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I had odd work after that but decided to close my business.Apr.2013 after a 31 year run. . I mentioned earlier that I had joined The welding Institute (TWI) in 1971, which had many esab ltd staff involved in the local Branch. . After esab moved away from Gillingham, i decided to support the local Branch myself and was successfully elected onto the medway branch Committee in Jan.1988, elected Vice Chairman for 1991 1992, Chairman 1992 1993, 1998 1999, branch President from 2011. Under my chairmanship, we changed the Branch name to kent Branch to reflect that members were no longer concentrated in the medway towns, following the demise of much of its industry including the closing of hm dockyard Chatham in 1984. . ive had the honour to represent the Branch on the Branch Management Committee of twi, including a couple of sub-committees. . ive also served on the Professional board and been awarded the loyal Service Award for Branch activities. . I have not been involved so much with iom3. .

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Most of these divisions retained me to support their qa activities following registrations. . For the service division it almost became a full-time job as I roamed the uk motorway network visiting their 11 offices scattered around the. . Whilst at York i thought it would be advantageous to join The Institute of quality Assurance (IQA) and my application in 1984, supported by Allan, was successful. . iqa later became The Chartered quality Institute (CQI) from which I resigned.2015. . In 2005 Johnson Controls Inc. Bought out York International Corporation and largely by design, most of my support then contracted to the parts division. . On.2008, lehman Brother Holdings Inc. In the usa filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. . I was working in the parts division that same day and in the afternoon we received an email from usa hq that all contractors, worldwide, were to be off site by the end of the working day! . That included me and severed my 25-year relationship with the various uk divisions. . It must have been serious to send words out that sort of instruction without investigating the potential consequences locally worldwide!

eventually, as the company grew I had to admit the company needed a fulltime member of staff to fulfil my duties as well as an additional inspector. Another, even longer term contract was with York International Ltd, basildon, Essex. . This was the uk operation of a usa-based, multinational, manufacturing chillers for commercial air conditioning, industrial fuller and marine use. . i initially worked for a new qa manager, Allan Knock, who later became quality director. . my first task was to assist Allan prepare the marine division for a def stan 05-21 re-assessment following a failure the previous year under a former qa manager. . we were successful and then followed on with quality improvements in the manufacturing division. . I was then asked to project manage various divisions: Manufacturing, Industrial Refrigeration, service and Parts to implement and register to bs 5750 and later to convert to iso 9001. .

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It was fascinating for me to be reacquainted with mechanical testing certificates I had prepared a decade or so earlier in the met lab at esab ltd for woodfields (Rochester) Ltd! . This led on to welding support not only for the companys products but also for sub-contract work as well as quality control and quality assurance activities, including data manual preparation all on a part-time basis. One of the sub-contracts we undertook was for some large swivels for the norwegian Gullfaks oilfield in the north sea. . One of the 36 inch swivels we made had been over-pressurised biography at site with sandy sea water and was leaking oil. . woodfield was asked to supply someone to witness the dismantling and offer repair advice. . With my involvement on the manufacture, frank asked me. . my one and only time out to an oil reviews rig. .

I was contracted as the welding engineer for both contracts which kept me busy for most of 1982. . by the summer of 1983 I was beginning to secure continuous work. . Some were long term assignments, whilst others were very short term investigations followed up with a written report. . One of my first longer term assignments was with woodfield Systems Ltd, Swalecliffe, kent. . woodfield designed and manufactured fluid transfer systems or loading arms, primarily to transfer petro-chemical fluids between ship and shore. . The demand for this product varied and to keep the work force active, various sub-contracts were secured involving welding and fabrication of skid-based equipment, typically involving pipework. . Not long after a management buyout, i was invited by the managing Director, Frank savage, to review the companies welding procedures, bring them up to date and present them in the new company livery. .

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faulkners paper london

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Various other management changes subsequently took place with which I was unhappy. . I toyed with the idea of setting up a cullet business, verteidigung but in hindsight Im glad I didnt as the subsequent introduction of bottle banks would have scuppered that venture! I then secured a post with eps r d ltd, sittingbourne as Project Engineering Department Manager, responsible for 6 project managers working on the design and manufacture of packaging and handling of mod materiel, some of which required long term storage. . we also interfaced with many of the prime contractors for the mod,. Marconi radar Systems Ltd, Plessey ltd, hunting Engineering Ltd, who were designing and manufacturing the product for mod. . The mod moratorium on contracts in the early 1980s eventually led to my redundancy, but not before i had managed essays to resurrect a 1/2 m contract from another project manager, for about 120 environmentally protected containers of several different designs, after the prime contractor had. For various, including family reasons, i decided to try self-employment in early 1982, to utilise my knowledge and experience in metallurgy, welding and quality assurance. .

I managed to enrol on a small business course at the polytechnic of Central London in April 1982 and met Brian Daniel who had worked for Calor and was now also working for himself. . we got on well and later when he was arranging to be the sole uk agent for delonghi gas fires and arranging testing through bsi labs, he asked me to explain bs 5750 to delonghi in Treviso Italy, since bsi were making a condition. I spent a couple of days at delonghi in Treviso and explained what bs 5750 involved. . At the time delonghi was virtually unknown in the. Soon after I had decided to try self-employment, a subsidiary of the eps group (Wellwinch Engineering) gave me my first break. . Wellwinch had taken over the Philip Brown Fan Company in Swansea. . Three key personnel and equipment came to sittingbourne to undertake a couple of contracts to produce cyclones in CrMo steel and stainless steel. .

esab and esab ltd had frequent interface with The welding Institute (TWI) at Abington, cambridge. . quite a few of the esab ltd staff were members of twi and the local Branch Committee. . As a result I joined twi in 1971. . Again, i have maintained my twi membership to date and more about that later. . Primarily for use in hull construction of ships, approved electrodes are required to be annually subjected to testing, with the welding and testing being witnessed by the ship classification authorities, such as Lloyds Register of Shipping, American Bureau of Shipping, det norske veritas, bureau veritas.

It was also my job to coordinate these annual check tests and to sort out any problems. . I stayed with esab ltd for over 9 years and had 3 different functions. . After Company metallurgist, i was appointed Metallurgist, quality control, reporting to the technical Director looking at the quality control of electrode manufacture at a time when the new def stan 05 series of quality management standards were published by the mod. . i enrolled at Medway maidstone college (now Mid-Kent College) and obtained a city guilds Certificate in quality control as well as a diploma in quality Assurance. . Following this I was appointed as quality control labs Manager, reporting to the managing Director after the technical Director retired and wasnt replaced. . by then we were also making welding equipment at Gillingham and my remit extended to this operation as well. .

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A machine division operated out of Handsworth, birmingham. . At Brunel, we had only the briefest consideration of welding, so i was convinced I had failed the interview. . to my complete surprise i was offered the post of Company metallurgist, to be responsible for the metallurgical laboratory and to answer customer queries on welding applications and consumable choice! . Fortunately, i had good basic and product training from the technical Director Jimmy gaughan and from Peter fielding. . What customer queries the sales department couldnt handle were passed to us in the technical Department. . I got to know and support many of the major uk manufacturing companies of the time,. Whessoe ltd, head Wrightson Ltd, Clark proposal Chapman - john Thompson Ltd, Crane Fruehauf Ltd, redpath Dorman Long Ltd, cegb and British Steel Corporation. .

faulkners paper london

There was also time to experience more of the glass industry with visits to leeds foundries where moulds were cast and machined and to some of the ug glassworks. . ug also had a plastics factory in Norwich and a severe metallurgical problem there required Tom and me to urgently visit, when we showed that the problem was none other than poor housekeeping (not removing plastic flash from the injection mould mating surfaces!). . ug also reinforced my interest in recycling as broken glass (cullet) from in-house and external sources is fed back into the furnace and actually reduces to energy requirement per ton of glass. . This was before thesis bottle banks and glass recycling was widely introduced. Coming to the end of my very interesting Brunel course, one of my lecturers, harold Lister, recommended I contact esab ltd at Gillingham Kent, who required a metallurgist. . At the time i knew nothing about the company but applied and had an interview with the technical Manager, peter fielding, also a metallurgist. . The parent company esab was based in Gothenburg, Sweden and manufactured welding consumables and equipment. . At Gillingham, manual metal arc welding electrodes were made, continuous welding wire and fluxes were bought in for re-sale. .

in the supporting metallurgical lab, reporting to the metallurgist dave dossett, where mechanical testing, chemical analysis and metallographic examination of raw materials and products, including in-house and customer failure analysis was undertaken. . my 3rd session was at ukaea, springfields (Preston, lancs.) where i was assigned to an engineer, peter Thompson, working on experimental hydrostatic extrusion of steel at 50 tons per square inch of oil pressure! . Safety was very important! . my last session was. Albans at United Glass r d ltd. . At the time all mass produced bottles and jars were moulded in cast iron and the metallurgist, tom Ensor, to whom I was assigned had a project to relate mould life to depth of cast iron chill. . my task was to prepare samples from used moulds and determine the depth of chill for him, supported with photo micrographs. .

This was a vibrant place and I then knew I wanted to work in industry alongside making things. . It gradually evolved that I wanted to become a metallurgist in industry, solving practical problems, rather than a research metallurgist at the cutting edge of plan knowledge. . i applied to 3 Colleges of Advanced Technology. Battersea (which later became the University of Surrey, guildford birmingham (later the University of Aston in Birmingham) and Brunel (at Acton and later also granted university status and relocated to Uxbridge). . I chose Brunel even before i knew that my parents were moving to Isleworth in may 1964. . This meant I benefited from living at home during my 4 year thin sandwich course as a college-based student, except when I was away on industrial sessions. Experience in the works there sparked my interest in recycling as all these high value metal offcuts were alloy segregated and returned to the melting shop.

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After A levels I came back type to school, to fill in my time, waiting to go to Brunel to study metallurgy, since the course didnt start until Jan.1965. . At school i used the engineering labs to do some metallurgy and the woodwork shop to make a nest of draws for a desk i made at home. . Occasionally i was called upon to look after a class if a master was away and there was no one else available. In our 3rd year at Cray (1959/60) we all had a metalwork project to undertake. . The first terms subject was aluminium and the last 2 terms were iron steel. . we had to research the ores, occurrences, smelting, processing, uses and history of these metals. . This sparked my enthusiasm to become a metallurgical chemist, without knowing at the time, what a metallurgical chemist actually and tediously did! . In the 4th year there was a school trip to fords plant at Dagenham. .

Faulkners paper london
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