Mass media presentation

mass media presentation

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i have to get in to capital at about Three times a week, after my show I do das or personal appearances at clubs. It's extra money and good fun and it takes me all over London, but I don't get home until. A) -When did you decide to be. B) -Are there any advantages to be. C) -What do you like most in your job? D) -What about hours?

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Among the programmes are comments and discussions, interviews with various people, broadcasts for schools, plays, serious and light music, short plays and sketches. A special programme consists mainly of informative talks and instructions in subjects, such as foreign languages, gardening, cooking, education. 35 Radio in Russia food there are many radio stations in modern Russia. There are radio russia, which specializes in national and international news Radio. Petersburg which offers cultural and educational programmes for children and regional news. The lovers of classical music should tune in to Orpheus Radio which broadcasts mainly musical programmes. 36 Mach questions and answers. When I was at university. yes, a lot af advantages. What I really like is when i have guests. my hours on air arent it that many compared to a normal job.

And some of the programmes are really violent. There are terrible problems with reading and writing. Kids dont read books any more. They spend a lot of time plan just sitting and watching the telly. 34 Radio in Britain. Most families in Britain have a radio set, thought they say that they dont listen to the radio very often. Bbc programmes are on the air from six in the morning until twelve oclock at night.

mass media presentation

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We have a lot of variety and good quality. We try to entertain and educate. Thats why so father's many British television programmes are exported. We need more channels and more broadcasting. Up to 20 hours a day, for example. 32 good and bad points. The kids come home and turn on the box. Parents business have no control.

Television is a great way to learn. Its easier than reading a book. I wish we could watch more television at school. But on the whole, most telly programmes are rubbish, too serious. Television should be entertaining, you know, fun. I wish there were more police shows and sports. And more adverts, too. 31 good and bad points. British television is the best in the world.

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mass media presentation

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24, miami vice ( american imports ) One of the submission most successful us shows on. It is about two drug-squad detectives sonny Crockett ( Don Johnson ) and Ricardo tubbs ( Philip Michael Thomas ) dealing with the problems of vice in miami. 26, eastenders and neighbours these are both extremely popular. EastEnders is set the wealthy eastern section of London. Over 20 million people watch it every week. Neighboursis an Australian soap. Like eastEnders it is the story of a local community.

But in this case, the characters all live in a suburb of Melbourne. 28 top of the pors weekly television programme on bbc 1 in which a selection of recently released pop and rock hits is performed live or video including those in the top ten. Each week the show finishes with the number one single. It runs every Thursday. 30 good and bad points.

British tv there are currently over two and a half million homes in Britain which can connect to cable. Cable systems can have between 30 and 45 tv channels. Cable tv viewers pay for the programmes they want too see. 17, what popular programmes of Britains young people? 18, family matters ( discussion ) On Family matters families talk (in fact they usually argue) about their problem in front of an audience. 20, blind date ( game show ) Blind Date is all about romance.

Three girls are asked questions by a young man ( he cant see the girls ). He then chooses one of them and they go out for a date. The following week they come back and talk about what happened. 22, net work. N n et work 7 is a mixture of pop videos, interviews, fashion, sport, quizzes and news. It uses the latest techniques and is show late at night.

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Bbc 2 offers more serious programmes than bbc 1 documentaries and discussions, plays and serials operas and concerts. 12, british tv bbc 2 programmes feature lighter plays and series, comedy and spots, but they also broadcast some interesting documentaries. 13, british tv itv (channel 3) and channel 4 are independent commercial organizations which get most of their money from advertising. Itv (channel 3) consists of fourteen programme companies, each serving a different part of the country. Channel 4 serves the whole country. In Wales, this channel transmits programmes in the welsh language (S4C). 14, british tv thanks to satellite, tv viewers in Britain can watch tv from many european countries, including France, germany, italy, and as far as Russia. 15, british tv some channels revelation such as sky one and Super channel provide general entertainment, but most satellite channels are devoted to more specialized topics, such as sports, news, pop and rock music, childrens programmes and feature films.

mass media presentation

We all like science fiction and feature films. We writing are especially fond of old Russian comedies. What is your favorite channel? our favorite channel is ntv. They show many good films. What do you like? 11, british tv the bbc has two television channels: bbc 1 and bbc.

My mum is fond of serials, so she prefers Russian Television. What about your sister? She is crazy about nature programmes, she watches. Are there any programmes the whole family views?

The channel specializes in serials and talk- shows. 7, ntv ntv viewers like more serious programmes dealing with politics, news, discussions, etc. This channel specializes in the latest news and analyses of the political and economical situation. It has some entertaining programmes, but not many. Tvc tvc has 37 of the audience because it is watched by those who want to online relax and also because it is a cable channel and not all people have it in their homes. 9, mTV specializes in musical programmes. Culture Channel specializes in programmes about museums and cultural events. 10 - how many channels does your tv set have?

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1, the mass media in Great Britain and Russia. They inform, educate and entertain people. They also influence the way people look at the world and make them change their views. Mass media shapes public opinion. 4, the russian tv television sets in Russian have a literature lot of channels: Channel 1; Russia; ntv; sts; Ren-TV. 5, channel 1 Channel 1 has 26 viewers because it transmitters its programmes to all parts of Russian Federation including the far East, kazakhstan and. It is free for viewers, and there are programmes for general entertainment to meet tastes. Channel 1 specializes in news, serials and programmes, describing the official point of view.

Mass media presentation
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  7. Television (satellite/cable) broadcasting programmes for people to watch on they television sets. Newspaper (daile/weekly) a paper printed and sold with news, advertisement. All up-to-date information, latest news, press-releases, exhibitor previews and official statements of the companies management can be found in this section. Presentation, press-release, media partnership For. Look at the presentation and remember which newspapers are printed. On this page you will find 55 free, printable worksheets on mass media.

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