Grandfather and grandmother essay

grandfather and grandmother essay

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But i also saw and heard distressing things. One which I feel all of us should be aware of is the plight of Christian Arabs under the rule of the palestinian Authority. More than once i heard them say: 'life was better for us under Israeli rule.' One young man, lamenting the refusal of the muslim-dominated courts to help him in a property dispute with squatters, burst out: 'we are so alone! All of us Christians feel so lonely in this country.' This conversation took place about a mile from the Church of the nativity in Bethlehem, where tourists are given the impression that the Christian religion is respected. I was told, in whispers, of the unprintable desecration of this shrine by palestinian gunmen when they seized the church in 2002 'world opinion' was exclusively directed against Israel. I will not name the people who told me these things.

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As so often in the Arab world, the rubbish-infested squalor of the streets conceals clean, private quarters, not luxurious and sometimes basic, but out of these places emerge each day huge numbers of scrubbed, neatly-uniformed children, on their way to schools so crammed that they. I wish I was sure these young people were being taught the principles of human brotherhood and co-existence. But I doubt. On a wall in a street in central gaza, a mural clearly displayed with official approval shows an obscene caricature of an Israeli soldier with a dead child slung from his bayonet. A palestinian woman holds her daughter as she sits in her family's tent, where she has lived since her home was destroyed plan in northern gaza strip Next to it is written in Arabic 'Child Hunter'. Other propaganda, in English, is nearby. My guide is embarrassed by this racialist foulness. I wonder how so many other Western visitors have somehow failed to mention it in their accounts. I was still wondering about this as I travelled to the short distance to the west Bank, where Israel still partly rules. I was the recipient of hospitality in many Arab homes a level of generosity that should make western people ashamed of their cold, neighbour-hating cities. And once again I saw the outline of a society, slowly forming amid the wreckage, in which a decent person might live, work, raise children and attempt to live a good life.

It is not idle to say that these 'camps' business should have been pulled down years ago, and their inhabitants rehoused. It can be done. The United Arab Emirates, to their lasting credit, have paid for a smart new housing estate with a view of the mediterranean. It shows what could happen if the Arab world cared as much as it says it does about gaza. Everyone in gaza could live in such places, at a cost that would be no more than small change in the oil-rich Arab world's pocket. But the propagandists, who insist that one day the refugees will return to their lost homes, regard such improvements as acceptance that Israel is permanent and so they prefer the squalor, for other people. Those who rightly condemn the misery of the camps should ask themselves whose fault it really.

grandfather and grandmother essay

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Peter at the Sderot Police Station with Kassam rockets that have been fired into Israel from gaza siege? What about gaza's 'refugee camps'. The expression is misleading. Most of those who live in presentation them are not refugees, but the children and grandchildren of those who fled Israel in the war of 1948. All the other refugees from that era in India and pakistan, the germans driven from Poland and the czech lands, not to mention the jews expelled from the Arab world were long ago resettled. Unbelievably, these people are still stuck in insanitary townships, hostages in a vast struggle kept going by politicians who claim to care about them. These places are not much different from the poorer urban districts of cairo, about which nobody, in the Arab world or the west, has much to say.

If it is wrong for the rich to live next door to the desperate and we often assume this when wecriticise Israel then what about gaza's wealthy, and its Hamas rulers? They tolerate this gap, so they are presumably as blameworthy as the Israelis whose comfortable homes overlook chasms of poverty. Then there is the use of the word 'siege'. Can anyone think of a siege in human history, from Syracuse to leningrad, where the shops of the besieged city have been full of Snickers bars and Chinese motorbikes, and where european Union and other foreign aid projects pour streams of cash (often yours) into. Once again, the word conceals more than it reveals. In gaza's trapped, unequal society, a wealthy and influential few live in magnificent villas with sea views and their own generators to escape the endless power cuts. Gaza also possesses a reasonably well-off middle class, who spend their cash in a shopping mall sited in Treasure Street in gaza city, round the corner from another street that is almost entirely given over to shops displaying washing machines and refrigerators.

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grandfather and grandmother essay

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For the Islamist rocket-firers are also the government here, supported by Iran and others who care more for an abstract cause than they do for real people. They claim that their permanent war with Israel is for the benefit of the palestinian Arabs. The true state of the gaza strip, and of the west Bank of Jordan, is full of paradoxes and surprises. Human beings will always strive for some sort of normal life. They do this presentation even when bombs are falling and demagogues raging.

Even when, as in gaza, there is no way out and morality patrols sweep through restaurants in search of illicit beer and women smoking in public or otherwise affronting the 14th Century values of Hamas. So i won't give the name of the rather pleasant establishment where young women, Islamic butterflies mocking the fanatics' strict dress code with bright make-up and colourful silken hijabs, chattered as they inhaled apple-scented smoke from their water-pipes. Their menfolk, nearby, watched football on huge, flat-screen televisions. Nor will I say where i saw the gazan young gathering for beach barbecues beneath palm-leaf umbrellas. Of course this way of life isn't typical. But it exists, and it shows the 'prison camp' designation is a brain-dead over-simplification.

Gaza was bombed on the day i arrived in retaliation for a series of rocket strikes. Israel, made by Arab militants. Those militants knew this would happen, but they launched their rockets anyway. Many gazans hate them for this. Peter Hitchens by the rubble of a palestinian ministry building destroyed by the idf in the gaza strip. One, whom I shall call Ibrahim, told me how he had begged these maniacs to leave his neighbourhood during Israel's devastating military attack nearly two years ago.

His wife was close to giving birth. He knew the Israelis would quickly seek out the launcher, and that these men would bring death down on his home. But the militants sneered at his pleading, so he shoved his wife into his car and fled. Moments after he passed the first major crossroads, a huge Israeli bomb burst on the spot where his car had been. The diabolical power of modern munitions is still visible, in the ruins of what was once a government building. It looks as if a giant has chewed and smashed it, and then come back and stamped. If you can imagine trying to protect a pregnant woman from such forces, then you can begin to understand how complex it is living here, where those who claim to defend you bring death to your door.

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Realise, for a start, that Israel no longer rules gaza. Its settlements are ruins. No israelis can be found inside its borders. And, before you say 'but Israel controls reviews the gaza border look at a map. The strip's southern frontier almost as hard to cross as the. Israeli boundary is with Egypt. And cairo is as anxious as Israel to seal in the muslim militants of Hamas.

grandfather and grandmother essay

This phrase is the official line of plan the well-funded Arab and Muslim lobby, who want to make sure Israel is seen by the world as a villainous oppressor. Well, Israeli soldiers can and do act with crude brutality. Israeli settlers can and do steal Arab water and drive arabs off their land. Israeli politicians are often coarse and insensitive. The treatment of Israel's Arab citizens is one of the great missed opportunities of history, needlessly mean and short-sighted. The seizure of the west Bank and gaza in 1967 were blunders, made worse by later folly. But if you think Israel is the only problem, or that Israelis are the only oppressors hereabouts, think again.

heard. The new gaza mall, there are dispiriting slums that should have been cleared decades ago, people living on the edge of subsistence. And most of the people cannot get out. But it is a lot more complicated, and a lot more interesting, than that. In fact, the true state of the gaza strip, and of the west Bank of the jordan, is so full of paradoxes and surprises that most news coverage of the middle east finds it easier to concentrate on the obvious, and leave out the awkward. Which is why, in my view, politicians and public alike have been herded down a dead end that serves only propagandists and cynics, and leaves the people of this beautiful, important part of the world suffering needlessly. For instance, our Prime minister, david Cameron, recently fawned on his Islamist hosts in Turkey by stating gaza was a 'prison camp'.

But business has collapsed because the Israelis have relaxed many of their diary restrictions on imports, and most such tunnels are going out of business. While i was there i heard the whine of Israeli drones and the thunder of jet bombers far overhead. Then, worryingly soon after I left, the area was pulverised with high explosive. I don't know if the Israeli air force waited for me to leave, or just walloped the tunnels anyway. The jewish state's grasp of basic public relations is notoriously bad. But the Israeli authorities certainly know i am here. I am one of only four people who crossed into the world's most misrepresented location this morning.

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Lattes, beach barbecues (and dodging missiles) in paper the world's biggest prison camp. Updated: 15:08 bst, it is lunchtime in the world's biggest prison camp, and i am enjoying a rather good caffe latte in an elegant beachfront cafe. Later I will visit the sparkling new gaza mall, and then eat an excellent beef stroganoff in an elegant restaurant. Perhaps it is callous of me to be so self-indulgent, but I think i at least deserve the coffee. I would be having a stiff drink instead, if only the ultra-Islamic regime hadn't banned alcohol with a harsh and heavy hand. Just an hour ago i was examining a 90ft-deep smuggling tunnel, leading out of the gaza strip and into Egypt. This excavation, within sight of Egyptian border troops who are supposed to stop such things, is unbelievably officially licensed by the local authority as a 'trading project' (registration fee 1,600). Tale of two cities: gaza's sparkling new shopping mall offers a stark contrast to the images of slums we are used. It was until recently used for the import of cattle, chocolate and motorcycles (though not, its owner insists, for munitions or people) and at its peak earned more than 30,000 a day in fees.

Grandfather and grandmother essay
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Dont use polythene bags. The trading floor of the new York Stock Exchange just after the crash of 1929.

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  4. I want to commend to your attention the speech New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu gave on the day the final Confederate monument - robert. Lee's - was taken down in the city. I saw your post while searching for information concerning Rockland State hospital. Your work years coincide with my Grandmothers sisters stay at the facility. Peter Hitchens reveals a side of gaza were not allowed to see and explains why its the key to peace in the middle east.

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