Write an original story

write an original story

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In your long summary, you can write important questions. Those questions will be those you would like your readers mainly ask to themselves. You'll, thus, have to "lead" your readers toward these questions. Your long summary must contain all of your great ideas about how to keep your fiction interesting and exciting. Step 6: The first Chapter. Once you've drawn your maps (the two summaries you're ready to start to write your first chapter.

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Long summary sample : John found a tiny medallion in the secret drawer of an old furniture he inherited from his old aunt. He have said that he lent an object to Edna, and that he wanted to get it back. This object was a medallion, a medallion whose description perfectly matched with the one john found. Very suspicious, the young man just replied that he would call him when he would find. But the strange man, refusing to give a phone number, just left and said that he would come back the next week." If this man actually lent the medallion to aunt Edna, why did she hide it in a secret drawer? John decided to show it to a jeweler. As soon as the man saw it, he became nervous, and claimed this object had absolutely no valor, that John should better get rid.etc. When you're developing your long summary, be careful not to write your first chapter. Your long summary will be 2 or 3 pages long. Rarely more than aung 5 pages (unless you're writing an encyclopedia).

Afraid, he will give the medallion to the strange man, but the harassment and blackmails will not end for all that. One of his kid will be kidnapped. Someone else definitively want this medallion. And the strange man vanished with.etc. The short summary must show the full story and its solution. It is rarely more than one page long. If it's going to be be two page long, then, you're probably writing your long parts summary, or a very very very very long fiction. When you're writing it, you must drop useless details. You must focus on the main plot.

write an original story

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"Surprise" is mainly a tool used to give a second breath to your story. At some point in the development of your story, you'll probably feel lost or will fail to find an exit. Some paths actually lead to dead-ends. And in this case, the best thing to do is probably to "come back" and type to try an other path. Short summary sample : John found a tiny medallion in the secret drawer of an old furniture he inherited from his old aunt. The strange and mysterious man will show a great interest in the medallion. Suspicious, john will not tell him essays he found. His home and his aunt's house will be burgled, and the strange man will come back several times. John will be victim of an aggression and the life of his family will be threatened.

You will use those two summary as a "map as a reference. They will help you to write your fiction without losing your path. While you'll be developing your story, you'll frequently reach new crossroads. For each of them, you'll ask many questions (the same questions your reader may ask to themselves) and you'll have to make choices. You'll preferably select the most original ones. However, keep in mind that the most original paths are not necessarily the most surprising ones. Readers are excited by surprises as long as the story remains coherent. You must use surprises very carefully, because too much surprises may disappoint or bore your readers. "Originality" makes your story unique, new and unexplored.

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write an original story

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Try to be original. Step resume 5: Further development. Once you've selected the ghost "entry point" of your story, you have to develop it again. Here again, if ideas don't come by themselves, ask questions, and develop your story. However, keep in mind that your goal is not to write your book right now.

Your goal is to write two summaries of your story : a short summary (the essential and a long summary (more details). Sometimes, the long summary will come first because you'll have plenty ideas that you'll write. But I highly recommend that you don't neglect to write the short summary! The short summary will help you to draw the main structure of your story. It will contain the main plot. The long summary will contain more details, the details that will make your story more interesting : mini suspense, mini mystery, mini intrigue, etc.

Someone must pay for that mistake, and mike seems to be the perfect candidate for this unfair purpose." Will mike find a mean to prove he is wrongfully accused? Will he lose everything? Will he look for revenge? All the questions you can ask when you're at a crossroads are the same questions your eventual readers will ask to themselves when they'll read your fiction. And that's exactly what you're supposed to play with if you want to intrigue and catch your readers.

Always keep that in mind. Step 4: First Coppice. Exactly like you'd need to select which forks of your young baby tree (bush?) you 'd keep, once you reached the first crossroads of your story, you have to chose which one of the roads you're going to follow. You could select your way according to your taste or feeling. However, if you don't want to be accused of plagiarism by your eventual future readers, you may want to select the most original path. So far, you don't really know where your story is going to lead you, neither how it will progress. Just try to get rid of the clich├ęs and of the too classical beginning.

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Will he do bad things and finally discover his doctor was wrong? "Jacky's boyfriend did not closed the barbing window of their apartment, and her tiny cat escaped. She's convinced that her boyfriend did it intentionally, because he never liked her cat. She'll tell him that if he doesn't bring her little cat back to home, she will leave him." Was it really intentional? Will he try his best to find the little cat? Will he/she fall from the roof trying to catch the little animal and will end up at the hospital? Has the little cat actually escaped through the window? "mike got fired because he did a mistake. In fact, that's what pretends his superior.

write an original story

Has the old woman been murdered? If diagram so, who's the murderer, and why? What's the secret of this medallion? "It's a man who's very exhausted because he has a cancer. His doctor announced he only has few month to live. One year at the great maximum. The man becomes conscious that he did nothing interesting in his life, that no one will miss him, that he will have left no trace." Is he going to try as much things as possible before he dies? Will he try to enter the history books by any mean?

your first crossroads : a point where your "sprout" will fork in several different directions. From a single seed, you could build any story of any kind of style : comedy, drama, thriller, fantasy, parody, horror, satire, etc. For instance : "John found a tiny medallion in the secret drawer of an old furniture he inherited from his old aunt. Some peoples said the old woman died in mysterious conditions. Few days after the burial ceremony, a strange man rang at the door, pretending being a friend of the defunct. " Is this really a friend?

Now that you have your seed(s you must help it(them) to sprout by asking questions : Why? You'll find that some seeds will sprout more easily than some others. When you have a good seed, it will "grow" very quickly. On the other hand, if some of them don't sprout at all, and unless you like challenges, just try an other seed. It does not matter. For instance : "John found a tiny medallion." becomes : "John found a tiny medallion in the secret drawer of an old furniture he inherited from his old aunt." write "It's a man who's very exhausted." becomes : "It's a man who's very exhausted because. Step 3: The Growth. Good seeds grow very quickly, and if you find one, you'll probably be already writing your story.

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Step 1: The seed. Exactly like giant trees grow out of a little seed, your fiction needs something to start from. This seed could be a simple sentence, a simple idea involving someone, a concept. If even for the seed you're out of inspiration, just pick a name, a verb, and an complement. For instance : "John found a tiny medallion." or "It's a man who's very exhausted." or "Jacky has lost her cat." or "mike got fired." or "Martin fell in love." write or "Paola wakes." or "Marina answers to the phone. you don't need more. Step 2: The Sprout.

Write an original story
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  3. morgan discussed pitching executives for tokyo drift and how the project eventually transformed into a high-school set story. percy bysshe Shelley and the poet Lord Byron, Frankenstein is the result of a challenge from Byron to each write their own ghost story. local teens write an original opera was koelkers, and since the mission of the telling room is to empower youth through writing and. M commissioned me to write a new short story unrelated to my other work.

  4. The man agrees, but he has a problem: How do you write an unsentimental Christmas story? asked to write 'your story ' of the good, the bad and the ugly from an epic journey, quite frankly is harder than driving your Tahoe and. scope and write an essay in which you explain the significance of that issue to yourself, your family, your community, or your. A unique opportunity to have one of the most established songwriters of New York, jordon Rothstein, create an original song for you. about both of these in previous posts.) In the higher levels, however, i ask students to write a completely original story in Latin.

  5. Has your teacher assigned you the task to write an assignment? You want to write a winning assignment to earn a good grade, but you. are being elevated and attuned to this advanced listening experience, why not write to the form in an original way? This book is brought to you by an extremely awkward human being who has had to learn how things work in life the hard way. My definition of original manga is it must be Unique, fresh and entertaining. There are unlimited ideas of how to make original manga.

  6. How to Create and develop. Whether you just write for fun or you're trying to start writing a book of your own. How to Create a believable, original, character for Fanfiction. Here's a quick little general guide to help you create a believable. Everybody can write their very own authentic tale, there's little advantage to the perception that new concepts do not exist. Write an original science fiction short story, assignment guidelines The story should be words in length, double-spaced, and.

  7. Article gives a proper outlook on how to write an original story. It explains how to succeed in such writing. A lot of amateur writers decide to write a fiction because they already have a story or a concept in mind. However, there are some. Would you ever consider writing a musical with an original story?

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