Paper shredder head

paper shredder head

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Security level 1: Strip Cut:.5-11.8mm, cross Cut:.5mm x 40-80mm, security level 2: Strip Cut:.9-5.8mm. Cross Cut:.5mm x 40-80mm, security level 3: Strip Cut:.9mm, cross Cut:.9mm x 30-50mm. Security level 4: Cross Cut:.9mm x 15mm Security level 5: Cross Cut:.78mm x 11mm Security level 6: Cross Cut: 1mm x 4-5mm Popular Paper Shredder Brands Many people ask us which paper shredder brands are best. This is a tough question to answer, as there are many good brands. We have, however, found in our decades of experience that shredders made by destroyit, hsm, formax, dahle and Intelli-zone are exceptional. If you have a question about a paper shredder brand, or simply need to find a good shredder for your office, please don't hesitate to call and speak with one of our Paper Shredder Experts. Protect yourself or your business with a departmental / heavy duty shredder.

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This helps prevent damage to the motor. If you need to use a shredder for extended periods throughout the day, you may want to consider buying a continuous duty shredder. These shredders have thermally protected motors plan that allow them to run for hours at a time without incurring premature wear or tear. Where will you be using the shredder? Shredders can make a lot of noise, especially cross cut shredders. Many modern shredder brands, such as Intimus and Dahle, implement baffles, noise absorbing mounts and more to keep shredders as quiet as possible. If you will be using the shredder a lot and around many people, you may want to look for a shredder with a lower decibel rating. Paper Shredder Security levels: There are six security levels that are labeled by din32757 certification. Level 6 is technically not din 32757 certified, but is accepted by the nsa / dod for top secret shredding. These are the security levels and their corresponding cutting pattern ranges.

Typically the higher the security level, the lower the sheet capacity. This is because higher security levels have to cut through more surface area at a time, resulting in decreased capacities. How much security do you need? We recommend using at least a security level 3 if you are shredding sensitive information. Keep the security level in mind when shopping for a shredder and be sure to get a machine that cuts paper the right way for the job at hand. How often will you use summary the shredder? Some shredders require a cooldown period after a long period of use.

paper shredder head

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If you are in an office and multiple people need to use the shredder, you are going to be much better business off with a departmental shredder. Whatever you do, don't buy a shredder that is too small for the job at hand or the shredder may end up wearing out prematurely. Feel free to call us at to speak with one of our Paper Shredder Experts. They can help you determine the correct shredder for the job. How much paper do you need to shred at a time? Shredders are capable of shredding different amounts of paper at a time. If you need to shred a lot of paper, you will need to use a shredder with a higher shredding capacity.

Many paper shredders now come equipped with the ability to shred CDs, dvds and Blu-rays. Auto feed Shredders - auto feed shredders use a special tray where you can place a stack of paper. The shredder will then pull a sheet off the stack and shred it until the entire stack of paper is done. This type of shredding technology can be found in strip and cross cut shredders. This is especially nice when you need to shred a lot of paper, but don't have a lot of time to stand in front of a shredder. Questions to ask prior to purchasing a paper shredder: How many people will be using your shredder? In order to keep up with shredding demand, you need to make sure your shredder can keep up with the volume thrown. If you are at home or have a home office, you probably will be fine with a deskside shredder.

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paper shredder head

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This is usually reserved for businesses that want a little more security than your typical cross cut shredder can provide. High Security Shredders - high security shredders are used by government, military and other entities that need extreme security precautions when shredding paper. This cutting pattern usually falls within a level 5 or level 6 cutting pattern. Paper cut using a high security shredder cannot be deciphered or pieced back together. The level 6 pattern is what the dod and nsa use for high security shredding.

Disintegrators - while technically not a shredder, disintegrators are used to destroy paper. Rather than using a cutting head to chop up paper into pieces, they use a special blade to finely grind paper down into dust. Cd / dvd shredders - while paper can contain a lot of information, optical discs such as CDs, dvds and Blu-rays can contain far more data. It is important to properly peer dispose of optical discs when they are no longer needed. Optical disc shredders come in stand alone designs or in a combination design with a paper shredder.

As the paper is placed in a slot on the top of the machine, these steel cutting blades pull the paper in and chop it into pieces. These pieces of paper are then deposited into a bin or basket. Regardless of the size of the shredder, they almost always operate in a similar way. Types of paper shredders. Strip Cut Shredders - strip cut shredders used to be the most common and affordable type of shredder available.

They have decreased in popularity with the rise of the cross cut shredders. These shredders typically cut paper into tiny 1/8" or " strips. Strip cut shredders typically have a higher cutting capacity than cross cut shredders because there is less surface area being cut. Cross Cut Shredders - cross cut shredders cut paper into pieces using a crossing pattern. The term cross cut applies to all shredders that use this type of cutting pattern, but is often used specifically to describe a level 3 cutting pattern. A cross cut shredder provides a lot more security than a strip cut shredder and is best used for shredding personal information. Micro cut Shredders - the term micro cut shredder is used to describe any level 4 paper shredder. While a micro cut is technically a type of cross cut pattern, it is usually applied to level 4 due to the smaller "micro" cutting pattern.

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A paper shredder is anything that is used to shred paper into tiny particles. This could be something as simple as scissors or as complex as a semi loaded with high-end blades designed to shred hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. Most people, however, when they talk about a paper shredder are speaking of a machine that sits biography next to a desk or in a centralized office location for destroying sensitive material. Paper shredders are the most popular tool used to destroy patient records, client information and sensitive data. These machines also play a critical role in hipaa and facta compliance. How does a shredder work? A shredder usually consists of a shredder head that sits on some sort of basket or bin. The shredder head holds a couple of steel rollers that are configured to cut paper in a particular type of pattern.

paper shredder head

Paper shredders are legal a great way to destroy sensitive information, old receipts, credit card applications and more. When used correctly, paper shredders are very safe and useful. You can find a long list of newer and safer paper shredders at Office zone. For more information and answers to questions, visit. What is a paper shredder? how does a shredder work? types of paper shredders, questions to ask prior to purchasing a paper shredder: paper Shredder Security levels: Popular Paper Shredder Brands, what is a paper shredder?

that can get pulled into a shredder and potentially cause injury. When clearing out paper jams, use caution. For bad paper jams, sometimes it is necessary to remove the shredder head to remove paper trapped in the shredder blades from below. When this is done, always unplug the shredder. Although safety switches are in place on many shredders, you never know when a shredder may turn. With this in mind, do not be scared away by paper shredders.

There are a few things that have been done to prevent these injuries. Most shredder manufacturers have taken these lessons to heart and have made significant improvements to shredders to try and prevent injury. Many shredders have narrowed the gap on the opening to the shredder, making it much harder to insert fingers. Even better, many manufacturers have actually curved the opening of the shredder and have recessed the shredder blades back farther into the shredder head. This almost eliminates the possibility of injury. This isnt to say that these shredders are 100 failsafe. When children and pets paper are around, it is still a good idea to make sure your shredder is indeed safe. I also recommend unplugging a shredder when it is not in use. Children and pets arent the only ones that can potentially be injured by shredders.

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Questions have been asked and urban legends have been created regarding the safety of paper shredders. Because there are so many paper shredders in circulation, it is good to inform yourself on how to keep pets, children and other individuals from being hurt by a paper shredder. That being said, how true are the urban legends and stories about people being hurt by shredders? You have probably heard the stories by word of mouth or through chain e-mails about pets and children being hurt by paper shredders. Initially, many people shrug these stories off as being myths. Unfortunately many of them are indeed true. There are documented cases of children getting their hands stuck in shredders and dogs getting there tongues stuck in shredders. The reason it is so easy for many of these innocent beings being hurt is because many paper shredders have an auto on/off function. A sensor detects when something write is being inserted and the shredder automatically turns on accordingly.

Paper shredder head
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In order to keep the cutting head working like new, it needs to be lubricated on a regular basis with paper shredder cutter oil. Swingline 14 Sheet Paper Shredder The head of the shredder has a modern, streamlined design with two shredding slots. Tags: Industrial Paper Shredder For Sale colorful Paper Shredder paper Shredder head.

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  1. desk-side paper shredder which comes with a lifetime warranty on the shred head and 1 year on all other parts, (same as the companys. For bad paper jams, sometimes it is necessary to remove the shredder head to remove paper trapped in the shredder blades from below. Kobra paper shredders are made from high-quality materials and feature chain-driven shredder heads that can shred large volumes. Shredder Oil Specially formulated oil designed to lubricate and free paper dust from the cutting head of a paper shredder. Find Paper Shredder Paper Trimmers Suppliers.

  2. We have great pricing and. The cutting head forces these particles into a filter on the rear of the paper shredder. If this doesnt help, remove the paper shredder s head and try to pull all the materials out of there. Remove the shredder head and try removing the paper from beneath the shredder. Cutter head, grey - for Cutter head, grey - for. oil (vegetable oil) will, over time, cause shredded particles and pieces of paper to stick together, gumming up the shredder head.

  3. Využijte slevy na vaši oblíbenou značku. Most paper shredder machine that mostly used for personal start as low as rm40. A, paper, shredder for your needs Faxed, head. An excellent paper shredder would have the capacity to shred even CDs and charge cards. The shredder head holds a couple of steel rollers that are configured to cut paper in a particular type of pattern. We have a great selection of heavy duty and commercial-grade paper shredders for office or warehouse use.

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