Dear nobody book review

dear nobody book review

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How did she get from point A to point B? We are not sure, as the film never bothers to explain the process involved in the maturation of the relationship. Meanwhile, the movie's theme begins to separate like a spread of oil slick in the swimming pool from the rest of the movie. It is impossible not to get what the filmmakers are trying to say, as most of the key dialogues are loud, bald declarations of this theme. The whole presentation is so crudely done that we begin to suspect that the filmmakers came up with the theme and the story to explain the four sex scenes they had already filmed. Given this situation, the actors, attractive as they are, tend to fall victim to the stilted and awkward dialogues. Yun Jin-seo's monotone speech pattern, combined with all this nonsensically declarative stuff she has to mouth, has the effect of making her sound like a grade-schooler competing in a spelling bee contest.

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From there the primary movie defines itself into an overblown melodrama revolving around the twins. Now, this in itself is not a problem. It is obvious that director ryoo hoon (or screenwriter Kwon ji-yeon, see below) consciously chose this melodramatic approach in order to tackle a rather abstract thesis about love, which can be summarized into a question, "If I genuinely love someone, what are the reasons for. While the older twin, her husband, lies in a hospital, comatose due to an accident, his younger brother, who missed out the wedding ceremony due to a different accident, returns from Canada. To add insult to injury, both brothers are hiding other secrets from her, making her life even more complicated. Secret love could have been a fun film, but clever ideas can get you only so far. To begin with, the protagonist's psychologies as well as the events that render their behaviors understandable are not depicted in any sensible way. In a strange situation like this, to illustrate the attraction between the woman and the younger twin in an even half-convincing manner must require a delicate tuning process. Instead, the audience is regaled with music video montages. A woman sobbing uncontrollably next to a gravely sick husband is, in the next moment, spending some intimate time in a countryside bed breakfast with her brother-in-law.

She does not know what he looks like. To the her big surprise, the brother is an exact replica of her husband. Yup, they turn out to be twins. I know what you are thinking. No matter how reckless and rushed the marriage might have been, it is beyond unlikely that she would not know her husband-to-be has a twin brother. Even if he had tried to hide this fact from her, there would be so many ways in which critical information like this would have naturally leaked to her. To say "it strains credibility" is an understatement. And yet, the filmmakers insist that they put in this boneheaded "surprise encounter" scene. So that Yun Jin-seo ( Oldboy playing the wife, could prettily swoon on camera?

dear nobody book review

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However in some ways the actor who most stole the limelight was Goh Chang-seok (Director Bong in rough Cut ) who plays a vietnamese gang boss. Although surely it will be obvious to native speakers of vietnamese that this general is a korean actor, many local viewers were fooled, at the same time as Goh's delivery and comic timing produced storms of laughter. Local commentators have noted this film's resemblance to a string of earlier big-budget North Korea-themed blockbusters that scored big at the box office (especially Shiri, jsa, silmido, taegukgi, and Welcome to dongmakgol ). Like the earlier works, secret reunion includes essay humanistic portrayals of North Korean characters and focuses on individuals caught in the middle of powerful, impersonal political forces. But this film is on a refreshingly smaller scale, restricting itself to just two protagonists and devoting more time to characterization. The ending may not contain any strong insight into korea's unique political situation, but the film's characters will endure. ( Darcy paquet ) Secret love let's take a look at the opening of Secret love, shall we? A woman shows up in an airport, to greet her husband's brother.

That film, although smaller in scale, is perhaps more innovative and thought-provoking. Secret reunion was intended to be a more commercial endeavor from the start, but the fact that it was such a hit with audiences (over 5 million tickets sold) should be enough to push Jang's career into the fast lane. Surely we will be hearing more from him in the near future. Of course, it will surprise no one to hear that one of the key reasons to watch this film is the performance by song Kang. He portrays Han-gyu as someone pulled in several different directions at once. Although he's not above cheating a bit to get ahead, his conscience continues to follow him around, even if he doesn't acknowledge it outwardly. It's not a major departure from his previous roles, but Song's ability to express himself with his body and his masterly control of his voice keeps the performance fresh. His pairing with Gang Dong-won also seems to have helped the latter turn in an especially engaging and charismatic performance.

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dear nobody book review

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Ji-won (Gang Dong-won) is a north Korean spy living incognito in seoul. Although with his stylish appearance he looks just like any other young member of capitalist society, he misses his wife and yearns to return to the north. For his last mission he is called upon by an older spy to take part in an assassination attempt on a former colleague who has switched sides. At the same time, a south Korean intelligence agent named Han-gyu (Song Kang-ho) catches wind of the plot and sets off on a reckless chase to apprehend the would-be assassins. In these opening scenes you sense at once the strengths of this film. The pace is brisk and there are many things happening at once, but it is so smoothly directed that each twist in the narrative remains clear.

The main characters are given depth by a screenplay that highlights their vulnerabilities and presents them with hard moral choices. It is at turns exciting, funny, suspenseful and sad. Later the action will skip ahead six years, when the two lead characters meet up again under very different circumstances. In this longer segment it's pretty easy to guess where orwell the story is headed, but the film's confident execution and memorable details make it easy to ignore this and just enjoy the ride. Secret reunion is a very successful second outing for the young director Jang Hun, who began his career as an assistant to kim ki-duk and then made his debut in 2008 with the commercial and critical hit rough Cut.

There is something about the camera repair shop - its myriad tools and objects, and the interactions between the people who work or hang out there - that is quietly fascinating. There's something that draws you in to nam-eun's home as well, as empty and ordinary as. Most of all, it is the scenes when hyung-man and Nam-eun are getting to know each other that stick in the mind. There is a subtle energy and tension between these two characters that many melodramas try, and fail, to create. Lee ha-na's performance, and some well-written dialogue, deserve much of the credit. The second half presents more of a narrative challenge.

What at first strikes us as an unconventional or bizarre coupling eventually comes across as ordinary, as we get to know the two of them better and adopt their perspective. Hyung-man starts to feel and even act like a teenager in love (exhilarating for him, awkward for the viewer). But ultimately they are a couple like any other. The fair love retains a realist perspective as it moves towards its conclusion, but the film itself, which felt so fresh in the opening reels, ends on a more conventional note. The title of this work (in Korean it is simply a transcription of the English) refers not to the "fair" of my fair Lady, but to the saying, "All's fair in love and war." It's an awkward and thought-provoking title which well reflects the character. Is their relationship fair? Are they being fair to each other, and is it "fair play" in terms of society's rules? It's to the film's credit that it never fully answers these questions.  ( Darcy paquet ) Secret reunion Secret reunion opens with a lengthy, exciting prologue before getting to the heart of its story.

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Hyung-man feels rightly that he owes the his friend nothing. But the daughter has done him no wrong, and eventually he knocks on her door. I think it's fair to salon say that the one line summary of The fair love - a man in his 50s and a woman in her 20s meet, fall in love, and start a relationship - is not for most viewers especially appealing. (Excepting, perhaps, fifty-year-old men!) But the 34-year-old independent director Shin yeon-shick ( a great Actor, 2005) presents his story in a thoughtful, nuanced way that encourages you to consider this relationship with an open mind. In some ways you could call this film a love story, in other ways a comedy, but most of all it's simply a portrait of two lonely people and how they choose to deal with the emptiness in their lives. Thanks to two great acting performances and the director's compassionate viewpoint, the story leaves a lasting impression. The film's first half is particularly memorable, when it introduces us to the characters and the everyday spaces they inhabit.

dear nobody book review

Seoul population:.4 million Nationwide population:.5 million Market share: Korean.6, Imports.4 Films released: Korean 140, Imported 286 Total admissions: 146.8 million Number of screens: 2003 Exchange rate (2010 1156 won/US dollar average ticket price: 7834 won Exports to other countries: US13,582,850. He runs a small camera repair shop, and his mastery of this intricate skill draws customers from across the city. He also has a talent for photography, though for him it's more of a hobby than a vocation. He's still single, in fact he has never even dated a woman before. If the world were more fair he would be materially secure, but years earlier one of his best friends took his life savings and ran off. Since then, his life has never been the same. Therefore he is stunned and flummoxed when his former friend summons him to his deathbed for an unconvincing apology and, on english top of that, a request. The man's daughter Nam-eun (lee ha-na now in her 20s, will be alone after he is gone. Would you please stop in every once in a while and check on her, the friend asks.

is as much directorial talent available as ever, however the government under President lee myung-bak has adopted an increasingly hostile stance towards independent filmmaking. With funding evaporating and important distribution channels being shut down, independent cinema will largely have to get by on its own for the near future. Motivation is in no short supply, but with the scaling back of more practical assistance, this year will probably not produce the riches of 2009.   (written on March. Reviewed below: The fair love (Jan 14), secret reunion (Feb 4), secret love (Mar 25), happy killers (Apr 8), blades of Blood (Apr 28), hahaha (may 6), poetry (may 13). My dear Desperado (may 20), the servant (Jun 2), the man from Nowhere (Aug 4) - enemy at the dead End (Aug 26) - bedevilled (Sep 2) - cyrano Agency (Sep 16) - oki's movie (Sep 16) - the Uninvited (Sep 30) - the recipe. The best Selling Films of 2010  (admissions to january 13, 2011) Korean Films Nationwide release revenue 1 The man from Nowhere 6,228,300 Aug.10bn 2 Secret reunion 5,461,540 Feb.15bn 3 Moss 3,379,131 Jul.44bn 4 71: Into the fire 3,358,960 Jun.  Source: Korean Film council.

Partly as a result, male stars are in strong demand while there are very few roles available for actresses. Some of the real bigger projects in the pipeline include a grisly new thriller from Kim jee-woon titled. I saw the devil, na hong-jin's follow-up to his acclaimed debut. The Chaser, a new period drama from. King and the Clown director lee joon-ik, a big budget comic book adaptation from director Kang woo-suk, and a remake of the 1960 classic. The housemaid by Im Sang-soo and starring the great actress jeon do-yeon. Smaller scale works that will likely receive wide festival exposure include lee chang-dong's. Poetry, the 101st film by Im Kwon-taek, and a remake of the 1966 classic.

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2010 "Poetry "i saw the devil "Late autumn "The housemaid". The year 2010 opened with some positive signs for Korean cinema, but there were still few people smiling at the overall state of the korean film industry. Commercially at least, producers could point to a number of recent successes to justify the claim that local audiences were still interested in Korean films. Secret reunion, for example, pulled in well estate over 5 million admissions after its Lunar New year release. And although well told commercial stories have always done fairly well at the box office, even the melodrama. Harmony, notable only for its utter lack of restraint in manipulating its audience, managed to pass the 3 million missions mark. Looking ahead, there is a strong masculine slant to the films slated for release in the next year or two. Thrillers and war movies will be the dominant genre, with comparatively fewer comedies, horror films and romantic dramas.

Dear nobody book review
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  7. The celestine Prophecy contains messages and secrets that are changing our world and the way we think. Based on ancient wisdom and drawing it inspiration from it, the book urges you to make connections among the events happening. Note: I really liked this book and if I criticize it thats not meant as an attack but just as what I do with interesting ideas. Note that Robin has offered to debate me about some of this and ive said no mostly because i hate real-time debates and have bad computer hardware but you may still want to take this into account when. T he year 2010 opened with some positive signs for Korean cinema, but there were still few people smiling at the overall state of the korean film industry. Nobody, cared by jayne d'Arcy.

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