Protein synthesis ppt

protein synthesis ppt

Protein Synthesis - biology junction

Translation occurs when the sequence of bases of mrna directs the sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide. Structure of rna, slide 15: The genetic Code dna specifies the synthesis of proteins because it contains a triplet code: every three bases stand for one amino acid. Each three-letter unit of an mrna molecule is called a codon. Most amino acids have more than one codon; there are 20 amino acids with a possible 64 different triplets. The code is nearly universal among living organisms. Slide 16: The genetic Code, slide 17: The Amino Acids Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. A protein forms via the condensation of amino acids to form a chain of amino acid "residues" linked by peptide bonds.

Protein Synthesis

Each old strand of nucleotides serves as a template for each new strand. New nucleotides move into complementary positions are joined by dna polymerase. Slide 9: dna replication Replication of dna, slide 10: Ladder configuration and dna replication. Slide 11: Gene Expression A gene is a segment of dna that specifies the amino acid sequence of a protein. Gene expression occurs when gene activity leads to a protein product in the cell. A gene does not directly control protein synthesis; instead, it passes its genetic information on to rna, which is more directly involved in protein synthesis. Slide 12: rna (ribonucleic acid) is a single-stranded nucleic acid in which A pairs with essay U (uracil) G pairs with. Three types of rna are involved in gene expression: messenger rna (mRNA) carries genetic information to the ribosomes, ribosomal rna (rRNA) is found in the ribosomes, transfer rna (tRNA) transfers amino acids to the ribosomes, where the protein product is synthesized. The rna (Ribonucleic Acid). Slide 13: Structure of rna, slide 14: Two processes are involved in the synthesis of proteins in the cell: Transcription makes an rna molecule complementary to a portion of dna.

In the 1940s, various researchers showed that dna was the genetic material In the 1950s, the structure of dna was determined. Slide 3: The dna (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) The structure of dna was determined by james Watson and Francis Crick in the early 1950s. Dna is a polynucleotide; nucleotides are composed of a phosphate, a sugar, and a nitrogen-containing base. The sugar in dna is deoxyribose The four different bases in dna are: adenine (A thymine (T guanine (g and cytosine (C). Slide 4: A nucleotide Structure of dna, slide 5: Watson and Crick showed that dna is a double helix in which a is paired with t g is paired with c this is called complementary base pairing because a purine is always paired with. Slide 6: The dna double helix Structure of dna. Slide 7: Structure of dna, slide 8: Replication of dna dna replication occurs during chromosome duplication. An exact copy biography of the dna is produced with the aid of dna polymerase. Hydrogen bonds between bases break and enzymes unzip the molecule.

protein synthesis ppt

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No data available for Genatlas for ano5 Gene. Recessive mutations in the putative calcium-activated chloride channel Anoctamin 5 cause proximal lgmd2L and distal mmd3 muscular dystrophies. (pmid: 20096397 bolduc v brais B (American journal of human genetics 2010) 2342258 Identification and characterization of tmem16E and tmem16F genes in silico. (pmid: 15067359) Katoh m katoh M (International journal of oncology 2004) 2342258 The novel gene encoding a putative transmembrane protein is mutated in gnathodiaphyseal dysplasia (GDD). (pmid: 15124103) Tsutsumi s itakura m (American journal of human genetics 2004) 342258 Structure and function of tmem16 proteins (anoctamins). (pmid: 24692353) Pedemonte n galietta lj (Physiological reviews 2014) 2358 A novel missense mutation in ano5/tmem16E is causative for gnathodiaphyseal dyplasia in a large Italian pedigree. (pmid: 23047743) Marconi c seri m (European journal of human genetics : type ejhg 2013) 3458 search for latest publications for ano5 gene in PubMed and other databases. The molecular Basis Of Inheritance : The molecular Basis Of Inheritance, slide 2: The discovery of the molecular Basis Of Inheritance In the early 1900s, scientists knew that chromosomes, made up of dna (deoxyribonucleic acid) and proteins, contained genetic information. However, they did not know whether the dna or the proteins was the actual genetic material.

Patients also have a propensity for jaw infection and often suffer from purulent osteomyelitis-like symptoms, such as swelling of and pus discharge from the gums, mobility of the teeth, insufficient healing after tooth extraction and exposure of the lesions into the oral cavity. Eco:0000269 PubMed:15124103, eco:0000269 PubMed:23047743, eco:0000269 PubMed:27216912. NoteThe disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry. Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 2L (lgmd2L) mim:611307: An autosomal recessive degenerative myopathy characterized by proximal weakness, weakness of the hip and shoulder girdles and prominent asymmetrical quadriceps femoris and biceps brachii atrophy. Miyoshi muscular dystrophy 3 (MMD3) mim:613319: A late-onset muscular dystrophy characterized by distal muscle weakness of the lower limbs, calf muscle discomfort and weakness, quadriceps atrophy. Muscle weakness and atrophy may be asymmetric. Eco:0000269 PubMed:20096397, eco:0000269 PubMed:22499103. Additional Disease Information for ano5, search disorders for ano5 gene in PubMed and other databases.

Lecture 13 : Protein synthesis PowerPoint Presentation, ppt

protein synthesis ppt

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Search Results, article tools, related articles. Sequence variations resume from dbsnp and Humsavar for ano5 Gene. Snp id clin Chr 11 pos Variation aa info type rs uncertain-significance, limb-Girdle muscular Dystrophy, recessive, miyoshi myopathy 22,282,058 g/C 3_prime_UTR_variant rs likely-pathogenic, myopathy 22,270,444 t/TT splice_donor_variant rs10766930 likely-benign, miyoshi myopathy, limb-Girdle muscular Dystrophy, recessive 22,280,261 a/G 3_prime_UTR_variant rs uncertain-significance, miyoshi myopathy, limb-Girdle muscular Dystrophy. Variation tolerance for ano5 Gene, residual Variation Intolerance Score :.9 of all genes are more intolerant (likely to be disease-causing). Gene damage Index Score :.98;.02 of all genes are more intolerant (likely to be disease-causing). Additional Variant Information for ano5 Gene.

Human Gene mutation Database (hgmd ano5, sNPedia medical, phenotypic, and genealogical associations of snps for. Ano5, snp genotyping and Copy number greenery Assay products. No data available for Polymorphic Variants from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot for ano5 Gene. UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, ano5_human, gnathodiaphyseal dysplasia (GDD) mim:166260: Rare skeletal syndrome characterized by bone fragility, sclerosis of tubular bones, and cemento-osseous lesions of the jawbone. Patients experience frequent bone fractures caused by trivial accidents in childhood; however the fractures heal normally without bone deformity. The jaw lesions replace the tooth-bearing segments of the maxilla and mandible with fibrous connective tissues, including various amounts of cementum-like calcified mass, sometimes causing facial deformities.

Ashley, wanpracha Chaovalitwongse and Bhaskar DasGupta, combinatorial Reconstruction of Half-Sibling Groups, computational Systems bioinformatics (proceedings of the csb 2009 conference), 8,. Xu (editors life Sciences Society, 59-67, 2009. Caballero, wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, bhaskar DasGupta, priya govindan, saad Sheikh and Tanya. Berger-Wolf, kinalyzer, a computer Program for Reconstructing Sibling Groups, molecular Ecology resources, 9 (4, 2009. Wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, chun-An Chou, tanya berger-Wolf, Bhaskar DasGupta, saad Sheikh, mary Ashley and Isabel Caballero, new Optimization Model and Algorithm for Sibling Reconstruction from Genetic Markers, informs journal of Computing, 22 (2 180-194, 2010.

Berger-Wolf, Isabel Caballero, wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, chun-An Chou, bhaskar DasGupta and saad Sheikh, full Sibling Reconstructions in Wild Populations From Microsatellite genetic Markers, in Computational biology: New Research,. Russe (editor nova science publishers, 231-258, 2009. Caballero, wanpracha Chaovalitwongse and Bhaskar DasGupta, error Tolerant Sibship Reconstruction in Wild Populations, computational Systems bioinformatics (7th Annual International Conference on Computational Systems bioinformatics, 26- peter Markstein and Ying xu (editors 273-284, world Scientific Publishers, 2008. Khokhar and Bhaskar DasGupta, consensus Methods for Reconstruction of Sibling Relationships from Genetic Data, 4th Multidisciplinary workshop on Advances in Preference handling, Chicago, il, 2008. Berger-Wolf, saad Sheikh, Bhaskar DasGupta, mary Ashley, isabel Caballero and Wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, reconstructing Sibling Relationships in Wild Populations, bioinformatics, 23 (13 i49-i56, 2007 (special issue for 15th Annual Conference on Intelligent Systems in Molecular biology, 2007). Wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, tanya. Berger-Wolf, Bhaskar DasGupta, and Mary Ashley, set covering Approach for Reconstruction of Sibling Relationships, Optimization Methods and Software, 22 (1 11-24, 2007. Berger-Wolf, Bhaskar DasGupta, wanpracha Chaovalitwongse and Mary Ashley, combinatorial Reconstructions of Sibling Relationships, 6th International Symposium on Computational biology and Genome Informatics, salt lake city, utah, 2005).

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Wanpracha Chaovalitwongse's group at Rutgers) Link night to the software webpage related papers explaining key concepts: saad. Ashley, wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, chun-An Chou and Bhaskar DasGupta, combinatorial Reconstruction of Half-sibling Groups from Microsatellite data, journal of bioinformatics and Computational biology, 8(2 337-356, 2010. Mary Ashley, tanya. Berger-Wolf, piotr Berman, wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, bhaskar DasGupta and Ming-Yang kao, on Approximating four covering/Packing Problems, journal of Computer and System Sciences, 75 (5 287-302, 2009. Berger-Wolf, wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, bhaskar DasGupta, ashfaq Khokhar and saad Sheikh, On Approximating An Implicit cover Problem in Wild Population Study, discrete mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, 2 (1 21-31, 2010 (conference version in 5th International Conference on Algorithmic Aspects in Information and Management,. lncs 5564, 43-54, Springer-Verlag Berlin heidelberg, 2009). Berger-Wolf, Ashfaq Khokhar, Isabel.

protein synthesis ppt

Binkowski, bhaskar DasGupta and jie liang Topology Independent Protein Structural Alignment, 7th Workshop on Algorithms in bioinformatics (wabi. lnbi 4645, springer-Verlag Berlin heidelberg, 171-182, 2007. Andrew Binkowski, bhaskar DasGupta and jie liang, Order independent structural alignment of circularly permutated proteins, 26th Annual International Conference ieee engineering in Medicine and biology society, 2004. Software for causal network inference via set-covering method (developed in collaboration with joe dundas at favourite uic bioengineering department) Link to the software webpage related papers explaining key concepts: Bhaskar DasGupta, paola vera-licona and Eduardo sontag, reverse Engineering of Molecular Networks from a common Combinatorial Approach. Zomaya (editors john Wiley sons, Inc., 2011. Kinalyzer: a computer Program for Reconstructing Sibling Groups (developed in collaboration with Prof. Tanya berger-Wolf and Prof. Mary Ahsley's group at uic and Prof.

albert and Bhaskar DasGupta, net-synthesis: A software for synthesis, inference and simplification of signal transduction networks, bioinformatics, 24 (2 293-295, 2008 réka albert, Bhaskar DasGupta, riccardo dondi, eduardo sontag, Alexander Zelikovsky and Kelly westbrook, a novel Method for. lnbi 4645, Springer-Verlag, 407-419, 2007). Cpalign: Software and web server for topology independent protein structural alignment (developed by Prof. Jie liang and his group at uic in collaboration) Related papers explaining key concepts: Bhaskar DasGupta, joseph Dundas and jie liang, Algorithmic Methodologies for Discovery of Non-sequential Protein Structure similarities, to appear in Algorithmic and ai methods for Protein bioinformatics,. Li (editors wiley book series on bioinformatics, wiley, 2013. Binkowski, bhaskar DasGupta and jie liang, topology Independent Protein Structural Alignment, bmc bioinformatics, 8:388, 2007.

Bhaskar DasGupta, kishori konwar, ion Mandoiu and Alex Shvartsman, highly Scalable Algorithms for Robust String Barcoding, 2005 International Workshop on bioinformatics Research and Applications, lncs 3515, vaidy. Sunderam, geert Dick van Albada, peter. (editors Springer Verlag, 2005. Software for decomposing a biological network into monotone subsystems (developed in collaboration with Prof. Eduardo sontag and his group from Rutgers University). Related papers explaining key concepts: Bhaskar DasGupta, german Andres Enciso, eduardo sontag and yi zhang, Algorithmic and Complexity results for Decompositions of biological Networks into monotone subsystems, 5th International Workshop Experimental Algorithms, lncs 4007, 253-264, Springer-Verlag, 2006. Bhaskar DasGupta, german Andres Enciso, eduardo sontag and yi zhang, Algorithmic and Complexity results for Decompositions of biological Networks into monotone subsystems, biosystems, 90 (1 161-178, 2007 net-synthesis: Software for synthesis of a biological signal trasduction network from indirect experimental evidences Link to the software.

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Software links, fin-stab: an interactive software for shock simulator for financial networks. Link to the software webpage, related papers explaining key concepts: piotr Berman, Bhaskar DasGupta, lakshmi kaligounder and paper Marek karpinski, on the computational Complexity of measuring Global Stability of Banking Networks, to appear in, algorithmica. Bhaskar DasGupta and lakshmi kaligounder, On Global Stability of Financial Networks, journal of Complex Networks, 2 (3 313-354,2014. Dna-bar - distinguisher Selection for Robust dna barcoding (developed in collaboration with Prof. Ion Mandoiu and his group from University of Connecticut). Link to the software webpage, related papers explaining key concepts: piotr Berman, Bhaskar DasGupta and Ming-Yang kao, tight Approximability results for Test Set Problems in bioinformatics, journal of Computer system Sciences, 71 (2 145-162, 2005. Bhaskar DasGupta, kishori konwar, ion Mandoiu and Alex Shvartsman, highly Scalable Algorithms for Robust String Barcoding, international journal of bioinformatics Research applications, 1 (2 145-161, 2005. Bhaskar DasGupta, kishori konwar, ion Mandoiu and Alex Shvartsman, dna-bar: Distinguisher Selection for dna barcoding, bioinformatics, 21 (16, 2005.

Protein synthesis ppt
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  4. Stages of the cell Cycle and Mitosis, meiosis, dna structure and Function, Protein, synthesis, and Mutations. Translation Translation is the second step by which gene expression leads to protein synthesis. Dear sir, i would be grateful to you if allow this ppt to be download-able. The availability of C4bBP regulates the proportion of the free and bound forms of protein,. Synthesis of protein, s occurs in the liver, endothelial cells, and megakaryocytes).

  5. Protein, isolate is one of the cleanest and purest sources of protein available today. Regulation of Muscle Glycogen Repletion, muscle. Protein, synthesis and Repair Following Exercise. Effects of High-Impact Mechanical loading on Synovial Cell Cultures. Synthesis : Software for synthesis of a biological signal trasduction network from indirect experimental evidences. Cpalign: Software and web server for topology independent protein structural alignment (developed by Prof.

  6. Calixto e thiels e klann e and barrionuevo g 2003 early maintenance of hippocampal mossy fiber ltp depends on protein and rna synthesis and presynaptic granule cell integrity journal of neuroscience. Isu and the nsf. Synthesis, engineering Education coalition. University of California at Berkeley california polytechnic Cornell University hampton University southern University Stanford University tuskegee university. Buy muscleTech 100 Premium Whey isolate Plus - chocolate - 3lbs.: Supplements.

  7. Complete information for ano5 gene (. Protein, coding Anoctamin 5, including: function, proteins, disorders, pathways, orthologs, and expression. GeneCards - the human Gene compendium. Custom cloning services - gene synthesis, subcloning, mutagenesis, variant library, vector shuttling. Synthesis of protein molecules translation 100.

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