially quite skeptical, are convinced after Uhura confirms Kirk's suspicion. As they disengage warp drive, the Enterprise finds itself in a debris field of the other seven Starfleet ships which arrived shortly before they did. At the direction of pike, sulu is able to navigate his way through the debris with minimal damage. As they clear the debris, they come upon the narada, drilling above vulcan's atmosphere.

With the primary fleet occupied in the laurentian system, starfleet is forced to commission the Academy cadets and dispatch ships immediately to begin a rescue mission. Act Two Edit Starfleet cadets assemble at Hangar 1 for assignment Cadets are assigned to ships based on their aptitude, with the most capable cadets assigned to the uss enterprise, a ship completed so recently that it hasn't even been christened yet. Uhura is originally assigned to the uss farragut, but complains directly to Spock, citing her numerous commendations and recommendations, insisting she had earned an assignment to the Enterprise. Spock quickly corrects that oversight. Kirk has been grounded pending a ruling on his inquiry and is not allowed to board the shuttles to join the mission. However, Mccoy takes him diary to the medical bay, where he injects him with a vaccine against Melvaran mud fleas temporarily making him ill so that, as a doctor refusing to abandon his patient, he has an official reason to take him along on the mission. The Enterprise is ready for her maiden voyage The Enterprise leaves Starbase 1 for Vulcan, after a slight delay caused by the backup helmsman, hikaru sulu, forgetting to disengage the " parking brake " before jumping the Enterprise to warp. Pike orders that the Enterprise 's very young navigator, ensign pavel Chekov, make a ship-wide mission broadcast. Chekov announces that the crew's orders are to investigate seismic disturbances and aid in evacuation of the planet if necessary.

animal farm movie summary

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"Captain" Kirk in command during the year kobayashi maru test The next day, kirk, mccoy, uhura, and a few other Starfleet recruits are in the kobayashi maru simulation test on Kirk's third attempt. Kirk takes a comically casual approach to the test, including eating an apple. Everything goes as planned when, unexpectedly, the power systems momentarily fail, and then the attacking Klingon ships' shields go down and the ships are promptly destroyed. From above the simulator room, a technician asks how Kirk was able to beat this test. Spock, who is in the observation room, is equally puzzled. Spock at Kirk's hearing at Starfleet Academy during an official inquiry, the Starfleet Academy brass, namely Admiral Richard Barnett, informs Kirk that they have received evidence that Kirk entered a subroutine into the computer making it possible for him to win in the simulation, and. While kirk faces his accuser, Spock, and tries to defend himself, the hearing is suddenly interrupted when the committee is informed that the federation has received a distress call from Vulcan.

Kirk has an encounter with gaila meanwhile, at Starfleet Academy, kirk is telling Mccoy that he is taking the kobayashi maru test again the next day, and is certain he will pass. Mccoy is shocked at Kirk's confidence, as no one has ever passed the test, much less repeated. However, kirk is convinced that he will nail it and leaves to "study which for him means an assignation with an Orion cadet named gaila in her dorm room. Suddenly, gaila's roommate enters and Kirk is forced to hide under the bed. He is mortified to find that the roommate is Uhura. Undressing down to her underwear, she describes to gaila decoding Klingon transmissions about 47 battle cruisers destroyed near a prison planet. She hears him breathing however, and eventually discovers him and angrily kicks him out.

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animal farm movie summary

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Fortunately, captain Christopher pike steps in and ends the fight, ordering all cadets inside the bar to step outside. Pike tries to recruit Kirk in an Iowa bar pike, who is very familiar with Kirk's tragic past and the accomplishment of his father, having written his Academy dissertation about the kelvin, sits down with him, trying to talk some sense into the rebellious young. Pike firmly believes smukke that with his aptitude, kirk can do more with himself than get into bar fights and be "the only genius-level repeat offender in the midwest." Kirk doesn't want to hear it and laughs at the idea of joining Starfleet. Pike ends the conversation with a reminder that Kirk's father saved eight hundred lives in the course of just twelve minutes of command and challenges Kirk to do better. Kirk looks on as the Enterprise takes shape early the next day, kirk heads to riverside Shipyard in his motorcycle, where the uss enterprise is under construction. Pike is surprised to see kirk turn up to join the new recruits.

Before boarding the shuttle bardeen, kirk gives away his motorcycle and smugly tells pike that he'll graduate in three years instead of four. On the recruit shuttle, he meets leonard Mccoy a recently divorced, disgruntled recruit who dismisses Starfleet technology with smug pessimism. The two share a drink as the shuttlecraft leaves for the Academy in San Francisco. Three years later, the narada is waiting at an unknown part of space. Nero is called to the bridge by ayel. Suddenly, a black hole temporal disturbance appears and a small starship flies out of the anomaly. Nero recognizes and welcomes the appearance of Ambassador Spock, and orders the ship to be captured.

Spock suggests that his father wants him to be fully vulcan, and yet Sarek married a human woman. Sarek coldly replies that it was the logical choice, as his duties as ambassador to earth required him to understand and observe human behavior. Sarek then tells his son, " Spock, you are fully capable of deciding your own destiny. The question you face is: which path will you choose? This is something only you can decide. " Many years later, Spock is conflicted about whether to participate in the kolinahr, the vulcan ritual aimed at purging all vestigial emotions.

He talks to his mother, Amanda Grayson, who tells him that she will always be proud of him, no matter what he decides. Spock defies the vulcan elders Later, Spock stands before a committee on Vulcan. The committee informs him of his acceptance into the vulcan Science Academy and commends his accomplishments despite his "disadvantage" of being half-Human. In response to yet another underhanded insult to his heritage, spock declines the offer of admission, stating that he has decided to enter Starfleet Academy instead. The committee expresses shock, as the offer of admission to the vulcan Science Academy is one that no vulcan has ever turned down to which Spock replies that, as he isn't a real Vulcan, that statement is still accurate. Spock thanks the council and with a tinge of anger in his voice, tells the committee to " live long and prosper. " In 2255, in a bar in Iowa, a young Academy cadet named Uhura meets up with some friends, and while ordering drinks, a brash and intoxicated James Kirk introduces himself to her and offers to buy her a drink. His attempts at flirting with her are unsuccessful, however, and the situation escalates when three starfleet recruits led by hendorff intervene and end up in a fight during which Kirk is badly beaten.

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Soon, a policeman on a flying motorbike chases him, ordering the boy to stop the car. Evading the officer, kirk heads for a quarry and jumps out of the car, moments before it speeds over the edge and crashes on the canyon floor below. The policeman apprehends the boy who defiantly identifies himself as " James Tiberius Kirk ". Spock as a child on Vulcan Around the same time on Vulcan, a young Spock is being tormented by his peers about his mixed heritage. The boys call his father a traitor for marrying a human "whore". The three have previously failed 34 times to invoke an emotional response in Spock, but this time they take it too far and Spock knocks one of the older boys into a skill dome and beats him in an emotional rage. He is later gently admonished margaret by his father, sarek, who is disappointed at his son's lack of emotional control.

animal farm movie summary

As the kelvin destroys the missiles aimed at the shuttles, kirk can hear his resume newborn's cries, realizing that he will never meet his son. Just before the kelvin is about to collide with the romulan vessel, kirk asks Winona what they should name their son. She suggests naming him after george's father, but he laughs the suggestion off, saying that "Tiberius" isn't much of a first name. They decide to name him "Jim after Winona's father. Communication is cut off as the kelvin smashes into the narada, temporarily crippling it and giving the shuttles time to escape. Act One Edit " my name is James Tiberius Kirk! " Approximately ten years later, around the early to mid- 2240s, a young boy is seen racing down the road in an antique corvette across the open Iowa landscape, blasting 20th century music.

150 Earth years in the past. Realizing that they will not get the answers they want out of Robau, he is killed by nero himself and the narada recommences its attack on the kelvin. Kirk orders the kelvin to return fire but as the situation worsens and he realizes that the damage to the kelvin is compromising the lives and safety of everyone on board, he orders the crew to proceed to the escape pods and shuttles, including his. Winona kirk with Jim, moments after his birth Kirk tries to plot a collision course with the narada, but the ship's autopilot navigation is offline. The commander makes the sad realization that he will need to control the kelvin himself. He orders his wife to leave on the shuttle without him. She protests, but Kirk knows that he has no choice but to stay behind and continue the attack in order to protect his wife and child and the others. On the shuttlecraft, winona kirk gives birth to a baby boy.

Suddenly, the book massive warship. Narada emerges and immediately opens fire on the. Kelvin, inflicting heavy damage on the vessel. The, narada ceases fire, and its first officer, ayel, hails the outmatched, kelvin. Speaking for its captain, nero, ayel demands that the, kelvin 's commanding officer, richard Robau, come aboard the narada via shuttlecraft. He states the captain's refusal to do so would be unwise. Captain Robau agrees and hands command of the ship to his first officer, george kirk. He orders Kirk to wait fifteen minutes for his signal or else evacuate the ship. Lieutenant Commander george kirk aboard the ill-fated uss kelvin Upon arriving aboard the narada, robau is taken to nero, while the crew of the kelvin monitors his life signs.

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Real World article (written from a, production point of view the future begins. A cataclysm in the 24th century throws two ships back in time to the 23rd century, altering the course of history. With a different life where he never knew his father, james. Kirk becomes a brilliant yet cynical misfit who is finally convinced to join plan Starfleet by captain Christopher pike in 2255. Three years later, kirk, vulcan First Officer Spock, and the young crew of the new uss. Enterprise, with guidance from Spock's future self, must figure out a way to work together to prevent the one responsible for the death of Kirk's father, the future romulan known as Nero, from destroying the federation in a mad quest for vengeance. Prologue, edit, the, narada emerges after passing through a black hole. In the year 2233, the, federation starship, uss, kelvin investigates a " lightning storm" near, klingon space, which they soon realize to be a black hole.

Animal farm movie summary
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