Report housing violations

report housing violations

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Many individuals trapped in Lesvos living either in the inhumane conditions of Moria camp or on the streets and abandoned houses of Mytilini self-medicate with horribly addictive prescription drugs, such as the insomnia medication Flunitrazepam (commonly known as Bubli). Prescriptions for these drugs are illegally sold in the open in Moria camp and the parks of Mytilini under the eye of Greek police, who rarely intervene. Saihi was one individual who self medicated in order to build up the courage to face the swim to board the ferry to Athens. Instead of investigating the rampant sale of drugs to desperate migrants and refugees who have few options for survival in Lesvos, the Greek police operate an unchecked campaign of discrimination and violence against such marginalized persons. Systematic racial profiling by the police who regularly ask individuals for proof of their legal status means a life of constant stress, in particular for individuals denied protection by the Greek government and assistance by ngos. In Lesvos, assistance provided by many humanitarian ngos is linked to legal status, in direct contrast to established humanitarian principles, such as a commitment to provide assistance with impartiality, which requires that it be provided solely on the basis of need and in proportion. This reflects the wider principle of non-discrimination that no one should be discriminated against on any grounds of status. Mercy corps International, for example provides cash assistance only to those who the Greek government has designated as asylum seekers or refugees.

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Even in death, his family is being denied the right to bury him and mourn appropriately; his body still lays in the mytilini morgue due to their inability to pay the fees to expatriate his body to Algeria. Saihi had recently celebrated his thirtieth birthday with friends and after over six months trapped in Lesvos he decided to take his chances to leave the island. Tragically, the dangerous journeys people make to reach Europe do not end when they reach Lesvos. Although they are in Europe, since the eu-turkey deal, people who arrive to the Greek territories from Turkey are prohibited from leaving the islands until the lengthy asylum procedure has completed. If rejected, they face deportation to turkey, where rights are systematically denied and where non-Syrians write face certain imprisonment and likely deportation to their home countries. Saihi was one of many people trapped on the island who risk their lives attempting to reach the european continent. As he did not have legal status in Greece, he was denied assistance by ngos. He was left on his own in Lesvos; staying in an abandoned house in Mytilini, without electricity, water, or any aid apart from food assistance provided through. He had left Moria camp approximately four months earlier, to get away from the unsafe environment where police violence and daily fights are routine. Employment opportunities in Lesvos are limited even for Greeks, and it is even more difficult for foreigners to support themselves given language barriers and discrimination.

Thirty-year-Old Man Drowns Attempting to board ferry supermarket to athens. The tragic consequences for individuals denied safe passage were seen this month in Lesvos as on 1 February 2018, an unidentified mans body was found in the port of Mytilini. It was presumed that he drowned, having died 10 days earlier. The body was identified by authorities as that of a moroccan man who had registered for international protection in Lesvos in July 2017. Whilst he is yet to be formally identified, given that his friends have not been permitted to see his body, they believe that the man found was actually saihi, a 30 year old Algerian, who ten days earlier had attempted to swim to climb aboard. His friends believe he registered his nationality as Moroccan because he feared that the authorities would discriminate against Algerians. However, even though registered as a moroccan he found no protection in Greece.

report housing violations

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At the close of plan 2017 in the period since our last report, the inhumane treatment of migrants in Lesvos continues to be widely reported on and denounced by refugees and migrants, solidarity activists, the media, and human rights organizations. In response to this pressure, in november and December roughly 3000 asylum seekers were transferred from Lesvos to mainland Greece and Crete. However during the same time period approximately the same number of individuals arrived to lesvos from Turkey. Whilst the number of arrivals decreased somewhat in January, as a result of rainy, windy, and cold weather, an estimated 7000 migrants are still living in Lesvos. As recently reported by Amnesty International, for those trapped on the island, conditions remain unbearable; in violation of the right to adequate housing, health care, and freedom of movement. The european Union continues to blame Greece for the conditions in the hotspots. However, inhumane and crowded conditions are ensured so long as movement from the Greek islands to mainland Europe is prohibited for the majority of asylum seekers something that has been enforced since the eu-turkey statement in March 2016. Europe continues to measure success of the eu-turkey deal in terms of curbing the total number of arrivals to europe, but in effect this means that more individuals are stuck in unsafe and inhumane situations on the frontier of Europe in Lesvos, but in even. As has been shown throughout history, halting migration is impossible, as borders will inevitably be crossed and individuals will continue to migrate in search of refuge.

If no address, location of property,. Northwest corner of First and main streets. Provide additional information that will aid in the investigation. Examples: Vehicle license number, type, color, make of vehicle, left door missing, etc. Type of debris; car parts; building material; tires; garbage. Selling clothes, bags, furniture, paintings, flowers, etc. Violations of Rights Exposed at Europes Borders.

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report housing violations

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or-, department of Regional Planning - zoning Enforcement Section. Staff will take down zoning violation complaints at (213) 974-6453, (213) or (213) 974-6455. Mobile Application, the los Angeles county department of Public works expanded their The works mobile application to include reporting possible property violations. You can now report excessive vegetation, junk or trash; illegal parking; inoperable vehicle; occupied RVs; and brown improper signs or banners. Users can submit a detailed description of an issue and attach a related site photo. For more information and to download the app, visit: county.

Click here for the press release. Department of Regional Planning, zoning Enforcement Section 320 West Temple Street, los Angeles, ca 90012, in your complaint, include the following information: Identify the specific complaint or nuisance. Give your name, address, and telephone number; or remain annonymous. This information is just for us and is kept confidential. Give the exact location of the problem. Street address and house number.

A majority of the reports that the oig hotline receives are program-related or administrative matters and do not result in a case being opened. In these situations, we refer the complaint to the appropriate cha program office or, when appropriate, to another government agency. What kinds of matters are considered appropriate for oig investigations? The cha oig hotline is a report intake process. Oig is not a customer service center for cha and cha program offices. Oig does not open cases on allegations that can be addressed through existing complaint resolution mechanisms that provide appeal rights and access to the federal and state court systems.

At the discretion of oig, cases on disputes that have been or can be addressed through civil proceedings are not opened. Oig also does not open cases on allegations involving maintenance issues, landlord-tenant disagreements, income calculations, for voucher purposes, or personnel issues in cha or cha funded programs that can be addressed under labor-management agreements. Skip to main content, building a safer Idaho, important Announcements. Negotiated Rulemaking, job Announcements, dbs job Openings, all Current State job Openings. We have tracked statistics in a variety of formats since the beginning of the mls. Today the stat, rent check, home sales and New/Sold Listing reports are produced each month in-house by armls staff. The quarterly market Watch report is currently produced by 10k research. You are here: Zoning Enforcement Sections  Articles, a complaint regarding a possible zoning violation can be made by one of the following methods: Email, call, county helpline 211. They will take down your complaint in writing and forward it to all applicable county agencies.

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The most successful oig cases are those that include supporting documentation. . Reports that are too vague or cannot be corroborated can result in a case being closed without any action taken. Be advised that the oig has exclusive discretion in determining which Hotline cases will be investigated. A representative from oig will contact you only if additional information is needed for your complaint. Oig cannot provide you with case status updates or other information while the case is in review. Furthermore, oigs decision to close a case is final with without a right to appeal. What happens if you do not opease based on write my report to the oig hotline?

report housing violations

All reports must answer the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how. (Names, addresses, phone numbers, if available). (Summary of events, additional sources of evidence). When did it happen? Where did it happen? Why was dissertation it done? (Any known motive of committing such act). How did it happen? (What scheme was used).

well spent. Will you disclose my identity? The identities of confidential complainants are not disclosed unless required by the court. . However, it is advantageous for oig to know the identity of the complainant for follow-up inquiries when an investigation is warranted. What deed to know when contacting the oig? There are several things to keep in mind when reporting fraud, waste, abuse, and serious mismanagement. Immediate reporting is necessary, while facts are still fresh in the mind of the complainant.

Cha employees, contractors, vendors or any other entity doing business with the authority that by their actions exceed the authority granted to them by policy, regulation, or contract. How dontact the oig? Online submissions, complete the online form by, clicking here. Call the oig hotline: you can call oig toll-free. You can fax oig at (312) 913-7901. By email, elissa Rhee-lee, inspector General cha, michael. Deputy Inspector General cha, by mail, click here to download the form, complete it, and mail your complaint to: Chicago housing Authority (CHA) oig.

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Office of the Inspector General, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is an independent body within the Chicago housing Authority. Its purpose is to investigate and audit matters concerning fraud, theft, waste, abuse and misconduct within or affecting cha. The oig revelation promotes economy, efficiency and integrity in the administration of programs and operations of cha. The oig ensures that violations are investigated and prosecuted, as they relate to cha residents and employees, contractors, subcontractors or any entity receiving funds from cha. Quarterly reports, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) quarterly reports are now available. The purpose of the oig hotline is to take reports of fraud, theft, waste, abuse, and misconduct in cha-funded programs and operations and investigate those allegations where sufficient information exists. Deceptive practices including, but not limited to, embezzlement, false billing or false representation. Intentionally depriving cha of goods or services or the unauthorized removal of property, money, or funds from cha, its entities, locations or premises. Individuals, groups, employees, contractors, vendors, or businesses that are spending taxpayers' monies in a manner that does not further chas mission and goals.

Report housing violations
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  1. North Korea remains one of the most repressive authoritarian states in the world, ruled for seven decades by the kim family and the workers Party of Korea. During his fifth year in power, kim Jong-Un continued to generate fearful obedience by using public executions, arbitrary detention, and forced labor; tightening travel restrictions. Report of the commission of inquiry on human rights in the democratic peoples Republic of Korea - a/HRC/25/63 36 pages. The los Angeles county department of Public works expanded their The works mobile application to include reporting possible property violations. Update: On may 19, 2017, Executive order idaho, licensing Freedom Act was signed, and comments are being accepted from interested persons in accordance with that Executive order.

  2. For issues such as strays, animal cruelty, noise and waste complaints or dead animals. To report problems such as property maintenance and zoning issues, illegal dumping, junk vehicles, sub-standard buildings, multi-family housing issues, high grass and weeds, stagnant pools and other violations. Hcd provides leadership, policies and programs to preserve and expand safe and affordable housing opportunities and promote strong communities for all Californians. City of San Jos code Enforcement - request Code Enforcement Services and. To expedite the filing of complaint or to receive information on the department of building Inspection complaint process, please contact one of the following divisions by phone during normal business hours.

  3. Report contract fraud, waste, abuse, theft, embezzlement of funds in the operation of cha business. The reports are damning. The fbi released hundreds of pages related to a 1970s housing discrimination lawsuit against Trump. Report on Rights violations and Resistance in Lesvos 14th June 2018; Community leader Targeted in Chios Trial Acquitted on all Charges 10th may 2018; moria35 updates 5th may 2018. Your issue is important. In order to route your issue so we can best serve you, please identify the location and type of issue you are reporting below.

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